Concentration & shy; weakness, poor concentration

21 October 2017

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If a school or professional services subside, this can be due to a lack of concentration or difficulty concentrating on: Here, the concentration varies greatly impaired and long.

To something focus means to collect himself mentally and to turn at will with his entire attention of a particular activity, a stimulus, a person or a thing. As long as the concentration continues, you take other things only marginally true. Concentration for both children and adults a means mental effort and decreases over time - this is perfectly normal. Only when it continued or repeated fails to focus specifically on one thing, have difficulty concentrating, or a lack of concentration.

Disorders of concentration can in different levels of form occur. From when it is medically is a lack of concentration or difficulty concentrating at a reduced ability to concentrate, but is not clearly defined.

difficulty concentrating can at any age occur, but by a lack of concentration one speaks above all with children very quickly: These children can not concentrate on one thing long, or distinguish between important and unimportant things up. They are easily distracted by extraneous stimuli, but also without interference their thoughts can wander off quickly.

A concentration or attention disorders in children and adults can choose from many reasons arise. In order to successfully improve concentration, it is therefore important to first clarify the reasons for the difficulty in concentrating.


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