Drought and Sickness Has Taken Another Toll – Somalia

Posted by admin | Jan Grarup | Saturday 21 November 2009 4:07 pm

A silent genocide. 2004-2009

©2009 Jan Grarup/NOOR

His name is Dahir Farah Warsame, and he is 70 years old. When the family’s camels started to die from the lack of water, the family got very scared. When the camels cannot survive, then they know the drought is very bad. They left Ethiopia to go to Somalia where they thought the situation would be better. That was not the case.

They were more than 30 days on the road walking towards better conditions, with the consequence that Dahir got sick and is now dying of his illness. His oldest daughter is trying to make him a bit more comfortable as he is lying on the ground, dying slowly. Their attempt to reach safety did not work. Drought and sickness has taken another toll. Dahir is only one of thousands dying due to the situation in the horn of Africa.

To inquire about Jan’s portfolio of images photographed in Somalia just days ago,
email NOOR.

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NOOR Events in Copenhagen

Posted by admin | COP15, Consequences by NOOR Project, Exhibits | Friday 20 November 2009 3:26 am


©2009 Philip Blenkinsop/NOOR

In just a few short weeks, seven NOOR photographers along with managing director Claudia Hinterseer will be in Copenhagen to discuss the climate change issues documented for Consequences by NOOR.

As the eye’s of the world focus on climate change and the United Nations Climate Change Conference, NOOR will hold talks and artist presentations.

Presentation Schedule

Monday 7 December
The Danish newspaper Information produces 50,000 free copies of a fully picture driven English issue dedicated to Consequences by NOOR (20,000 copies to be distributed inside the Summit Center and 30,000 copies will be available at metro and train stations, and other public spaces)

Consequences by NOOR posters will be up all over Copenhagen in non-commercial spaces. The Consequences by NOOR street exhibition will last until the end of the Climate Summit. (Postcards will be freely distributed.)

5:00 pm – Enjoy a reception – open to the public – at Reputation, a centrally located advertisement agency that dresses its windows with Consequences by NOOR imagery. Posters and T-shirts will be for sale (Bredgade 15, 1260 Copenhagen)

Tuesday 8 December
5:00 pm – Consequences by NOOR gallery show at DASK Gallery, voted “best cultural experience in Copenhagen”, organizes an opening reception. 45 images will be exhibited and collectors’ prints will be sold along with a selection of books by the photographers.(Flaesketorvet 24, 1711 Copenhagen). The gallery show lasts until 12 January 2010.

Wednesday 9 December
6:30 pm – Opening event of the Consequences by NOOR exhibition inside Greenpeace’s 12-meter high exhibition-globe placed in front of the Bella Centre, the closed area of the Climate Summit, takes place. The exhibition will only be open to official delegates, but a large screen showing Consequences by NOOR multimedia productions will be visible to the general public (all 12 days of the Climate Summit).

Consequences by NOOR goes on tour in 2010 and is available for booking; an educational packet and exhibition schedule is being developed. Contact Consequences by NOOR for more information.

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Nikon Europe BV and NOOR

Posted by admin | Uncategorized | Wednesday 18 November 2009 7:14 pm

logo nikon3Nikon Europe BV is proud to be working with NOOR on its Consequences campaign. High quality images possess the power to convey lasting and opinion changing messages around the most significant environmental and humanitarian issues of today in a way that words cannot.

As an organization that believes strongly in the importance of protecting the environment for future generations, Nikon is committed to supporting NOOR on projects such as Consequences and working with the world’s very best photographers undertaking such challenging assignments.

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NOOR Photographers Featured on American Public Media

Posted by admin | Francesco Zizola, Kadir van Lohuizen, Nina Berman, Stanley Greene | Wednesday 18 November 2009 4:12 am

nprIn an article titled, “The Climate Race” businesses and governments around the world vie for profits in a low-carbon economy, American Public Media showcased the Consequences by NOOR photographic project on climate change. Marketplace is heard by an audience of more than 10 million unique listeners each week, on more than 330 public radio stations nationwide.

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Nina Berman | British Columbia | Pine Beetles – Portfolio

Posted by admin | Consequences by NOOR Project, Nina Berman, Videos | Monday 16 November 2009 6:45 pm

British Columbia is in the midst of a pine beetle epidemic with millions of trees dying from the pine beetle infestation. Nina Berman narrates her portfolio of images from her Consequences by NOOR climate change project, British Columbia l Pine Beetles.

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DASK Gallery to Exhibit “Consequences by NOOR” Project Images in Copenhagen

Posted by admin | COP15, Exhibits | Sunday 15 November 2009 5:02 pm


Dask Gallery, voted “Best cultural experience in Copenhagen” this year, will exhibit 36 images from the “Consequences by NOOR” photographic project on climate change. Prints will be sold along with a selection of books by each of the photographers.

Join NOOR at the Dask Gallery during the United National Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.

DASK Gallery
Flæsketorvet 24
1711 Copenhagen V

Exhibition opens Tuesday, the 8th of December


Path of Destruction: Mountain Pine Beetles in British Columbia
By Nina Berman

THE FIRES WITHIN: The Burning Coalfields of Jharia, India
By Philip Blenkinsop

BLACKFIELDS: Poland’s Coal Industry
By Pep Bonet

Maldives: A Paradise in Peril
By Francesco Zizola

DARFUR: A Climate Change Conflict
By Jan Grarup

Shadows of Change
By Stanley Greene

RUSSIA: Karabash and the Yamal Peninsula
By Yuri Kozyrev

By Jon Lowenstein

BRAZIL’S RANGE WAR: Assault on the Amazon
By Kadir van Lohuizen

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Francesco Zizola | Maldives | A Paradise in Peril [BACKSTAGE]

Posted by admin | Consequences by NOOR Project, Francesco Zizola | Tuesday 10 November 2009 10:12 pm

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Philip Blenkinsop | India | The Fires Within: The burning coalfields of Jharia, India

Posted by admin | Consequences by NOOR Project, Philip Blenkinsop | Tuesday 10 November 2009 4:38 pm

Philip Blenkinsop | India | The Fires Within

©2009 Philip Blenkinsop/NOOR

THE FIRES WITHIN: The burning coalfields of Jharia, India

Under Jharia’s crust, lies one of the largest coal deposits in India. But for the people who live above an inferno, Jharia is a condemned place. For almost a century, fires have burned uncontrolled in the mines beneath Jharia, polluting the air with poisonous fumes and splitting the ground with dangerous fissures. For the impoverished residents of Jharia, stealing coal to sell and picking through collapsed buildings for salvageable material is a dangerous way of life. And now, with the earth literally collapsing beneath their feet, they face an ecological disaster.

About Philip Blenkinsop:

Philip BlenkinsopBlenkinsop has been described as ‘A man of guerrillas and of resistances,’ (Herve Le Goff) and ‘One of the most essential photographers of his generation.’ (Christian Caujolle)

Since arriving in Asia in 1989, Blenkinsop’s name has become synonymous with forgotten conflicts.

Blenkinsop is adamant that the photographer should never censor scenes through the camera. “Photographers are both witnesses and messengers. Our responsibility must always lie with the people we focus on, and with the accurate depiction of their plight, regardless of how unpalatable this might be for magazine readers.”

His work, published in international arenas, has been the catalyst for much discussion and amongst other accolades was awarded Amnesty International’s Photojournalism prize for excellence in human rights journalism.

The author of two books, The Cars That Ate Bangkok (White Lotus), and Extreme Asie (Photopoche Societe), Blenkinsop continues to live in Asia and has been focusing on the environment for the last two years.

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Yuri Kozyrev | Nomadic Nenet Tribes Under Heavy Threat from Global Warming

Posted by admin | Consequences by NOOR Project, Yuri Kozyrev | Monday 9 November 2009 6:20 pm

Yuri Kozyrev | Russia | Nomadic Nenet tribes of the Yamal peninsula in Siberia

©2009 Yuri Kozyrev/NOOR for Russian Reporter

Yamal peninsula, north-west Siberia, Russia: The camp of the nomadic Nenet tribes of the Yamal peninsula in Siberia.

For 1,000 years the indigenous Nenets people have migrated along the Yamal peninsula. In summer they wander northwards, taking their reindeer with them, across a landscape of boggy ponds, rhododendron-like shrubs and wind-blasted birch trees. In winter they return southwards.

But this remote region of north-west Siberia is now under heavy threat from global warming. Traditionally the Nenets travel across the frozen Ob River in November and set up camp in the southern forests around Nadym. These days, though, this annual winter pilgrimage is delayed. Last year the Nenets, together with many thousands of reindeer, had to wait until late December when the ice was finally thick enough to cross.

Text from: “Climate change in Russia’s Arctic tundra: ‘Our reindeer go hungry. There isn’t enough pasture’ ” by Luke Harding, published in the Guardian, Oct. 22, 2009.

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