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The island nation of Maldives is the lowest lying country in the world. As the oceans fill with water from melting glaciers, this tropical paradise will be the first country on the planet to slip below the waves. Experts predict that within the next 15 years, rising sea levels will force the island’s 396,000 to migrate elsewhere. Other islands and coastal regions around the world face similar threats.

Migrations forced by rising sea levels will disproportionately affect poor nations and the developing word as climate refugees overwhelm neighboring countries. In the Maldives, a nation dependent upon tourism and fishing, economic development has worsened the problem. Protective coral reefs are mined for building materials, refuse piles up, fresh water supplies are threatened. In October, Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed and his cabinet donned scuba gear and held a meeting 20 feet underwater to publicize the island’s plight and call on developed nations to curb carbon emissions .”We do not want to leave the Maldives,” Nasheed said, “but we also do not want to be climate refugees living in tents for decades.”

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  4. Comment by Scott — 12/08/2009 @ 11:06 pm

    While I appreciate the quality of the photographs and the effort the result just doesn’t show global warming and a nation in peril. According to your site, Noor states that these works show not what may happen in the future but what is occuring NOW. These photos seem nothing more than an adventurous traveler who has walked a block or two past the confines of their resort while on vacation. Seriously, besides the guy burning trash, where’s the meat? People holding hands wanding in the water with a sunset – is this for a travel brochure, sign me up I need a tropical vacation.

  5. Comment by Karen Uyeno — 12/11/2009 @ 4:40 am

    I think the picture of the man burning garbage on a stick and the picture of black smoke from burning trash was convincing, I don’t think the video was travel brochurish at all.

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