Effective Weight Loss Diets A Brief Overview

Among the hundreds of effective weight loss diets out there in the world of fitness, diets with a focus on low-carb intake are the most popular ones, as low-carb diets focuses on the amount of energy burnt by metabolism, thereby resulting in more effective and quicker weight loss with Phen24.

The Atkins Diet

The Atkins Diet is a very popular weight-loss diet plan that concentrates on negating bad or harmful carbohydrates, such as flour and sugar, from one’s diet. The Atkins Diet has been proving effective for several people, as stored fats are burnt during the metabolism process instead of glucose.

There are in total four phases in this diet, which include ongoing weight loss, induction, lifetime maintenance and pre-maintenance, where one would make the Atkins Diet part of his or her lifestyle. Though the Atkins Diet puts the major focus on the kind of food consumed by the individual, exercising and physical activity is also given due importance.

It is recommended that one indulges in some type of physical activity along with eating fruits, good carbs, nuts, vegetables, whole grains and high-fiber foods. The primary objective of the Atkins Diet is to make the individual feel energized and healthy, besides helping lose weight.

The Zone Diet

The Zone Diet does not lay any major restrictions on one’s food intake. As a result, this has led to many people enjoy being on a Zone Diet and, therefore, contributing to the efficacy of the diet plan. The diet comprises of certain ratios – 40 percent carbohydrates, 30 percent proteins, and 30 percent fat.

This ratio helps the individual control the insulin production in his body. Insulin is a very important hormone that instructs the body to keep the nutrients in order.

As a result, this helps the body have a certain level of control on the nutrients that leave the body and the ones that stay. Though being beneficial, increased levels of insulin convert carbohydrates into fat, and would store the converted carbohydrate in different body areas.

This diet permits the body to target these carbohydrates and utilize them as an energy source, instead of utilizing protein or fats as energy source. While on the diet, one would have to keep a count of his or her caloric intake. One’s meals should not exceed 500 calories and snacks must not be taken in excess of 100 calories.

During the diet period, one should have a constant intake of healthy food items, such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, and other food products that are rich in protein. One must also drink at least eight glasses of water every day, and refrain from eating processed food items or food that have higher salt content.

The South Beach Diet

The South Beach Diet and the Atkins Diet are pretty much the same. Despite having several similarities, there are certain differences that distinguish these diet plans.

The objective of a South Beach Diet is to replace carbs and bad fats with carbs and good fats. Carbohydrates are responsible for sudden or steep boosts in one’s blood sugar levels.

This diet eliminates sugary and processed foods from one’s daily intake by adding replacements such as whole grains and vegetables. As far as bad fats are concerned, the diet reinstates them with food items rich in Omega-3 acids and unsaturated fats, similar to the ones found in fish and lean meats.

The South Beach Diet is partitioned into three phases, which help eliminate unnecessary and unhealthy food items from one’s regimen. The first two phases help the individual get accustomed to the new eating habits and the third phase expects the individual to make the diet plan a routine. As far as foods on the prohibited list are concerned, there are no such prohibitions or restrictions with the South Beach Diet.

Daniel Fast Weight Loss Diet

This diet plan is based on religion. In other words, this fasting program has a deep connection with the Holy Bible.

The diet program consists completely of healthy and natural foods; proponents of this diet plan say it helps cleanse out the toxins from the body.

As this fasting program is considered a very healthy route for losing weight, many people have put themselves on this diet plan and have also succeeded in losing some good weight. There are many cookbooks offering help with meal planning for this fast program.

However, the plan available in the Bible or the original plan does not offer any such serving ideas or suggestions. Individuals who use a cookbook to follow this fasting plan should ensure that the food items included in this diet plan are the ones that are being put forward by their church.

Though the Daniel Fast Weight Loss Diet program helps lose some weight, weight loss is not the primary objective of this diet plan. Followers of this fasting program see weight loss only as a by-product of this diet plan’s healthfulness.

The primary of objective of this program is to help the individual repent for his past sins and strengthen his relationship with the almighty. Major emphasis is also put on believing in God for fulfillment of a specific individual’s nutritional needs.

As per the guidelines or instructions put forth in the Bible, the diet involves many vegetables and fruits during the course of this program. Some adherents might include bread and grains that do not contain yeast. And most importantly, water is the only form of liquid that can be consumed during this program.