Children’s rooms in country style and not only. What interior is suitable for modern children?

The design of the children's room should be given special attention - this is the case when "houses and walls help". The way the room is designed, really allows the baby to grow up happy, wake up and fall asleep in a good mood, with pleasure to play and - what is very important - not getting injured. Yes, and develop a good taste can be from a very young age.

Simple and tasteful

Of course, successful solutions for the design of children's rooms are in many styles, but country is truly a win-win option. Why?

Children's rooms in country style and not only. What interior is suitable for modern children?

Country style is in many countries of the world, which is quite understandable: where there was a village, there was a "rural" interior. Today, several main directions of the country are singled out, having a common basis, but differing in detail: they are French, Russian and Scandinavian varieties. Their common principle is "simplicity + functionality". For the country is uncharacteristic pretentiousness and bright, rich colors. The gamma in which design is performed is based on white and pastel colors, yellow, pink, blue, light green. In the French version, blue color can be added, the Russian necessarily requires a brown color, under a tree.

Children's rooms in country style and not only. What interior is suitable for modern children?

The wallpaper in the nursery should be light. Then they will become a good background for drawings, pictures, photos and other decor elements, with which you will decorate the walls.

Elegant country for a girl

All the girls are princesses, so the bed with the canopy will look good in the young lady's room. However, if you are a supporter of more functional solutions, pay attention to the spacious beds. There should be a lot of space to decorate the bed with a long curtain and numerous pillows. Try using pillows and bedspread of the same color, thereby you place the accents and give the room a unity. Tones can be either pastel or saturated, for example, cherry. In the same range you need to withstand other details of the interior, for example, napkins on the table, curtains. A successful solution for the "girl's room" is a print with a picture.

What can not the room still do without? Cabinet, chest of drawers, bedside table, for an older girl - a table where she will do lessons or draw. Good fit in the interior of the armchair, banquettes and ottomans. For example, the elegant banquet "Izotta" from "Angstrem" with legs of dark-maple color and a light seat is distinguished by its external simplicity and ergonomics, which the country style demands. Poof "Romeo and Juliet" will also decorate the room thanks to its delicate color and a welted velor texture. In addition, it has an internal compartment where it is convenient to store toys or small things. If the place allows, ottomans and a jug, it is better to put a few: a young lady living in a nursery will like it.

Children's rooms in country style and not only. What interior is suitable for modern children?

And an indispensable attribute of any room intended for a woman, no matter how old she is, is a mirror. For the girl does not need it to be full-length, you can do with a more modest option, but a beautiful frame, sustained in the same tones as a blanket, pillows and curtains, is mandatory.

Courageous country for a boy

The room for the boy requires more restraint in the design: a solid finish of the walls and a floor covering to it in tone. There is no longer possible to use napkins and pillows - the future man will not appreciate it. A discreet and functional design is what you need.

Of course, the center of the children's room will again be a bed, but the option for a boy may be less than for a girl (by the way, young men value space and air more, so do not clutter the room). Choose a style that is associated with an interesting child's occupation. He raves sea voyages? Emphasize this in the design. A blue blanket, a carpet with fish, a map on the wall and even a large sea chest. In it, the boy will be happy to store his treasures. And the overall white background will give the design the laconicism and simplicity that country needs.

Children's rooms in country style and not only. What interior is suitable for modern children?

An important role in the boy's room is played by a table where one can read or sit behind a laptop. It is desirable that it had more boxes: it is convenient and practical - small things will be removed to the place, and not lying around anywhere. For example, the table "Alain" is equipped with a curbstone with two large drawers. It is important that they are easily put forward and pushed - after all, it will be a child.

In what other styles can you decorate a child?

Of course, all the possibilities are not exhausted by the country style. Modern designers offer numerous options.

  • Classical. The child's room is practically the same as the adult's room. Requires expensive massive furniture with carvings, paintings on the walls, thick carpets on the floor.
  • Modern. Bright colors, unusual technological solutions (for example, table top on the window sill).
  • Vintage style. All design is sustained in soft colors, a large number of decorative objects: paintings, photographs, pads with ruffles. The interior breathes a bare and graceful.
  • English classics. The design is strict, sometimes even aged in gray tones. Symmetry reigns in the room, there is nothing superfluous.

Each of these styles has its own advantages and its fans. Country is distinguished among them by special comfort and the absence of strict dogmas. This is the most "home" option, which from the abundance of toys scattered on the floor, only wins. And what else is needed for the nursery?

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