Stomach pain – when the stomach pinches and presses

21 October 2017

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Similar to abdominal pain come with stomach pain many causes question. Often stomach pains are harmless and perhaps only the result of a slight upset stomach. but they can also indicate a more serious condition.

Sometimes the alleged stomach pain also arise elsewhere than in the stomach. Then it may Although feel as would the complaints of the stomach, they have their cause but may in other organs, such as the intestine, the pancreas or the heart.

Possible causes of stomach pain include:

Stomach pain can have many causes. The correct diagnosis is often made of the medical history of the person concerned. Questions that could provide in this regard the doctor are:

In addition, the doctor examines the patient usually physically by listening it, for example with the stethoscope and scans the abdomen. Often more tests are necessary, such as an ultrasound, a gastroscopy or a blood test.

Join the stomach pain or stomach cramps for a longer period of time on or several times a week, it is advisable that complaints clarify medically allow. Likewise, if adding more symptoms, such as fever or malaise. Take the stomachache already longer on, often one of the following measures are used (often in combination) is:


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