get pregnant: 12 Tips & Tricks

21 October 2017

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The probability of becoming pregnant depends on many factors. While some couples can look forward to coming after a short time, it in others, takes much longer until the pregnancy test is positive. What tips & Tricks help to get pregnant?

A sexually mature woman can become pregnant each month within a short period. Therefore, it may be helpful if you know as precisely as possible when you have your fertile days. After ovulation, the egg remains capable of fertilization for about 24 hours. Since sperm survive about 48 hours in the female body, it's best if you until ovulation have sex in the days before ovulation.

Regardless of how much sex you have during your fertile days, it can take some time, before women become pregnant. Many different factors affect fertility. Some of them you can actively influence.

12 Tips & tricks, to get pregnant:

Also recommended is the Taking folic acid, if a woman wants to get pregnant. Although folic acid does not increase the fertility, but should at least four weeks before pregnancy are fed increased.

The reasonFolic acid is required at an early stage of development of the fetus in order to prevent defects of the central nervous system such as spina bifida (spina bifida). good sources of folic acid are green leafy vegetables, liver, lentils, broccoli or hard boiled eggs. To be safe, you should make use of folic acid supplements in tablet form: namely daily 400 micrograms in addition to a folate rich diet.

Certain sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia can lead to infertility. You will be examined in doubt by your gynecologist.


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