Carbon filters for hoods: how to choose

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Preparation of dishes is accompanied by the appearance of different smells, fats, which you still want to get rid of in a living room. But you can cope with these negative phenomena if you install a filter for drawing. It should be chosen correctly, since the timely collection of air flows, which are always present above the plate, depends on its quality, and they are taken out through ventilation systems.

grease filter for drawing

Basic goals

Modern hoods work on the basis of air venting or its circulation. In the first variant, the air will exit into the ventilation shaft, and in the second case - the extractor will work more laboriously. A modern filter for kitchen hoods makes this design more reliable in operation, providing a favorable indoor microclimate. Consider what filters are and how they are operated.

Fatty: cheap, but not always reliable

The grease filter for extracting refers to the systems of coarse cleaning, since it is able to retain only small particles of dirt and soot. This system is well suited for the protection of internal parts and walls of the duct, preventing the accumulation of grease and dirt on them and ensuring the durability of the entire extract. With the help of fat cleaners, it is possible to provide flow or circulation exhaust. With a good ventilation system in the house, it is efficient and economical to use ventilation based on this particular variety.

extractor with carbon filter without withdrawal

Fat filters for drawing can be disposable or reusable. It is clear that the first will not last very long, but the second can be washed and re-placed in the hood. Note that some models of island extracts suggest the use of several cleaning elements. It is important that with the help of the grease filter it is possible to relieve the extract from both unpleasant smell and 96% of the fat in just 5 minutes.

What material?

Modern manufacturers expect to purchase a fat filter for extraction from acrylic, aluminum, special paper. Each of the varieties has features of functioning. Thus, cleaning of acrylic models is required depending on the intensity of operation of the hood. Most often, cleaning is required approximately once a month, the filters themselves simply need to get wet with a cloth and do not wring.

filter for cooker hoods

A feature of aluminum filters is the need to wash a couple of times a month, using a special non-fat composition for this. The effectiveness of its work will be reflected in color: if it has changed, then it is necessary to replace it. To create aluminum filters, layers of perforated aluminum are used. Holes - a pledge that the air will pass at maximum with minimal noise. Wash the aluminum products carefully, so as not to break the thin layers of metal.

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The peculiarity of filters created from special paper, non-woven fabric, sintepon - in the impossibility of washing them. That is, if such a filter fails, it can only be replaced. Replacement is necessary when signs appear at the bottom of the product - they can be seen through the grate. Many manufacturers supply their hoods with a special indicator that will tell when to replace the filter in them.

Once or for long?


As already mentioned, all fat filters are divided into disposable or reusable. The first are created on the basis of synthetic fibers - sintepona, acrylic, and are light mats. Such products are often equipped with cheap hoods not of the greatest functionality. Reusable filters are good in that they can be used almost all the time the hood works. Filters in the form of cassettes are supplemented by holes, the task of which is to ensure unimpeded penetration of air through the filter without fat particles. Practicality and durability - the main features of reusable filters, which are equipped with expensive extraction equipment.

Filters on activated carbon: what is the essence?

In exhaust systems operating in recirculation mode, air purification should be performed more thoroughly, since in addition to grease and soot it is important to remove the smallest contaminants and odors from the room. Excellent work with this job carbon filters for drawing - their installation is performed for grease filters.

filter for extraction what to choose

The carbon filter works on the basis of an absorbent in the form of activated carbon, which successfully copes with absorption and reliable retention of harmful substances. The more quality the product, the better and longer the exhaust system will work. All coal varieties differ in density, that is, the passage of air through the filter depends on the degree of its filling. On average, a carbon filter for a cooker hood can last about 4 months, but some manufacturers recommend replacing it every 2 months. If we talk about brands, then the most "long-playing" are filters for krona hoods: they can last for a year without replacement.

Principle of operation

The task of any recirculation unit is air cleaning based on a carbon filter. But, according to the scheme, the hood should be supplemented with a grease filter, which will release fat from the air streams, accumulating during prolonged use of the hood. The task of the charcoal filter is also the cleaning of the air from harmful particles that can remain in it. Due to the combined effect of two types of cleaning elements at once, maximum cleaning of the air in the room is ensured. Most often an extract with a carbon filter without a tap is created - it is economical in operation and is capable of working for a long time.

carbon filters for hoods foulter

Extractions based on carbon filters have become popular due to the affordable cost. Good absorbing ability of the activated carbon allows you to get rid of bad odors, smoke or impurities of steam in a timely manner. The cheapness is added by the device of the cleaning element. The merits of coal filters are:

  • Simple connection and installation;
  • The possibility of installation in a room with poor ventilation;
  • Ease of filter change;
  • Compact size;
  • Selection of speed and filtration modes.

The main advantage of the extract on the basis of a carbon filter is the efficiency of operation and with complete obstruction of the ventilation system, when it will not be necessary to search for additional solutions to ensure the inflow of air.

Which brand should I prefer?

Many manufacturers offer to evaluate carbon and fat filters. We propose to pay attention to the most popular options, which, moreover, are attractive for economy. Well-proven filter for the crown. Most models of modern hoods have indicators that tell about the degree of contamination of the cleaning element. And that means you can always change it for a new one. KRONA technology can always be fitted with high-quality cleaning elements that will ensure the stability of any recirculation system. The service life of accessories depends on the intensity of use of the exhaust system itself. On average, the kit will work on the order of 100-130 hours, that is, about six months.

charcoal filter for kitchen hoods

Carbon filters for felter hoods are suitable for cleaning air - supply, exhaust, recirculation - from contaminants in the form of gases, odors. Using these accessories, you can ensure high-quality air purification to achieve compliance with environmental and health standards.

Many consumers note filters for Filtero hoods, which are based on carbon absorbent. Distinctive features of accessories of this brand are simple installation and durability of work. These cleaning elements show good operational properties, as they consist of a number of components - stone, peat, coconut and impregnated coal and chemisorbent. Filter elements can easily cope with the installation of hoods in everyday life, and in models of professional action. In addition to low cost and ease of installation, these accessories attract attention with a high level of filtration, even if ventilation is not of high quality.

fat extraction filters

There are a lot of good reviews about ZEMAN hood filters, which, apart from the innovative design, attract attention by a double effect, that is, cleaning the room and from the products of combustion, and from the smell. This is achieved through a two-layer filter: the first is made of dense viscose material and impregnated with activated carbon, the second - consists of a dense layer of activated carbon granules. Due to this design, excellent air purification is provided due to its good passage through the filter.

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