NOOR Featured on MSNBC: Picturing climate change

Posted by admin | Consequences by NOOR Project,Press | Friday 4 December 2009 11:41 pm


“Ahead of the global climate talks in December 2009, nine photographers from the photo agency NOOR photographed climate stories from around the world. Their goal: To document some of the causes and consequences, from deforestation to changing sea levels, as well as the people whose lives and jobs are part of that carbon culture,” MSNBC.

View the slide shows here.

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  1. Comment by Bill Thompson — 12/05/2009 @ 5:35 pm

    What a crock – MSNBC and other MSM outlets won’t report in any meaningful way about the outright lies propogated by the “scientists” involved in Climategate, but run these photo essays showing the sky falling. Give it up – it’s junk science, the sky is not falling, and the world won’t bankrupt itself back to the stone age. Long live cheap gas, lots of cars, and leaving the refrigerator door for 10 minutes while looking for something to eat.

    Earth First! We’ll log on Mars later.

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