Interior sliding doors: help in choosing

Sliding interior doors

In the modern interior, the space between the rooms has also become one of the elements of interior design. It can be left open, which is practiced in so-called studio apartments or separated by non-traditional door designs. In most houses and apartments, regular swing doors are used.

Alternatively, it is possible to use folding structures or interior sliding doors, which are sometimes called "door-coupes". Compared to conventional, they have both a number of advantages and disadvantages. In addition, the sliding structures may differ in the manner of installation and the type of the web. Let's take a closer look at all the possible options.

Advantages and disadvantages of sliding doors

Interior sliding doors are actively used by Japanese architects and builders, since this type of construction is one of the national features of the device of the house, rooted in the depths of centuries. What are the advantages of sliding doors?

  1. The main advantage mentioned by manufacturers and sellers of such structures is a more reasonable organization of living space in comparison with swinging doors. Indeed, for small apartments with a small footage and narrow corridors, this can be a solution to the problem;
  2. Futuristic appearance. Sliding doors perfectly fit into the design of an apartment in the style of "techno" or fashionable now "minimalism", which is close to the Japanese tradition;
  3. Sliding constructions are well suited for non-standard doorways that do not allow you to pick up the door leaf, because it is wider or vice versa, there is already aperture;
  4. The breadth of the assortment and the variety of design, allowing organically fit sliding doors into any interior;
  5. Long operational period;
  6. Ergonomics.

However, along with advantages, sliding door designs have a number of disadvantages:

  1. Poor sound and noise insulation;
  2. Weak tightness;
  3. The need for regular lubrication mechanism. Otherwise, when sliding, the doors can creak, move with jerks, sometimes jam.

If you have firmly decided to install just such a type of door structure, go to the next stage - the choice.


Sliding doors

What kind of sliding structure to choose, so as not to be mistaken?

Interior sliding doors classified according to the number of canvases:

  • Single-door;
  • Two-door

And kind of installation:

  • Along the wall;
  • Inside the wall

First of all, consider the type of installation. No matter how you want to hide the door inside the wall, if you live in a house or apartment, but are not ready for radical restructuring, this option will have to be abandoned. It can be realized only at the construction stage, leaving a special niche in the wall, in which the sliding door will eventually leave. Therefore, as a rule, the guides are laid along the wall.

Sliding door mechanism
Operating principle of sliding doors

As for the number of door leaves, here, as a rule, too, especially not be chosen. Two canvases are appropriate when the width of the opening is much larger than the standard one. In this case, the canvases are set on one guide, and they can move apart both in different directions, and into one.

White sliding doors

Choose the type of attachment

If the interior sliding doors were of the same type, it would not be necessary to puzzle over the features of their design, installation and operation.

However, there are differences that are not so obvious to the layman. They allow a wide field for the manifestation of individuality in the design of the dwelling. These include:

Type of attachment:

  • Guide rollers are located just below;
  • Below and above.

Laying guides only on the floor - the most common type of fastening for the installation of sliding structures. As a rule, it is chosen because of cost savings, since in this case, sliding doors cost one and a half, and even two times cheaper.

However, it should be noted immediately that it is with this type of installation that there are often problems with the sliding mechanism during operation - it starts to jam, the web moves with jerks, with creaking or grinding. In addition, if the guides are only at the bottom, it is not recommended to use heavy cloths, for example, from a solid solid wood, as they can eventually distort the structure and lead to a disruption in functionality.

Sliding door mechanism

Door constructions with guide rollers both on the floor and on the ceiling are more expensive. As we have already said, the difference in price can be one and a half, and even two times. However, with long-term operation these costs pay off.

This type of installation provides reliability, convenience in use, a longer service life without adjusting the mechanism. In addition, they can withstand the weight of heavy cloths, including solid wood.

At the same time, for the installation of sliding doors with two guide rollers there are limitations that you should think about in advance if you decide to install this system.

First of all, it is necessary to observe the following conditions:

  1. The ceiling and the floor must be perfectly level;
  2. The floor and ceiling must be strictly parallel to each other. If one or the other plane has a bevel, the slope, the sliding structure will stick;
  3. Absence of any ceiling structures, including tension, suspension, or its variety - the ceiling of the rails.

If the floor or ceiling in your house or apartment has a slope, but you still want to install interior sliding doors on the two guides - the top and bottom, take care of leveling the planes, for example, make a floor screed. Aligning the ceiling without the help of suspended structures is more difficult and expensive, but it is also possible to do so.


Sliding door leaf

Which door leaf do you prefer?

As in the case of conventional swings, buying interior sliding doors you choose the type of canvas. It can be:

  • Solid wood;
  • Glass or mirror;
  • Particleboard, fiberboard;
  • Combined fabric: Particleboard with glass or mirror insert.

As for the doors from solid wood, they are certainly strong, reliable, durable. We already mentioned the disadvantages of such a choice - first of all, they are much more expensive than standard ones, especially if we are talking about rare tree species.

In addition, they can be mounted only on two rails, the top and bottom, otherwise because of the heavy weight of the fabric, the design will warp over time.

Sliding doors on purple background
Combined sliding doors

Sliding interior doors of glass or mirrors with edging from aluminum are very elegant, stylish, perfectly fit in the "techno-style." The disadvantages are again the considerable weight of the structure, because of which it is better to mount it on two guides and a high cost (although lower than the wooden massif).

Sliding doors with flowers
Glass sliding doors

Cloths from wood-shaving or wood-fiber plates are affordable, have a small weight, so you can save on the installation of the construction by mounting only the lower guides. The disadvantages include a modest design, which differs only due to the color and texture of the laminated film of the upper layer.

Wenge color sliding doors
Sliding interior door with mounting on one rail

Combined door leaves, which consist of chipboard and glass or mirror inserts, are the absolute leader in sales. They meet most of the requirements of the average consumer, because they are affordable, convenient to operate. have a small weight, and therefore, it is possible to mount only one guide.

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