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20 July 2017

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    SO-DIMM 4GB DDR4-2400, memory
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    WA Champion 64, washer
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    Ryzen 7 1800X WOF, processor
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DXRACER gaming chair, OH / FD01 / NR, F-Series, black-red

DXRACER are produced under scientific evidence. Here, the focus is on ergonomic shapes to support a health-conscious posture at the computer table. Extra pillows for the head and lower back increase the comfort sustainable. The cushions can be adjusted individually so that the gamer chair can be perfectly optimized to their own needs. Permanent offices or dragons on gamers desk are thus feasible without back pain. In addition, it provides health posture is supported, which is useful in everyday life.


dx racer

product data

Model: OH FD01-NR / GC-F01-NR-D1

Series: Formula series

Chair Type: Gaming Chair

Foam padding: high density and longer lasting cold molded foam, ergonomically designed

Frame construction: extremely stable and reinforced steel frame, developed from racing technology

Reference material: Fabric mesh 100% polyurethane

adjustable armrests: 1D height adjustable armrests (SP / 0130 / N)

Armauflagenmasse: 28cm x 7.6cm

Mechanismusart: Rocker and locking function (SP / 0201 / N)

Gas spring: 100/20 (SP / 0302 / N)

Backrest: high backrest to support the head and back better

Adjustable lumbar pillow: Yes, synthetic leather 100% polyurethane

Adjustable headrest: Yes, synthetic leather 100% polyurethane

turnstile: Nylon-350 (SP / 0402 / N)

Roll: 5cm double safety rollers (SP / 0708 / N)

Assembly required: Yes

Seat dimensions: approximately 37cm (front) / approximately 31,5cm (rear) x 45cm depth

Max armrests. Height: 73,7cm

Min armrests. Height: 55,9cm

Package dimensions: 86cm x 69cm x 37cm

Warranty period: Lifetime warranty on the metal frame, 2 years for chair parts. This warranty does not apply to:. • Normal wear and tear that can be expected in the course of ownership • Modifications or attachments to the product that were not intended by DXRACER for the product • Products which are not installed in accordance with the product instructions and warnings used. or • damage to the chair were waiting for..

Max. resilience: 90 kg

suitable for Körpergöße to: 1.85 m

recommended load: 60-80kg

Recommended Height: 1.60 -1.85 m m


Home » DXRACER: Tests, size # 038; Buyer's guide on every series!

DXRACER: Tests, size # 038; Buyer's guide on every series!

You will not be surprised that DXRACER is one of Top brands of this portal. Of the DXRACER chair is probably one of the best known in the market and in the gaming scene, because we have here one of the first gaming chair-brands among others. As with classy chairs. AKRacing and Vertagear be produced extremely high-quality chairs here. Office chairs DXRACER are incredibly popular in the scene # 8211; in most stores they sell out regularly.

Quality, comfort, style & longevity # 8211; DXRACER.

The DXRACER chair you see on every major gaming and e-sports event # 8211; whether Gamescom, Paris Games Week or ESWC. DXRACER currently offers along with the widest DX gaming chair range. In addition, various teams are sponsored, so Complexity receives a sponsorship, just like Natus Vincere and NiP.

Many of you have probably seen or trial already sat models from the series of DXRACER. They combine ergonomics and comfort with stability as well as design and see it still horny! Not for nothing is this gaming swivel chair is also gamers at Pro by far one of the most popular. If you have the wherewithal left, then adds your gaming equipment quiet with a DXRACER. If you have ever sat on such a high-quality racing office chair, you do not want a cheap more.

The best DXRACER chair?

This is a question I often # 8211; clear, everyone wants ultimately the best value for money. Since we are on the subject: who grab the best wishes, needs and deeper into their pockets. But do not worry, no matter what DXRACER chair you're ultimately decide the quality is all at the same level.

The pinnacle of DX: King

dx racer

But to answer your question: By far the most popular chairs you can find such. B. ▷ DXRACER King Series. Generous dimensions, adjustable in all directions armrests, a royal appearance and to a load capacity of up to 150kg make this flagship one of the top sellers and in my opinion the most comfortable DXRACER chair. So if I had to dub one as the best, then the King.

dx racer

Which chair of DXRACER should I take?

I myself have long used a cheap DXRACER chair from the F-series (▷ Racer 1 test) and can only recommend you this. If you have the money to spare, then reaches for the King series. Of all the gaming chairs. I was able to test in my career, this is one of the best: Generous dimensions, great price / performance ratio, super stable, very comfortable cushion # 8211; I just like the convenience and greater freedom. Sure, there are certainly more favorable chairs, but better even buy quality when kaputtzusitzen the back on cheap plastic chairs.

of course, as always entscheident whether the DXRACER chair fits your body type. Height, build, # 8211; these are the factors by which you feel when buying judge should. Here is some info about this:

For what heights the DXRACER chairs are?

Personally, I'm 1.89m tall and still find comfortable place on a DXRACER 1. However, for this I have also irritates eyes # 8211; find here # 8222; ▷ Racer 1 Test # 8220; out whether it suits you. Much more comfortable I felt on the King model that I sat trial in 2015 at Gamescom for the first time here # 8222; ▷ DXRACER test # 8220; have tested. This is again a very different class, but it also costs a lot more. Check out the best both on!

My research has shown that even even more people are satisfied with the DXRACER chairs: I have found people with a height of over 2 meters, even said some of it was still room for improvement. Rough so I would say that one to about 1.90 m still finds place on a gaming chair of the F-Series and the racers 1-6. On the home page in the comments, there are opinions that confirm that even small, narrow persons under 1.60m are satisfied with these chairs. The King Series uses heavier people to just over 2 meters height without problems. But if you scratch the 2-meter mark and well over 100 kg weighs, should look at the tank series # 8211; there is certainly enough room!


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