Acrylic liner in the bathroom: photo and application

Acrylic Liner Enamel

Every person strives for comfort and comfort in the house. Bathroom - one of the main premises in the apartment or in the house, from which the day begins and ends. It is very important that the bathroom gives a sense of comfort, and this is only possible if there is quality repair.

Many owners insist on replacing the bath, if it eventually lost its appeal, although it did not lose its main purpose.

BLACK acrylic insert

It is worth knowing that now there are many ways to restore it, without replacing the product itself. Acrylic liner in the bathyu - this is the best alternative to product replacement, in addition, the most affordable way to finance. Do not disconnect the sewer and do the dismantling of the old product. Therefore, consumers are willing to use this service.

Acrylic Liner Photo

Use of restoration: methods

1. The use of enamel.

2. An infusion pool.

3. Acrylic liner in the bathroom.

Each of these methods has advantages and some drawbacks.

  1. Enamelling work - the cost of the service is available for the consumer, the long exploitation of the coating, but with unprofessional processing it is significantly reduced (from 12 to 3 years), there is a risk of uneven surface after enamel treatment.

  2. An infusion bath is a relatively new technology consisting of applying enamel with liquid acrylic, a long service life, a flat surface and no need to remove the sides of the bath, but a high price and service requires a master of high qualification.

  3. Acrylic liner in the bathroom - an operational installation, the price of the service is available to most consumers, commonly used tools, without dismantling with a drain, no need for careful care for acrylic, perfectly flat surface.

Design features of acrylic

Acrylic liner in the bathroom

The insert consists of two layers. It's plastic and acrylic. They are mutually complementary, since acrylic is expensive in cost, but due to the presence of plastic costs are reduced. Plastic does not only this function: it is designed to strengthen the structure due to its strength and reliability. Two layers are the same in color.

Defects: cracks and chips that occur as a result of using the bathroom are not visually visible. Note that these negative phenomena occur very rarely. Usually this happens in cases when users themselves use the bath incorrectly. For specialists, the use of acrylic is simplified compared to other methods of restoration work with the bathroom.

The advantages of acrylic and the advantages of its installation

Acrylic is not afraid of corrosion, and other remedies are removed easily, without the use of chemically aggressive detergents. To care for an acrylic bathtub, it is best to choose a laundry soap or a product that does not contain any chemical elements, such as whiteness. A metal bathroom with a liner does not make noise.

Acrylic liner in a light interior

Water treatments in such a bath will give extra comfort due to the reduced thermal conductivity inherent in the metal. From the cover does not blow cold even without the presence of warm water. But if it is present, then in the bath it retains heat for a long time. Acrylic liner in the bathroom makes it not only economical, but also attractive: it easily fits into any situation of modern dwellings. This means that the owners of the apartment or house will not have to purchase a new bath, the price of which considerably exceeds the installation of the liner.

Acrylic liner in the interior

Acquisition of an acrylic insert will not create problems: it can be done in any specialized store, order it or purchase a service in an online store. Acrylic inserts differ in color: you can order a blue or pink, white bath and other products. The inserts differ in size, the user must correctly measure the old bath. Measurements are simple, and for this you need to know a few rules:

  1. Length (calculation includes the sides).

  2. Depth of the product (measured using a bar, which should be placed across the center and measure the distance from the bar to the bottom).

  3. Width inside the bath (the distance between the sides should be measured in two zones: the drainage place and the edge on the opposite side).

The price of the liner and the work depends on the size of the bath.

Essence of works

Acrylic insert

Experts recommend to mount the acrylic liner in the bathroom, if the product is seriously damaged. The old bathroom in the works plays the role of a power base or foundation for the liner.

Acrylic liner in the bathroom photo

Using the method ("acrylic in the bathroom), specialists are engaged in the restoration of baths made of cast iron and steel. New products from these materials are expensive. Before assembling the liner, the master comes to customers pre-measured.

Usually acrylic liners are purchased for baths having typical geometric shapes. If the situation with the original product is somewhat different, then purchasing a non-standard acrylic liner will be problematic.

Installation of the liner goes through certain stages:

  1. Measurements (preliminary).

  2. Elimination of corner tiles, tiles in the first stage.

  3. Elimination of strapping.

  4. Fit the insert from acrylic.

  5. Cleaning the sides.

  6. Pre-installation of acrylic liner. Fixing the positions of the drainage and overflow system with a diameter of 44 mm.

  7. Work with the original product (grinding). The use of foam (mounting) and sealant from silicone, that is, the formation of an adhesive mesh.

  8. Installation of elements: liner and new piping, installation of draining and overflow.

  9. The renewed bath must be filled with water for 24 hours. After the day passes, the water should be lowered and the film removed from the acrylic bath performing the role of protection. After this is done, only after that the bath can be used.

In the case of proper care for the acrylic bathroom, and most importantly - its competent operation, the liner serves 8 years. As a result, the consumer will get a snow-white bath, with no damages and drawbacks!

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