Sore throat: If it hurts in the throat and scratching

21 October 2017

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Often a sore throat accompanied by other symptoms, such as:

Sore throat can different causes to have. Often, infections are caused by viruses and bacteria to blame for the sore throat. Loosen the neck and throat area of ​​inflammatory processes. As a result, the mucous membranes in the throat reddened, swollen and painful. In most cases, however, a sore throat caused by a Infection with viruses, as a viral infection of the upper respiratory tract (e.g., in the context of a cold).

Basically, however, there are a sore throat a number of possible causes that may come into question, such as:

To narrow down the cause of the sore throat better and make an accurate diagnosis, the physician initially often some questions, for example to

It follows a thorough Examination of the throat, to determine the cause of the sore throat. The physician presses with a wooden spatula tongue to the floor of the mouth and looks with a small lamp in the mouth and throat, whether that if the tonsils are swollen or ulcerated inflammatory reddened and. He then scans the lower jaw and neck off after painful and swollen lymph nodes. Is suspected tonsillitis, he takes a cotton swab a swab of the tonsils. These can be studied on pathogen of doctor in the laboratory, at a tonsillitis, these are mostly A streptococci.

To view the larynx precisely, the ear, nose and throat specialist, a Reflection of the larynx and pharynx (Laryngoscopy) perform. the doctor sees it suspicious changes in the throat or larynx, he takes a tissue sample (biopsy).

As a home remedy for sore throat warm neck wrap and inhaling chamomile steam apply. The heat is good for the neck and can also relieve cough.

Some people also turn homeopathic and anthroposophic medicines as home remedy for sore throat. However, there is evidence of their effectiveness no studies.

General recommended: If you suffer from neck pain, it is best to drink a lot, keep warm and protect.

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