Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

21 October 2017

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If that Tissue in the carpal tunnel swells and thus the Median nerve pinches, solves the typical symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome from: 

If the hand is bent, such as when holding a phone, steering wheel or book, the complaints are increasing frequently.

Since the wrists often snap off in his sleep, or - if you lie on them - are pressed, the pain often worsen at night. If the hand is shaken or rubbed vigorously, the pain subsides mostly.

Median nerve in the hand

Median nerve in the hand

Carpal tunnel syndrome can both conservative as well as operational be treated. However, doctors are only operate when the complaints are especially strong and carpal tunnel syndrome by simple means can not be resolved.

Therefore, the first step in treatment is conservative, ie non-surgical treatment. Exception: If accidents, bleeding or inflammation allow the tissue to swell in the carpal area, will be operated quickly in the rule.

The carpal tunnel is delimited upwardly from a connective tissue (flexor retinaculum). This plate is stretched like a roof over the bony trough. In the thus-formed channel, the tendons of the flexor muscles extend together with the median nerve or nerve agents.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is the classic example of a peripheral nerve conduction disorder, which is caused when the nerve is compressed, is thus compressed. The median nerve is concentrated in this case because the connective tissue swells.

Why the connective tissue swells, it is unclear in most cases. Can often be for carpal tunnel syndrome No direct causes determine. Doctors speak of a idiopathic carpal tunnel syndrome. In the following underlying diseases, however, often also carpal tunnel syndrome develops:

In some cases, however, are the causes clearly. Then you can two mechanisms distinguished:

The typical symptoms already suggest a carpal tunnel syndrome. The diagnosis is supported by the physical examination. 

Using an electromyogram (EMG) and the determination of nerve conduction velocity (NCV) and the neurologist may also notice differences between the affected hand and his good hand.

Is suspected to cause a bony (e.g., a fracture of the wrist), a radiograph of the wrist and, if appropriate, of the carpal bones is necessary.

In addition, the physician can specific for the diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome clinical tests carry out:

carpal tunnel syndrome is possibly due to tissue changes (for example, tumors or ganglia) back to imaging procedures as a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or ultrasound (sonography) of the wrist used.

If carpal tunnel syndrome is not treated, the complaints continue to increase. marked pain can in the forearm, pull sometimes even to the shoulder. In the course takes force finger muscles down, so that the thumb can not access properly.

treated takes the carpal tunnel syndrome, but usually a good flow. The operation can usually relieve the Schmerzlen and often completely eliminate. The numbness and loss of strength may improve after surgery. Often, however, it takes a while until the symptoms have completely disappeared.

So look for complaints of the wrist early medical attention on. If the median nerve severely damaged once by a long-lasting pressure load, permanent deficits may result.

If accumulates during pregnancy fluid in the tissue, the connective tissue in the carpal tunnel can become swollen. So often forms particularly towards the end of pregnancy carpal tunnel syndrome. After birth, when the liquid is flushed out of the tissues gradually, and the symptoms disappear by itself.

You can not specifically prevent carpal tunnel syndrome because the cause in most cases the disease remains unknown (idiopathic carpal tunnel syndrome). Generally you should see a doctor in time, when the wrist is preparing complaints. So you can prevent consequential damage.


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