Urine analysis (urine analysis)

21 October 2017

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The urine test (urinalysis) is - in addition to the survey by the doctor to medical history (history), physical examination and determination of the blood levels - has always been a basic diagnostic agents medicine.

Because the human being non-recyclable and toxic metabolic products in the urine (or urine) is eliminated, allowing the composition of his urine Conclusions about his health: Thus, a urine test valuable information on Renal and urinary disorders provide, by revealing pathological components in urine. It also allows a urinalysis, the proof of certain substances in the urine on Diseases of other organs close. A well-known example of such urine levels Sugar in urine: In this case has a much greater measure of dextrose (glucose) indicate diabetes mellitus.

In the urine test judging the urine based various criteria. On the one hand plays daily urine output when assessing an important role: If the urine output increases (such as in diabetics) or decreased (such as at a kidney disorder)? Secondly, the urinalysis aims to Condition of the urine determine. To this end, a fresh urine sample as possible is necessary.

Routinely, the doctor evaluates the urine sample first macroscopically: Urinalysis thus begins without the use of aids. The physician pays attention to color and smell of urine and whether the urine is cloudy. The next step in the urine analysis is the weight-to-volume ratio (so-called. specific weightto determine) of urine. To further urine tests are different test strips available that allow you to PH value measured in the urine and the urine sample various components can examine toward (e.g., blood, protein, or sugar in urine). Then an investigation can under the microscope respectively; it is also possible for the urinalysis, possible Bacteria or other pathogens to determine precisely in the urine and the composition of the urine of a chemical analysis to undergo.


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