Pep Bonet | Poland | Blackfield’s

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Pep Bonet | Poland | Blackfields

©2009 Pep Bonet/NOOR

“Blackfield’s” Poland’s Coal Industry

Poland is one of the largest producers of coal in Europe and not coincidentally, also one of the continent’s most polluted country. The Upper Silesian Coal Basin in Poland, where coal has been mined for more than 150 years, is thick with coal mines, steel mills, coke ovens and chemical plants. Waste from these industries fills hundreds of dumps across the region. Smoke from coal-fired plants pollutes the air. Runoff from the mines has contaminated the groundwater, streams and lakes. Underground exploration has caused irreparable damage to the landscape. In Poland, 93 percent of the energy comes from burning coal—the most polluting of all fuels. Despite the reforms in the Polish mining industry of the last decade, coal mining remains a dangerous and dirty business.

About Pep Bonet:

6c5f67b3bcSpain, 1974 – Pep’s work focuses on African issues and long-term projects. His work on social issues such as HIV/Aids has led to two photography books and 35 exhibitions world-wide. His most known work is ‘Faith in Chaos’, an ongoing photo essay on the aftermath of the war in Sierra Leone. Pep finished his long-term project on Somalia last year. He was the 2005 winner of the Eugene Smith Humanistic Grant, in addition to other international grants and prizes. Pep lives in Mallorca.

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