Semen (sperm examination): Sequence

21 October 2017

For a semen
fresh as possible sperm necessary. Of the
Flow of the semen is for the sperm analysis
is that you
masturbating and ejaculating
give semen into a sterile sample container. There
Condoms contain additives which make the
Sperm (sperm)
kill, ejaculate of condoms is a semen analysis
Not suitable.

are generally
shielded rooms for masturbation in
of the Office or clinic is available, which is also the semen
created. Many men feel this process, however, as
unpleasant. If your treating physician (for example, a urologist) you
exactly the correct implementation of the semen and the
Storage informed the sperm sample, you can test for the
Semen therefore
at home win.

With the
Delivery of the sperm sample for semen analysis, their share is on
Conduct of the investigation done. The actual sperm examination
then place
in the laboratory instead, where the sample, both macroscopically for volume
Smell and color as well as microscopically checked: This can, among other things
Statements about mobility, number and appearance of the sperm and thus
about a possible infertility (or
Sterility) to.

The seminal fluid may, in its quality even in procreating
(Fertile) men vary considerably. a
meaningful test result to obtain, are therefore
at least two spermiograms necessary, whereby one created the
second semen analysis from the earliest after four weeks
Examination of the first sperm sample.


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