How useful pumpkin for the human body

Mature pumpkin

In a sound body, as they say, a healthy spirit. Healthy eating is becoming more popular, and many people are eager to join the number of vegetarians and supporters of a healthy lifestyle. One aspect of nutrition is the systematic use of vegetables and fruits. In autumn and winter, the issue of healthy eating becomes even more urgent. The solution is a pumpkin - inexpensive and affordable. Why is pumpkin good for human health?

In the early autumn of this bizarre vegetable species (however, from the point of view of science, pumpkin - berry) fills the shelves of shops and spontaneous markets. At the same time, many people who do not know what the benefits of pumpkin to the body go by. And yet the pumpkin is a rich source of vitamins and trace elements.

Variety of pumpkin species

Pumpkin composition, or why it is so useful

  1. Proteins are the "building material" for the human body. There are not so many of them in pumpkin pulp, but it is enough to support vital activity.
  2. Carbohydrates are "fuel" for the work of the whole organism. Pumpkin supplies the body with useful "slow" carbohydrates. Such biologically active components are slowly absorbed and not deposited on the body in the form of fatty interlayers.
  3. Sugar, glucose, fructose. This natural sugar makes a pumpkin pleasant to the taste, and its use has a beneficial effect on the brain.
  4. Carotene, or vitamin A. This element is very useful for the eyes. For those who are bored with carrots, the pumpkin will be a real discovery.
  5. Vitamin C is what helps the body fight colds and infectious diseases. Pumpkin will help prepare for the onset of the rainy season, cold weather and various diseases.
  6. Vitamin E - a microelement that helps to preserve the youth of the whole body, including skin and internal organs.
  7. Vitamin D. Very useful for young children, contributes to better development and growth.
  8. Vitamin T is a valuable finding for those who want to lose weight without limiting themselves in food.
  9. Fiber, the use of which contributes to better excretion of toxins from the body.
  10. Minerals: potassium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus and others.
  11. Enzymes. Without these substances, the harmonious functioning of the body is impossible.
  12. Fitin and pectin - substances that have a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract.

Despite the fact that the pumpkin pulp contains many useful substances, this product is low-calorie. And because it is widely used in different diets.

Pumpkin Diet

What is useful for a pumpkin and what is its effect on the body

  1. To include in a diet a pumpkin is recommended at diseases of heart and the raised or increased pressure. Thanks to the high content of magnesium and potassium, this product will help improve the functioning of the heart, the condition of blood vessels, arteries and veins.
  2. The use of pumpkin for the general condition of blood in anemia is explained by the high iron content. This element in the pumpkin is greater than in other "iron" vegetables and fruits - such as, for example, apples.
  3. Thanks to vitamin C pumpkin is a good way to maintain immunity and improve the general condition of the body in the cold season.
  4. Vitamin K, contained in a pumpkin, increases blood coagulability.
  5. Vitamin T helps the body cope with fatty, heavy food, and also fight fat deposits.
  6. Enzymes, in large quantities contained in pumpkin, establish the functions of the intestine, stomach and choleretic system.
  7. Thanks to fiber, the pumpkin will be useful to people suffering from frequent constipation and other intestinal problems.
  8. The benefit of a pumpkin for the general condition of the body is that regular consumption of this product helps a person stay young, strong and healthy longer.
  9. The use of pumpkin prevents the formation of tumors and cancer cells in the body.
  10. Pectin, which is part of the pulp pulp, improves the stomach's ability to digest food, protects it from irritation. Also, pectin improves the functioning of the intestine.
  11. Regular consumption of pumpkin helps to remove toxins, heavy salts and radioactive elements from the body.
  12. Pumpkin is also useful for problems with eyesight; the use of this product helps to improve vision and helps to solve the problem with eye fatigue. This is especially true for those who daily deal with electronic gadgets and computers.
  13. With atherosclerosis, the use of pumpkin helps reduce blood cholesterol levels, as well as the general cleansing of the body of cholesterol, thereby reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke.
  14. Since the pumpkin - a low-calorie product and at the same time easily absorbed by the body, it can calmly eat people with an increased level of acidity in the stomach.
  15. Substances that make up the pumpkin, accelerate the healing process of wounds, ulcers, stop the inflammatory processes in the body. Pumpkin flesh has analgesic properties.
  16. Eating pumpkin pulp allows you to restore the water-salt balance, the exchange of bile.
  17. The benefits of pumpkin in tuberculosis are explained by its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Substances that are part of the pumpkin, strengthen the general condition of the body and prevent the development of tubercle bacillus.
  18. Pumpkin has diuretic properties, due to which it normalizes the work of the kidneys, removes puffiness and dissolves stones in the kidneys. This is especially important for people suffering from kidney failure and hemorrhoids. Also pumpkin is useful in treating inflammation of the genitourinary system.
  19. The use of pumpkin normalizes the level of sugar in the body.

Pumpkin in section

At what diseases is it recommended to eat a pumpkin?

  1. Diseases of the bladder and its appendages.
  2. Cystitis in all forms.
  3. Cirrhosis and other liver diseases.
  4. Hepatitis and its chronic form.
  5. Colitis.
  6. Nephritis.
  7. Problems with the secretion or excretion of bile.

Useful properties of pumpkins are different depending on the form of consumption of this product: you can eat a pumpkin raw, drink juice squeezed out of it or cook all kinds of dishes from pumpkin.

The use of pumpkin in its raw form

What is useful for a crude pumpkin?

  1. When constipation is recommended to eat 300 grams of raw pumpkin daily.
  2. Raw pumpkin should be used for problems with the excretion of bile.
  3. When inflammation of the bladder is also most useful to use a raw pumpkin. In addition, the use of this product in its raw form favorably affects the work of the kidneys.
  4. With seasickness, a couple of pumpkin slices eaten will help to avoid vomiting.
  5. To treat and prevent tuberculosis as an auxiliary, it is best to use a raw pumpkin.
  6. In case of skin lesions from a grated raw pumpkin, you can make a compress, bandage or ointment to attach to a burn, a rash, a wound.
  7. Compresses and ointments from raw pumpkin also contribute to the early maturation and healing of abscesses on the body.
  8. With pain in the legs or feet after a hard day, a compress made from a squashed pumpkin will help relieve tension, fatigue and pain.

The benefit and harm of a raw pumpkin depends only on the health status of the consuming product. Harm the crude pumpkin can bring only in case of excess of the consumption rate, a sharp transition to the pumpkin diet, as well as problems with teeth and diabetes.

Use. From a raw pumpkin you can make salads, add to desserts, combine with other products.

Pumpkin seeds: good and bad

Biological composition of pumpkin seeds:

  • fixed oils;
  • acids of different types;
  • cucurbitol;
  • vitamins of group B;
  • organic active substances;
  • resin.

Pumpkin seeds

Why are pumpkin seeds useful?

  1. Thanks to cucurbitol, the use of pumpkin seeds is an excellent prevention and treatment against infection with helminths (worms).
  2. To improve the work of the heart and kidneys, it is necessary to include pumpkin seeds in your diet. The full work of the heart is a consequence of the optimal level of potassium and magnesium in the body, which can be obtained from pumpkin seeds.
  3. Pumpkin seeds have a high caloric content, and therefore give energy and improve well-being.
  4. Pumpkin seeds contain many trace elements that improve the skin condition. With acne and other skin diseases, it is recommended to use this product daily.

Useful properties of pumpkin seeds and contraindications to their use depend on the regularity of use and the characteristics of the organism. If the recommended dosages are exceeded, allergic reactions may occur.

Fried Pumpkin Seeds

Use. Pumpkin seeds can be added to salads, sauces, confectionery or eat separately.

Pumpkin juice: good and bad

  1. Pumpkin juice is very useful in disorders of the stomach.
  2. Also, pumpkin juice reduces anxiety and relieves insomnia. To improve the quality of sleep at night, it is recommended to drink one glass of pumpkin juice.
  3. Pumpkin juice is an excellent alternative to many fruits, for example, citrus. It also contains vitamins and minerals and is ideal for use before the start of the work day.
  4. Pumpkin juice is used in the treatment of prostatitis and other diseases of the genitourinary system.
  5. Pumpkin juice, drunk before a banquet, will help burn extra calories and avoid a feeling of heaviness in the stomach after fatty foods.
  6. Fresh pumpkin juice has diuretic properties that can be used for weight loss, getting rid of swelling, bags under the eyes.

Pumpkin Juice

Harm from pumpkin juice can be caused by incorrectly calculated proportions or intolerance to this product.

Use. Pumpkin juice can be drunk separately from other foods and drinks or added to apple, carrot juices, make fresh, fruit.

Benefits of pumpkin for the female body:

  1. Pumpkin copes well with diseases of the female genitourinary system, is a preventive against inflammatory processes.
  2. Peel of the pumpkin can overcome the actions and symptoms of thrush.
  3. Regular consumption of pumpkin reduces the likelihood of developing cervical cancer.
  4. When pregnant women are very important to take a large amount of nutrient, biologically active substances that are contained in the pumpkin. To maintain the necessary level of vitamins and minerals, it is worth including in the pumpkin diet from the first days of pregnancy.
  5. Since the use of pumpkin contributes to the cessation of emetic pushes, this product is indispensable in toxicosis in pregnant women.
  6. When breastfeeding is also recommended to eat a pumpkin. This product will make mother's milk more nutritious, and the baby - healthy; it will grow faster, gain weight and develop.

Benefits of Pumpkin in Pregnancy

The use of pumpkin for the male body is that the use of this product is a good prophylaxis of prostatitis, and also helps to restore and strengthen male strength.

Useful properties of pumpkin were noted by many specialists from different industries, and therefore found application not only in medicine, but also in cosmetology.

The Benefits of Pumpkin for the Skin

  1. It makes the skin more elastic, wrinkles.
  2. Protects from exposure to cold and sunlight.
  3. Eliminates greasy shine and gives the skin a natural shine.
  4. Restores normal processes in the skin, prevents inflammation.
  5. Humidifies, nourishes the skin, and also removes pigment spots.

Pumpkin Face Mask

Pumpkin skin masks are used in the following cases:

  • if the skin is very dry, peels off or peels off;
  • if the skin is very oily, and also if there are black dots and abscesses;
  • irritation, inflammatory processes caused by external factors;
  • presence of acne, acne on face and body.

Mask for the body

  1. 2 tablespoons pumpkin cook and grind.
  2. Add to the resulting mass of one tablespoon of honey and one yolk, mix thoroughly.
  3. Apply the mixture to the skin and leave for 10-15 minutes.

Mask for dry skin

  1. Pumpkin flesh boil and finely chop.
  2. Add sunflower oil (one part of the oil should have two parts of the pumpkin).
  3. Apply the mixture to the skin with massage movements and leave for 10 minutes.

Skin Care with Pumpkin

Mask from acne

  1. Wet pumpkin rubbed on a small grater.
  2. Add apple puree (one part of apple puree should have two parts of pumpkin) and one egg white, mix thoroughly.
  3. Apply the mixture to the skin and leave for 10 minutes.
  4. After 10 minutes, wash the mask with warm water.

Pumpkin: good and bad for the body

Pumpkin is a very valuable and useful product used for various purposes. Pumpkin juice can be used for both internal and external use (as a lotion for problem skin). Pumpkin flesh is used as a tasty dish, a curative-prophylactic remedy or ointment for healing and pain relief of wounds. Pumpkin seeds are also very useful for the prevention and treatment of many diseases. Thus, the pumpkin is a real find for those who want to eat right, put the entire body in order, strengthen internal organs, lose weight, prevent from all diseases with one blow.

Reduced acidity of the stomach - a contraindication to the use of pumpkin

Pumpkin: useful properties and contraindications

Like any product, a pumpkin has a certain number of contraindications to eating. Pumpkin is not recommended for eating and used for other purposes for allergies to this product or individual intolerance to it. Also, care should be taken for people suffering from gastritis, stomach ulcers, intestinal colic, and low gastric acidity. From eating raw pumpkin pulp it is better to refrain from people suffering from diabetes and caries. Unpleasant feature of the pumpkin lies in the fact that its juice destroys the enamel of the teeth, and therefore after eating it is worth rinsing the mouth with water.

Pumpkin is an excellent dietary product. In the presence of a large number of medicinal properties, the pumpkin remains a delicious vegetable, while simultaneously attracting its color, aroma and texture. In order to maintain excellent health, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money to buy expensive vitamin complexes, because pumpkin is a storehouse of vitamins and minerals from nature.

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