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Brazil climate change

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Clearing the Land

The rainforests of the Brazilian Amazon, the most biologically diverse place on Earth, are shrinking by an estimated 12,000 square kilometers a year. About 60 to 70 percent of that deforestation occurs as rancher cut, burn and bulldoze trees, often illegally, to create pastures for the country’s burgeoning cattle industry. In recent years, Brazil has become the largest exporter of beef and, not coincidentally, the third largest polluter in the world, after China and the United States. Fires from the burning forests and the ovens that heat the wood into charcoal fill the skies. The cattle, too, are responsible for methane gases. “Every year in the dry season, the rainforest is burning. If it’s not the rainforest, it’s the pastures,” says Lohuizen. Even nature preserves, such as Terra do Meio, are not safe from the illegal deforestation.

About Kadir van Lohuizen:

a86ec29a18the Netherlands, 1963 РKadir has covered conflicts in Africa and elsewhere, but is probably best known for his projects on seven rivers of the world and the diamond industry. He has received numerous prizes, including two World Press Photo awards. He is on the supervisory board of World Press Photo, and has published four photo books. Kadir is based in Amsterdam and New York.

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