Human body temperature: Certain fluctuations are normal

21 October 2017

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"to operating": To ensure that all metabolic processes to run smoothly, the person needs a certain body temperature. This is never quite constant but subject to natural fluctuations, which are influenced by many factors - such as the time of day or physical activity.

About 37 degrees Celsius (37 ° C) - this is the temperature, as by many people "normal" Body temperature is called. Strictly speaking, the body temperature but is dependent on various conditions. Scientists distinguish between the Core body temperature and the surface temperature:

Body temperature inside the man, so the Core body temperature, is never completely constant. Many factors can influence them, such as:

The age, caffeine, diet and certain medications can affect body temperature. Not least, infections can raise the temperature, but also other diseases such as cancer or hyperthyroidism. In newborns and the elderly, the core body temperature may fluctuate more.

In the interpretation of the measurement result, it also plays a role, at which point and what method one determines the temperature. Thus, the temperature measured in the mouth lower than the temperature in the after - and the value under the armpit even lower. The results can be distorted by improper use of the thermometer, so you should pay close attention to the instructions in the manual.


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