Night sweats: symptom with many causes

21 October 2017

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Overview: Possible Causes night sweats

While night sweats can be harmless - yet is a rapid diagnosis recommended by the doctor when the nocturnal sweating occurs over a longer period.

The doctor will want to know about before the physical examination,

A typical question of the doctor could then be: "How often do you have to change pajamas or sheets?" He will also ask for other complaints, such as by

If the doctor has asked all the necessary questions, he examines the patient thoroughly. He listens as the lungs or from gropes for enlarged lymph nodes. Blood tests can provide further information about the possible cause. Depending on which suspected disease, the doctor, further tests may be necessary (for example, ultrasound, x-rays, bone marrow aspiration).

During heavy or prolonged night sweats unknown cause, it is first important to find the reason and eliminate them. Because night sweats can be caused by very different conditions or illnesses, including the treatment of individual case is very different.

For example, if a bacterial infection for the night sweats responsible, treatment with antibiotics is necessary. Is the nocturnal sweating psychological, psychotherapy may optionally be useful.


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