Circulatory problems: If the blood pressure drops

21 October 2017

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Circulatory problems are widespread: Nearly everyone knows at least some symptoms of poor circulation - such as dizziness, black before the eyes, or sweating up to the feeling of losing consciousness.

Such circulatory disorders are due to a reduced blood supply to the brain, which cause a too low blood pressure (so-called. Hypotension) is. Depending on whether the blood pressure values suddenly sag or durable low are the circulatory problems arising therefrom may vary:

At a sudden and violent fall in blood pressure (So-called. Acute hypotension) can sink into the lower half of the body up to 600 milliliters of blood. Lowers blood pressure, circulation tried for some time to reroute the blood to the vital organs by the blood vessels to the muscles narrow. this aid mechanism is not sufficient, the blood flow to the brain is reduced. Because of this reduced blood flow the brain is temporarily starved of oxygen.

On acute hypotension can following Circulation problems cause:

Permanently low blood pressure (Known. Chronic hypotension) can also lead to cardiovascular problems such as dizziness and eye flicker. Low blood pressure is in itself Not dangerous. On the contrary, if the blood pressure for no apparent reason are permanently low, this may even point to a healthier and longer life. The reduced blood flow, however, the heart has to beat faster to compensate for the lack of blood quickly. 

During pregnancy, a slight drop in blood pressure is not uncommon - especially in the first six months suffer some pregnant women from circulatory problems. This is due to the hormone progesterone, which causes that dilate blood vessels. 

In addition to circulatory problems a permanently low blood pressure can cause other symptoms - for example:

Circulatory problems: If the blood pressure drops

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For many people it's ever happened that they blacked out after she got up quickly from a lying position. These circulatory problems is a so-called orthostatic dysregulation.

As orthostasis is called the upright position of the body. Thus in this position all organs adequately supplied with blood are, the body must his blood pressure and thus the circulatory system sitting or standing according to adjust. When orthostatic dysregulation this adjustment disturbed, so that it often leads to circulation problems, if you get up quickly from a lying position.

but Orthostasestörung can prepare with alcohol consumption circulatory problems during long hours standing in the sun or in large crowds, and after heavy meals. The circulatory problems ranging:


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