Drought and Sickness Has Taken Another Toll – Somalia

Posted by admin | Jan Grarup | Saturday 21 November 2009 4:07 pm

A silent genocide. 2004-2009

©2009 Jan Grarup/NOOR

His name is Dahir Farah Warsame, and he is 70 years old. When the family’s camels started to die from the lack of water, the family got very scared. When the camels cannot survive, then they know the drought is very bad. They left Ethiopia to go to Somalia where they thought the situation would be better. That was not the case.

They were more than 30 days on the road walking towards better conditions, with the consequence that Dahir got sick and is now dying of his illness. His oldest daughter is trying to make him a bit more comfortable as he is lying on the ground, dying slowly. Their attempt to reach safety did not work. Drought and sickness has taken another toll. Dahir is only one of thousands dying due to the situation in the horn of Africa.

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