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20 July 2017

DX Racer 1 # 8211; F Series

dx racer1Weight: 26 kg
dx racer1Material: steel (frame), cold foam (padding), fabric (Reference)
dx racer1Color: black with red accents
dx racer1Maximum load: 120 kg
dx racer1 Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years

Technical details

dx racer1Overall height (with base): approximately 125.5 # 8211; 132 cm
dx racer1Height from bottom seat surface (base): ca. 35.5 # 8211; 42 cm
dx racer1Height of upper edge of the seat (base): ca. 46.5 # 8211; 53 cm
dx racer1Backrest Height: about 79 cm
dx racer1Wide backrest inside: about 33 cm
dx racer1Wide backrest outside (widest point): 57 cm
dx racer1Wide seat inside: approximately 31.5 # 8211; 37 cm
dx racer1Wide seat outer (widest point): 50 cm
dx racer1Total depth (without base): approx 52 cm

dx racer1comfortable & resistant upholstery
dx racer1High-quality and durable quality fabric
dx racer1Flexible seat height
dx racer1Tilt mechanism with locking function
dx racer1Adjustable backrest angle (up to 170 degrees)
dx racer1Armrests with height adjustment
dx racer1Incl. a head and a vertically adjustable lumbar cushion
dx racer1Column with Pulsometers
dx racer1Stable steel frame
dx racer1Nylonfußkreuz with 5 double security roles

▼▼ DX Racer 1 Gaming Chair ▼▼

dx racer1

Gamer Chair: "DXRACER F series"dx racer1

Of the # 8222;DXRACER F Series Gaming Chair # 8222; is attracted by its comfortable and solid seats . wherein it by absolute sportiness additionally positive phenomenon occurs. It guarantees I entered the most seats both at home and in the office. Especially the sporty cut Design provides in thisGaming chair a class for exceptionally good looks and provides it Best Features and functions .

Gaming chair # 8211; The processing

With the purchase of gamer chair the buyer will receive a top product . because the substance is made 100% Polyester and a stable hub out nylon . especially the stylish lettering and the Color combination black / red leave the chair modern appearance.

dx racer1

gamer chair # 8211; features

the necessaryComfort of the chair is determined by the extra pillows in the neck and back area offered. a a perfect fit for seats to enable the can Seat height adjusted individually and continuously be, ranging from 42 cm up to 52 cm . Here, the chair offers a Seat area of ​​52 x 45 cm . Burdened this can with a total weight of 100 kg become. The proposed use of time by the manufacturer amounts to approximately 3 to 4 hours a day in order to avoid general to prolonged sitting. But even in this Splendid specimen of Gaming Chair this proposed service life can be exceeded easily, without pulling phsysiologische problems by themselves. Since the backrest adjusted to almost 170 degrees may be, the chair has in the period of use All of convenience . Also, does this ingenious Gaming Chair from the house DXRACER with a very comfortable and durable upholstery . Pflegleichtes and hochertiger and durable quality material distinguish this model from also. DX Racer has of course the right way also for choosing this model of the F-series, the important tilt mechanism and locking function to rent. TheArmrests are adjustable in height . so that with proper and individual height adjustment the wrists spared be while gambles or the mouse and the keyboard at the desk performed work. Which of course can not be missing and of course with it is, the Column with Pulsometers . to the Total height of the gaming chair for personal requirements adjust . For the necessary security on and around the chair is also admirably taken care of, because this a satbilen tubular steel frame was designed. He is a Body weight of up to 100 KG suitable. But we have learned that it 10-15 KG over may be.

dx racer1

The structure of the gaming chair

Before returning the gamer chair issafely packaged and delivered disassembled . recommend a Structure with at least two people . around the gaming chair to fit properly. thanks to thesophisticated and well thought-out construction Gamer chair should the Construction no problems represent. With the delivery of the gamer chair include aeasy to understand instructions and an Beschlagsatz .

The gamer chair # 8211; Conclusion

The DKRacer 1 from the F series offers a convenient use if only because of the armrests, which sit on areal pleasure do. thanks to the continuously adjustable height the gaming chair can precisely be adjusted to the user and also the Price / performance ratio # 8211; A gaming chair on the seating is fun.

Manufacturer Description

The manufacturer # 8222; DXRACER # 8220; is one of the largest, most ambitious and most professional supplier of office furniture and seating gaming in general. Which is especially for the producer # 8222; DXRACER # 8220; speaks is that they were once active as an established brand in the automotive and in the Rennsportbrance and supplied within this well-known manufacturers such as MOMO and OMP. It is this know-how is reflected precisely in the extremely high quality products from DXRACER again. So in this very special gaming chair. By Worldwide Exports and strict quality control according to ISO9001 and a variety of innovations, the manufacturer DXRACER enjoys an excellent reputation.

dx racer1


DX Racer 1 Gaming Chair

DX Racer 1 Test. The DX Racer 1 is a recommendation for gamers and may also convince as executive chair of its excellent functionality. So if you are looking for a very good gaming chair, then you look at the DX Racer 1 definitely take a closer look at.

  • Sports Racer optics with armrests and leatherette cushion included
  • TÜV tested
  • Load 100 kg (according to the manufacturer)
  • Adjustable backrest to nearly 180 °
  • practical rocker function

Not without reason, we find this model to so many events in eSports area under professional gamers. The fan base for this chair is just huge, which is also reflected very clearly in the many customer reviews on Amazon.

dx racer1dx racer1

dx racer1

dx racer1

dx racer1

dx racer1

dx racer1

dx racer1

dx racer1

dx racer1

dx racer1

dx racer1

dx racer1

Around Gaming chairs there are numerous high-quality models. Probably the most popular and best chairs can be found here on the brand DX Racer. In the gaming scene established long ago, yet the question arises to what extent such a gaming chair is also suitable as an executive office?

In our huge Executive chair test we answer that question and go on why the gaming chair DX Racer is a special recommendation (especially in this case, the DX Racer 1), even if not everyone suits the sporty design at first glance.

But behind the seemingly # 8222; young persons Stilistik # 8220; hiding a wash real working tool that can convince both in their own office. We ourselves use this chair from our Gaming stool test now a day and therefore can recommend this especially for gamers and long-term users (eg in the office), laying in particularly emphasis on quality workmanship, sophisticated features and of course an absolutely ergonomic seating experience.

DX Racer 1 in the test # 8211; The general characteristics

  • Top best-selling in the gaming chair
  • F-Series (# 8222; Formula # 8220)
  • Seat height: 42 # 8211; 52 cm
  • Seat area: 52 × 45 cm
  • tilt mechanism
  • quality fabric
  • Nylonfußkreuz with 5 double security roles
  • Armrests: easily height adjustable, soft pads for support
  • headrest
  • Maximum load: 100 kg (according to the manufacturer.)
  • TÜV tested
  • Warranty: 2 years

DX Racer Test

A gaming chair DX Racer brand offers its first high price but acting very much for your money. the successful sporty look and the numerous features make the executive chair to a felicitous offer.

One thing you can be in this chair be very safe: obtained here for his money a Chair of the class. which is financially very lucrative for its frequent savings. Not only gamers should take this model a little bit more closely, but also people who are looking primarily much function for relatively little money. It is also advisable to regularly on this DX Racer Test stop by, since the gaming chairs DX Racer are quite common in the offer and thus can secure the best price.

dx racer1dx racer1 The DX Racer 1 is the bestseller very prominent F series of DX Racer. Also presented here DX Racer 5 and DX Racer 6 among these models and differ in principle only by the materials and colors. The F is derived from the word # 8222; Formula # 8220; , and as can be seen already in the delivery or on the packaging of the Dx Racer Gaming Chair, this is not only suitable for pure gaming, but is also wonderful for use in the office.

The motto # 8222;sit better, work harder, longer game # 8220; is in our Gaming stool test very clear and shows the diversity of the DX Racer gaming chair.

Design / optics

At first glance convinced the DXRACER 1 Gaming Chair in the test above all by its athletic appearance. which is supported by the red accents. A gaming chair like this usually acts like a racing seat, thus showing a certain stability. Like all other models DX Racer also has this one very high backrest. the neck in addition relaxed and relieved. DX Racer also has many more color combinations and materials of the F series on offer. For example, the DX Racer 5 held in rather plainer gray tones and DX Racer 6 There is a very attractive leatherette.

Material /

The DX Racer 1 in addition to its very stable steel frame preceded polyester as fabric provides in use, which does not feel very comfortable in the test, but also for a high level of comfort. This material is very high quality and the padding protects very reliable. These are sewn clean and generally you can tell by the DX Racer that this not a low chair is. The logo acts very classy and dibasic. It also highlights the generally very high quality workmanship of this executive chair. Especially the very good processing falls on the construction. There, you could tell when screwing in the screws or the simple contemplation of the bottom of the DX Racer that you can really get something for the money here.

dx racer1dx racer1

dx racer1dx racer1

The two extra pillows convince also sewn clean by good processing and. Generally, it must be said that all the seams are very well made. Even after months of excessive use of wear phenomenon should hardly be recognizable in this chair.

dx racer1dx racer1

The supplied small parts also act not as cheap material from China and perform their work even after some time. A quickly-down screw-threaded or generally small parts that give way over time, can be found in vain in the DX Racer. Especially nice is it from the manufacturer that this has provided a replacement screw, washer, etc.. That does not make any, and is actually just a minor thing, but can save a lot of nerves when you lose a screw times.

Structure of DX Racer 1 in the test

Since many people have a certain respect for the structure of such a chair, we would like to describe this process a little more closely. If you want to know how the quality or comfort, then you can just skip this part. Suffice it to say so much that the Structure of DX Racer 1 even for untrained artisans a breeze is.

Delivery / unpacking

dx racer1dx racer1

stable packed # 8211; but 26 kg and unwieldy

Of the DX Racer 1 is easily disassembled delivered to your home. Especially if you Amazon Prime customer are, you can look forward to a very cheap shipping and very fast delivery. In You will receive the parts for the gaming chair, different screws very good assembly instructions and of course, the appropriate tool. the gaming chair is incidentally very securely packed so that no surprises are expected here at the delivery.

Note, however, that the package weighs over 25 kg. In our case it was just under 26 kg and had to be taken second to the first floor. Surely you can that also succeed on our own, but by the unwieldy size of the package which is very cumbersome. Ask therefore easy to postal workers, if he goes with you on hand # 8211; most very happy to help.

Some buyers on Amazon complained about the length chemical odor when opening the box. We may in this regard find nothing at all. If this does happen to you, then we encourage you to the chair out of the box first to venting, or outdoors
build or after construction, let stand in a well-ventilated place a few hours before asking this in the office and there can spread the unpleasant odor.

dx racer1dx racer1 Note: has on the packaging DX Racer out already explicitly it. Please be very careful with sharp objects when unpacking. It may be that you damage the pad with appropriate carelessness.

dx racer1dx racer1

Dx Racer 1 after unpacking

Daily use of the DXRACER

An executive chair or gaming chair thrives to be used in everyday life. it stand out which features special and why the DX Racer 1 in everyday life can be completely satisfactory, learn now.

Seating comfort in the test

dx racer1dx racer1

DX Racer review: Very high seating comfort

This gaming chair is for the daily use made and may in the area of Seating comfort very convincing. The ergonomic shape, very pleasant material and the many additional settings should allow the perfect seating position for each user.

The manufacturer indicates that the use of the office for 2 to 3 hours a day would be perfect. This suggests that prolonged use would be bad. But many buyers use this gaming chair much longer and could mostly any prejudice thereby. Many even use this chair over 10 hours a day and still could find no restrictions for months. We ourselves use this gaming chair almost the entire working day and therefore would clearly question the manufacturer specifications.

However, it should be mentioned here that the seats for an extended period in the same postition is very bad for health (from the perspective of ergonomics). Here we recommend dynamic sitting. For more information on healthy sitting, visit our ergonomics advisor.

Of the seating comfort is therefore generally be assessed as very high. This is still very high even after months of excessive use, so this chair is a sustainable investment in their own comfort and in their own health. With the two additional padding some can even be adapted here. We have decided to use only the neck cushion.

Also particularly pleasant gummed papers on the hub directly via the rollers. So if you want to leave your feet on it once, they do not slip back down the same.

dx racer1dx racer1

How ergonomically DX Racer 1 is in everyday test?

Such a chair is especially true if you spend in the sitting position for a long time buys. Whether that's only in gaming or office now, it does not really matter. Such a chair is definitely always a Investment in your own health . They know it certainly cheaper of chairs that you can get neck or back problems generally very fast with such.

Of the DX Racer 1 is a particularly ergonomic chair that allows one hand by its special shape and of course the numerous settings a perfect seating position. So if you are not greater than 1.85, then you get to the DX Racer 1 a special gaming chair that gives you a back-friendly and muscularly not beanspruchende seating position allows.

We have extensively tested by two different scenarios and achieves both optimum seat result.

Test Scenario 1: Woman, 174 cm

The seating comfort was fitted from the start. The armrests were asked to about half the height, just like the overall height of the chair. The lumbar pillow however, was felt to be rather disturbing and therefore omitted. The neck pillow was much too high, so that the head had to be too far commanded forward, so after a while adjusted themselves muscle tension.

Here had to be repaired. Fortunately, you can not think about the neck pillow evert only on the chair, but also through the two holes fix, so this can then be used by smaller people. By adjusting the perfect seating position has been reached.

Test Scenario 2: Man 188 cm

it was interesting to see how the DXRACER 1 at something larger people works and so much is anticipated: It fits very well. The chair is regularly recommended only for people up to 185 cm, but is in our opinion also slightly larger people (up to 190 cm, possibly even 195 cm). However, it requires some adjustments here.

In our Dx Racer 1 Test we felt the chair as a whole a little too low. at our 1.88 m large subject the armrests and overall seat height had to be very high. Both armrests we would have liked a little more room, even if the final result turned out very satisfactorily with maximum height. Nevertheless, it would definitely be beneficial for even more people to be able to turn them higher.

In the general level arrived at our test person 1.88 m tall one Angle at the knees of smooth 90 °. therefore this position really fits. Yet even here a little more room would be much better, which is why we have the chair additionally equipped with optional inline skate wheels, which are larger. Thus, we achieved the best results for our 1.88 m large subject. More about these roles below.

dx racer1dx racer1 settings

The DX Racer 1 offers numerous individual settings. the chair to suit your own body proportions and thus to increase the seating comfort.

In addition to the existing Saw action with hard sell option. You can bring the backrest almost completely in the horizontal position. In plain language this means that the up to 170 ° adjustable backrest and therefore even a nap can do. The armrests are further adjustable in height and are due to the soft pad pad particularly gentle to the elbow.

The executive chair can be fully adjusted in height, of course, and can continue to regulate the resistance of the tilt function with a knob. The two extra pillows can be adjusted in height continue, so you can reach even a relief for your back or neck here.

tip. If you do not get deeper the upper cushion, you can lock simply by the two openings in the above gaming pull chair.

optional wheels

We decided, in the DX Racer 1 on optional casters recourse. The supplied are indeed already well above the usual standard of typical office chairs (for example from various furniture discounters), but we wanted more comfort.

Such inline wheels not only protect the soil but are better suited above all by its larger diameter for larger people. We use the Dx Racer 1 on laminate, which is why it makes sense to get extra rolls or an appropriate protective mat to protect it.

dx racer1dx racer1

Although these additional roles still cost (depending on the manufacturer and color) is between 20 and 30 euros, but make especially for taller people or use on sensitive floors a lot of sense. Another advantage is also that they are also significantly quieter than conventional rollers, which can be very pleasant in quieter environments (such as offices). During the DX Racer 1 Test the roles were very well-liked, after about six months of use but merkman that the color of the black rollers easily dissolves what looks partly unpleasant.

Load / body size / dimensions

The DX Racer 1 is generally of a # 8222;average height # 8220; made. Accordingly, manufacturers should not be greater than 1.85 m, to get the most out of this chair. There are some buyers who are bigger and our Dx Racer 1 test has shown that taller people may also find comfortably, but this is always a Fully stimuli limits. Should you be a bit bigger, we recommend additional inline wheels, as they get a little increase by its larger diameter the overall seat height.

The maximum load specified by the manufacturer at 100 kg even though people could still find about 15 to 20 kg no limitations in most cases. One should not completely take seriously this statement.

The seat width is dimensioned with 53 times 54 cm to be very pleasant and the adjustable seat height of 43 # 8211; 52 cm is also classified for most users than perfect. The weight of 25 kg for the pure chair reveals already recognize that no cheap parts were used. The five reels are generally very quiet and can also be exchanged for virtually silent.

DX Racer 1 Review Conclusion

With the DX Racer Gaming Chair you get a really very high quality and sophisticated executive chair. makes a very good figure not only for gamers. This convinces with many different features and allows for most people a very healthy, ergonomic and pleasant seating position that still gives pleasure even after months of use.

We can offer you this chair as part of our Executive chair test fully recommend and nominate these to our Gaming Chair winner. Particularly by the frequent savings you can not go wrong with this gaming chair. In our Dx Racer test this chair intersects with the point value already generally very well, so that with each Angbotsrabatt actually is recommended.

About prices

Prices quoted are updated daily to always show you the currently correct prices. Nevertheless, it can happen through short-term price fluctuations that prices do not always coincide exactly with those of the partner shops. We therefore recommend to check the price still even directly from the shop by simply clicking on the "Now-View" button of the corresponding product.

We are a consumer portal and not an online shop. For this reason, our work we fund through the use of affiliate links. So if you click on a link that takes you to refer to an online shop, then we get the case of purchase, a small sales commission from the partner shop. thus naturally no extra expense for you.


Executive chair DX Racer 1

The head donkey DX Racer 1 for hours of gaming pleasure. The swivel chair boasts an inviting. more

Product information "executive chair DX Racer 1"

The head donkey DX Racer 1 for hours of gaming pleasure. The swivel chair which offers a high degree of comfort, its sporty look and quality materials. You can set the executive chair according to your own wishes. Whether for an ergonomic seat in your home office or for a comfortable fit while gaming, the DX Racer can be adapted in no time to personal needs. The chair is provided with a black cover with red trims and rounded armrests and a hub with gas lift. An extra pillow, stepless height adjustment and an adjustable backrest and tilt function ensure maximum comfort.

The seat height is 43-52 cm, the height of 123-132 cm.

The executive chair is up to max. 100kg.

Reference material: 100% polyester

For questions or additional configuration needs, we advise you personally Monday to Friday, 10:00 to 20:00 at 02302 985 8585th


DXRACER gaming chair, OH / FD01 / NR, F-Series, black-red

DXRACER are produced under scientific evidence. Here, the focus is on ergonomic shapes to support a health-conscious posture at the computer table. Extra pillows for the head and lower back increase the comfort sustainable. The cushions can be adjusted individually so that the gamer chair can be perfectly optimized to their own needs. Permanent offices or dragons on gamers desk are thus feasible without back pain. In addition, it provides health posture is supported, which is useful in everyday life.


dx racer1

product data

Model: OH FD01-NR / GC-F01-NR-D1

Series: Formula series

Chair Type: Gaming Chair

Foam padding: high density and longer lasting cold molded foam, ergonomically designed

Frame construction: extremely stable and reinforced steel frame, developed from racing technology

Reference material: Fabric mesh 100% polyurethane

adjustable armrests: 1D height adjustable armrests (SP / 0130 / N)

Armauflagenmasse: 28cm x 7.6cm

Mechanismusart: Rocker and locking function (SP / 0201 / N)

Gas spring: 100/20 (SP / 0302 / N)

Backrest: high backrest to support the head and back better

Adjustable lumbar pillow: Yes, synthetic leather 100% polyurethane

Adjustable headrest: Yes, synthetic leather 100% polyurethane

turnstile: Nylon-350 (SP / 0402 / N)

Roll: 5cm double safety rollers (SP / 0708 / N)

Assembly required: Yes

Seat dimensions: approximately 37cm (front) / approximately 31,5cm (rear) x 45cm depth

Max armrests. Height: 73,7cm

Min armrests. Height: 55,9cm

Package dimensions: 86cm x 69cm x 37cm

Warranty period: Lifetime warranty on the metal frame, 2 years for chair parts. This warranty does not apply to:. • Normal wear and tear that can be expected in the course of ownership • Modifications or attachments to the product that were not intended by DXRACER for the product • Products which are not installed in accordance with the product instructions and warnings used. or • damage to the chair were waiting for..

Max. resilience: 90 kg

suitable for Körpergöße to: 1.85 m

recommended load: 60-80kg

Recommended Height: 1.60 -1.85 m m


Gaming Chair: The Roba Lund DX racer1 gamer chair in Test

possible update 19.07.2017, 18:35, changes / errors, plus Shipping.

The perfect gaming chair is an important component when you want to achieve best performance during gaming. Your attitude and the ergonomics of your chair make or break your performance just during long gaming sessions. Among the top models among the gaming chairs the Robas Lund DX racer1 belongs. which cuts very well in the test.

Test: these are the advantages of Roba Lund DX racer1 Gaming Chair

dx racer1 The Roba Lund DX racer1 is the current gamer favorite among the seating. The quality and ergonomic chair comes along as an executive office and very offers good quality at a reasonable price.

  • Gaming chair with a modern, sporty look in racing style
  • Continuously adjustable in height with safety-tested gas-lift
  • Backrest can be adjusted to approximately 180%
  • Tilt function can be switched on and off
  • adjustable armrests
  • With head and neck support

Compared to a conventional office chair Roba Lund DX racer1 Gaming Chair is superior to lengths and looks great for long gaming sessions paid. In the test of Roba Lund DX racer1 offers a high level across the board quality, ergonomic features and the attractive appearance.

These other alternatives for gaming chair is available

The Roba Lund DX racer1 our recommendation under the high-quality seating for gamers. The acquisition of this high quality gaming chair fails with currently about 270, - € to book. For pro gamers, the purchase pays off in any case.

If you're looking for an inexpensive alternative, can you see the hjh OFFICE Gaming Chair detail. This gaming chair provides a reasonable and balanced ergonomics seating comfort for the gambling already for half price from Roba Lund DX racer1.

Should it be a very favorable gaming chair for under 100, - € to be, you should watch out the Miganeo premium sports seat once. For the price of 60, - € You get a cheap gaming chair, though they can not keep up with the Robas Lund DX racer1 bottom line but offers good value for money.

Anyone who is serious gambles and yet sits on a simple office chair, certainly should think about an adequate seating for the gaming. The ergonomics of a gaming chair offers many advantages compared to conventional office chair.

The current leader among gaming chairs you can see below in the rankings.

Prices, costs and availability

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