Ceramic Bathroom Tiles: Trends 2018

Selection of fashionable tiles for the bathroom

It would seem that repairs are always made with the expectation that the apartment after it will remain unchanged for at least several years, and hence the fashion issues here do not play a decisive role. But this is not so - every year interior designers work on creating new collections of wallpapers, floor and ceiling coverings in order to make each house unique and reflect the individuality of its owners.

Fashion trends should be taken into account when decorating the bathroom with tiles, the photo design of which proves how unique it is possible to make the appearance of this room. Modern construction stores offer a huge selection of different options, among which each person can find for himself suitable for the characteristics, design and, importantly, the cost.

Of course, the acquisition of tiles is a very important process, so before you go to the supermarket you should carefully weigh your decision. In this article we will talk about stylish novelties and the main fashion trends of this season, and also give some useful recommendations that will help you avoid common mistakes. So, let's get started!

Stylish bathroom tiles
Tile for the bathroom will help to set and form the style of the room

Fashion trends of the coming year

The trends of 2018 were presented to the public in Valencia. As always, the main trendsetters in the field of ceramic tiles are Italy and Spain. Finishing materials of Italian and Spanish manufacture deservedly enjoy great popularity all over the world - even despite their relatively high cost. This is not surprising, because quality materials have excellent characteristics, are famous for their excellent appearance and long life.

Tile with a picture
Modern technology allows you to get a tile with any pattern
Tile with a picture in the bathroom
Using tiles with a pattern, you can create a unique design

The opening of this season was bathroom tile, which uses the latest digital technologies. With their help, the ceramic surface is decorated with all sorts of images. In addition, it became possible to simulate absolutely any material, for example, to produce a tile visually similar to white marble or concrete. Absolute identity can be achieved by experimenting with the surface of the product, making it reminiscent of the texture of a certain material, for example, rough or uneven, like a lining. Such a cunning move allows you to create a unique interior, because manufacturers are able to reproduce almost any print.

Thus, you have the opportunity to order an exclusive ceramic tile, which will perfectly complement the design of your bathroom. Try on yourself as a designer, do not be afraid to apply non-standard solutions and find a style that emphasizes your impeccable taste and personality!

Tile imitating a tree in the bathroom
Particularly interesting is the tile imitating natural material in the bathroom, for example, wood

The material that mimics the tree is also very popular this year, because it brings an atmosphere of coziness and home warmth into the room. In addition, many designers recommend tiling the bathrooms with tiles, the surface of which resembles a metal one. And the imitation of natural stone remains in the trend for several years and, most likely, will hold the leading position for a long time. Therefore, when deciding to make a tile in the bathroom, you can safely stop on this option.

Tile imitating metal
Tiles, imitating metal, great for modern high-tech interiors of bathrooms
Tile, imitating a stone
Tile, imitating a noble stone, will make the building visually expensive

Aesthetically pleasing is an aesthetic composition made of ceramic products that look like real sand. It's amazing that it can imitate even very fine sand, and so that it really seems as if the floor and walls of the room are covered with the real loose material. This is a great way to create a unique atmosphere in the room: taking a shower or a bath, a person will always feel as if he was transferred to a warm sea beach for a while. To complement such an interior can be accessories on the sea theme, for example, seashells and towels of light yellow color.

Combined version of tiles for natural materials
It looks interesting tile, which combines natural materials: wood, stone, and metal
Tile under the river sand
Tile, imitating river sand in the bathroom, will give the walls a visual volume

A special delight in the public in Valencia was caused by ceramic tiles for the bathroom, which has a 3D effect. It looks really amazing and allows you to create the impression of diving into the underwater world or being in the tropical jungle. A little design fantasy - and such a bathroom will for many years cause genuine delight both among the owners of the house and their guests. Such products, especially if they have an unusual texture, are no longer a simple finishing material, but a real art object. Unusual compositions can look like a wall panel, and be one of the brightest highlights of the house, inevitably attracting everyone's attention. Especially this applies to cases where when decorating the bathroom was used tiles of flashy color or large size.

3D tiles with photoprinting for the bathroom
3D tiles with photoprinting for the bathroom will make the bathroom interior unique and interesting

Patchwork tile

Interesting! This season introduces new color solutions for tiles. In particular, at the peak of popularity the so-called "patchwork" - painting products for the color of patchwork mosaic. This method was adopted in 2018 by ceramics producers of the most prestigious world brands.

For example, you can find many variations with patchwork tiles using only white and black colors. This option will certainly be to the liking of lovers of minimalism and hi-tech. And for those who prefer to use materials of bright cheerful colors when decorating the house, the decoration in this style with multi-colored images of Mediterranean coffee houses is ideal.

Patchwork coloring is a combination of different shades and colors that will help in creating amazing, unusual interiors. When facing such a tile, you can independently decide in which order the elements will be located, and thereby create a picture in your bathroom that is not found anywhere else. This solution is best for people who prefer unusual ideas and bold experiments.

Patchwork tiles in the bathroom interior
Tile patchwork in the interior of the bathroom will make the interior truly Mediterranean
Cells patchwork in the bathroom
The highlight of the interior will add patchwork tiles in the form of honeycomb

Tiles honeycomb

Another option for fans of creative - hexagonal tiles. For the first time, the original model was presented during an interior exhibition in Bologna, and since then it has consistently been among the most fashionable design solutions for the design of bathrooms. The main difference of the above solution from analogs is the form that literally repeats the outlines of honeycomb honeycombs.

Hexagonal Bathroom Tile
Tile for a bath of hexagonal shape reminiscent of cell honeycomb shape

Such a tile, which itself produces an amazing effect, can be even more unusual if it has a convex shape. Thanks to it, you can easily achieve the effect of 3D. Bathrooms made in this way look exquisite and extravagant.

Convex effect of hexagonal mosaic
Hexagonal mosaic will create a convex effect

The dimensions of ceramic products can range from very small to very large. From a small tile in the form of honeycombs, you can lay a mosaic, and a large one is perfect for decorating a large and spacious room. Choosing the best option, you must always take into account not only your own taste preferences, but also the size of the room, its features and basic characteristics.

Advice! The color palette, which has such a tile for the bathroom, is also diverse: photos, catalogs of 2018, as well as prices can be viewed in online stores of finishing materials.

Tiles, as you know, can be used for facing not only the walls, but also the floor. When decorating these surfaces with materials from one series, you can achieve stunning results, creating a very stylish and memorable interior, where each element complements each other.

Honeycomb Flooring Tiles
Hexagonal tile is perfect for floor design

In addition, all manufacturers try to bring something special to the appearance of their products. For example, some firms produce tiles with rough surfaces, others - with a cold metallic tint, others - convex, the fourth - with patterns and the effect of 3D. All this makes the possibilities of using such a finishing material practically inexhaustible, limiting them only to the imagination of the designer.

The most fashionable variation is the "honeycomb" of black color. They are able to give the room a special sophistication, as well as emphasize the excellent taste and sense of style of the owners of the house. But keep in mind that giving preference to dark colors, you will need to pay special attention to lighting the room. You may need to equip the bathroom with additional lighting fixtures. Recently, led ribbons are very popular, which, in addition to its immediate function, are able to perfectly decorate any interior, to bring into it an atmosphere of mystery and romance.

Tile with black honeycomb
This season has become very popular tile with black or dark gray honeycombs

Cement tiles

Many have already managed to find out what the cement tile is for the bathroom: photos of this material are wandered from one glossy magazine dedicated to interior design in another. This is a real squeak of fashion, which is used by the best designers all over the world.

The main feature of cement tile is the inexhaustible variety of its shapes and colors, as well as ornaments with which these products are decorated. In this case, they are often made by craftsmen manually - which means that such an ornament is piece work and will not be found anywhere else. Collections of cement tiles impress with their beauty and originality, due to what this finishing material perfectly fits into the interior design of any house in any style - from classics to modern and avant-garde.

Cement tiles in the bathroom
Cement tiles in the bathroom have a rough surface and will create a plaster effect

The latest technology for the bathroom

The newest development in the field of materials for the decoration of bathrooms is a synthesis of bold design solutions and the latest scientific achievements. This is a tile, which includes titanium dioxide, due to which it has self-cleaning properties. This greatly facilitates the care of the bathroom, which in turn will please every hostess.

Titanium dioxide
Tile with titanium dioxide has a whitening effect, chemical resistance, good moisture resistance

Such a tile went on sale quite recently and, despite its high cost, is already in great demand. This is not only a trendy trend, but also an ideal solution when designing so-called "smart houses" where everything is done with the expectation to make life easier for the owners of the house, make it more comfortable and safe, while saving time and money. This material is also suitable for those who like to surprise and surprise others, not wanting to remain aloof from the achievements of scientific progress.

New shapes and sizes

It would seem that the new can be in the field of tile shapes? But even here there are their own fashion trends. So, in 2018, the trend was a tile in the form of polygons - in particular, octagons. This design looks very unusual. And although professionals will be able to cope with the laying of the material, the result is worth it.

In addition, the fashion includes a bulk tile for bathrooms. It should be emphasized that it is suitable only for spacious premises, since its volume conceals a little space and can visually make the room more cramped.

Large tiles in the bathroom
Large tiles in the bathroom is very popular for several seasons
Large tiles in the bathroom under the stone
Large tiles in the bathroom is great for simulating a stone surface

Fashion trends refer to the size of the tiles. So, if only very recently the largest tile that could be found on the shelves of stores had a format of 60 × 60 centimeters, today these figures have more than doubled! And tiles in the format of 100 × 100 and even 100 × 300 centimeters are not uncommon, but the latest squeak of fashion. Of course, it is also more suitable for spacious bathrooms.

Color Solutions

As for the color decisions, in this season the actual black, silver and white colors are relevant. And they look great in different combinations with each other and in compositions without the addition of tiles of other colors. Black color will give a room of refinement, white - will make the bathroom more light and spacious, emphasize its purity and well-groomed, and silver is suitable for houses whose interior is designed in modern, hi-tech and avant-garde styles.

Mirror tiles in a small bathroom
For a small bathroom it is better to use a light or mirror tile, this will visually expand the space

For those who, when planning the design of bathroom finishing with ceramic tiles, prefer bright colors, there is good news - yellow, blue, blue, red, as well as more exquisite burgundy and menthol are also at the peak of popularity. Their use in combination with white, black and silvery will create an especially fashionable interior that will delight even the famous designers. In addition, these colors can be combined with such as: gray, beige, milk, chocolate and mocha, as well as their various shades.

Important, so that the tiling in the bathroom is made with the presence of a design project, taking into account the compatibility of colors.

Tile for scales and mosaics with overflows
Very interesting looks tile with a pattern of scales iridescent overflows

When decorating a bathroom with tiles, the design should correspond to the overall design of the apartment or house. Do not make a bathroom in high-tech style, if the whole house is furnished in the style of Provence. Harmony should be present in the interior, and every detail, even a small detail, is important here. When choosing a tile for a bathroom, a design similar to your interior design is mandatory for familiarization. It is better to think things over and get the desired result than to do the work at random and remain dissatisfied.

Bathroom Design
Preliminary design of the bathroom will create a more intelligent design and calculate the material

With all the variety of innovations in the sphere of ceramic tiles for bathrooms, the classic is never out of fashion here. Therefore, if you want to have a beautiful interior, but do not pursue fashion, you can look at the classic options for ceramic tiles.

Despite the fact that the fashion changes annually, those qualities of ceramic tiles for which it is valued by consumers: long service life, resistance to moisture and high temperatures, environmental friendliness, a huge variety of colors and shapes remain unchanged.


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