Middle ear infection (otitis media)

21 October 2017

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In a middle ear infection, the mucous membrane is inflamed in the middle ear, resulting in sharp ear pain and fever. Responsible for the disease both bacteria (V. A. streptococci and Haemophilus influenzae) and viruses can be. 

Often a middle ear infection with another infectious disease begins - for example with a cold, flu or a sore throat. The pathogen then rise from the nasopharyngeal space on the middle ear where they cause inflammation. 

The medical term for a middle ear infection is otitis media.

A middle ear infection can be very uncomfortable for those affected - particularly toddlers and babies suffer greatly from the earache and can parents prepare one or another sleepless night. 

The characteristic symptoms otitis media are:

Most common otitis media occurs in Toddlers and babies because with them the connection between the middle ear and throat (eustachian tube) is still very short. Within the the first three years of life affected about two out of three children to a middle ear infection.

But as adult you can still get otitis media - for example after a prolonged and severe cold.

In general, it is recommended for suspected otitis always consult an ear, nose and throat specialist. Because by timely treatment can prevent a secondary disease usually. To treat acute otitis media, the doctor prescribes often

These measures usually lead to the fact that the symptoms of otitis media subside within a few days. To support the healing process of a middle ear infection, sometimes also help home remedies as

eardrops however, are at a middle ear infection only ineffective - they usually do not reach the middle ear.  

In any case, it is important to be sufficient for a middle ear infection to save, until symptoms resolve. If you feel even after resolution of otitis media, not being able to hear properly, it is advisable to again seek an ear, nose and throat specialist for follow-up.


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