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Posted by admin | Consequences by NOOR Project, Nina Berman, Videos | Monday 16 November 2009 6:45 pm

British Columbia is in the midst of a pine beetle epidemic with millions of trees dying from the pine beetle infestation. Nina Berman narrates her portfolio of images from her Consequences by NOOR climate change project, British Columbia l Pine Beetles.

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  1. Comment by Vaiden Bloch — 12/05/2009 @ 4:56 pm

    Unfortunately this sort of miss information is all that the world hears since the author is not knowledgeable and has not researched the facts on forest dynamics, but instead jumps to the global warming conclusion. Mountain pine beetle destroys old over grown forests of Lodge pole pine and ponderosa pine. A healthy young forest that is not overstocked generally is not affected. Stressed trees due to over stocking and age are prime food for this beetle, and similar destructive epidemics of beetles can be found across the rocky mountain west on a periodic basis through out time, before the buzz words of carbon pollution and global warming were in use. If you look at the forests currently being devastated by the mountain pine beetle, you will see one common factor they are the regrowth from wide spread fires about 100 years ago. They have grown to their current old age with out the natural cleansing of fires due to mans better idea of putting out fires. Now, because people don’t like to see dead trees, and the environmental movement wants to blame man and his actions for all the natural events we see around us, miss information is spread (as in this video)swaying peoples knowledge. Global warming is a theory not yet verified, and many experts actually see more evidence that we are headed back into another ice age. Don’t get confused my the environmental movement that quickly wants to equate blame all natural events on man’s presence on earth.

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