Consequences Featured in de Volkskrant

Posted by admin | Consequences by NOOR Project, Kadir van Lohuizen | Wednesday 9 December 2009 3:39 pm


From de Volkskrant: “Illegal cattle and igloos full of smoldering wood everywhere, NOOR Photo Agency sent the photographers around the world to document the cause and effect of warming. Prior to the climate summit in Copenhagen, de Volkskrant brings a three part photo series that starts tody. The first: logging in Brazil.


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Consequences featured in Information Newspaper

Posted by admin | Consequences by NOOR Project, Francesco Zizola, Yuri Kozyrev | Wednesday 9 December 2009 2:34 pm

“Climate effects: Maldives – a paradise under threat.

Nine of the world’s best photographers have traveled around the world and documented the effects of climate change. Photo blog brings the climate summit these image series. Today we bring Francesco Zizolas series from Maldives. E-group has been widely reported recently, experts predict that sea levels will rise and force the island residents to emigrate. This within the next 15 years.” From Information newspaper.


View more images from Francesco Zizola and the Maldiveshere.

View more images from Yuri Kozyrev’s story on the Nenet Indianshere.

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Consequences featured in Welt der Wunder

Posted by admin | Consequences by NOOR Project, Press, Stanley Greene | Wednesday 9 December 2009 4:06 am

Welt der Wunder_1

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Consequences Featured in The Sunday Times Spectrum

Posted by admin | Consequences by NOOR Project, Press, Yuri Kozyrev | Wednesday 9 December 2009 12:23 am

In a twelve page photo spread, NOOR photographers and “Consequences by NOOR” featured in The Sunday Times Spectrum.

Spectrum: a 12-page feature showcasing the best in contemporary photography from around the world: the finest images, the best visual stories and the most cutting-edge photojournalism. Witty, moving, provocative – a window into our life and times, exclusively in The Sunday Times Magazine every week.


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Yuri Kozyrev Featured in Russian Reporter

Posted by admin | Consequences by NOOR Project, Press, Yuri Kozyrev | Saturday 5 December 2009 8:36 pm


Russian Reporter features Consequences by NOOR.

“In Russia, global warming is difficult to treat seriously. The problems of Vanuatu and Tuvalu, which are a result of melting icebergs will simply leave under the water, simple Russians do not proymesh. It is also difficult to assume that the inhabitants of, say, Norilsk frighten weakening of frost on three or four degrees. Russia’s scientists also can not boast of unanimity: some are predicting even more climatic harm than cautious in their projections of the western colleagues. Others say that people here in general at anything. Warming – a phenomenon natural and inevitable: the end of the Little Ice Age, in which we all live.”

View the article here.

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NOOR Featured on MSNBC: Picturing climate change

Posted by admin | Consequences by NOOR Project, Press | Friday 4 December 2009 11:41 pm


“Ahead of the global climate talks in December 2009, nine photographers from the photo agency NOOR photographed climate stories from around the world. Their goal: To document some of the causes and consequences, from deforestation to changing sea levels, as well as the people whose lives and jobs are part of that carbon culture,” MSNBC.

View the slide shows here.

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NOOR Heads to Copenhagen for COP 15 – Going Green

Posted by admin | Consequences by NOOR Project | Friday 4 December 2009 1:12 pm


NOOR has compensated the CO2 emissions occurred by its flights to the destinations where the different projects have been executed as well as the air and land travels to Copenhagen via Greenseats and partner Climate Neutral Group.

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Danish Newspaper Information Produces 50,000 copies dedicated to consequences by NOOR

Posted by admin | Consequences by NOOR Project | Thursday 3 December 2009 10:30 pm


Last night, 1 December, the Danish newspaper Information produced 50.000 copies of a fully picture driven English issue of their newspaper dedicated to Consequences by NOOR (20.000 copies to be distributed for free inside the Summit Center and 30.000 free copies will be available at metro and train stations, and other public spaces). Photo: Sigrid Nygaard.

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Posted by admin | Pep Bonet, Videos | Thursday 3 December 2009 1:26 pm

Poland is one of the largest producers of coal in Europe and not coincidentally, also one of the continent’s most polluted countries. The Upper Silesian Coal Basin in Poland, where coal has been mined for more than 150 years, is thick with mines, steel mills, coke ovens and chemical plants.

Waste from these industries fills hundreds of dumps across the region. Smoke from coal-fired plants pollutes the air. Runoff from the mines has contaminated the groundwater, streams and lakes. Underground exploration has caused irreparable damage to the landscape. In Poland, 93 percent of the energy comes from burning coal?a major producer of greenhouse gases. Despite the reforms of the last decade, coal mining remains a dangerous and dirty business.

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