Cold sores (herpes labialis)

21 October 2017

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Cold sores (herpes labialis) is the best known form of herpes. Almost everyone knows the feeling, in which he proclaims himself: spanning the affected area on the lip, irritated and itchy. Subsequently, when are the often painful cold sore, you want only one thing: to get rid of the cold sore quickly. But what to do against herpes on the lip and how can you prevent it?

Cold sores (fachsprachlich: herpes labialis, popularly known as vesicle known) is a triggered by certain herpes viruses viral infection.

The term herpes is found in the name of various diseases - in addition to herpes labialis for cold sores, for example, in:

For the development of these diseases different herpesviruses responsible. A representative the herpes virus is the Herpes simplex virus (HSV), and human herpes virus (HHV) called. Only infections with herpes simplex virus - like cold sores or genital herpes - is known colloquially often simply as herpes.

Whether cold sores (herpes labialis) therapy is needed depends on how severe the symptoms occurring: A limited infestation the skin or mucous membranes can usually untreated stay.

With a very strong or annoying cold sore treatment can, however, be quite meaningful. There are several treatment measures available to curb the outbreak of herpes labialis and can relieve the discomfort.

To treat herpes labialis, agents are suitable, the specifically against the herpes virus act. Such means include a virus-inhibiting agent (so-called. Virostatikum) - Example acyclovir. Usually, it is sufficient for cold sores to apply an ointment with such a drug to the sites of inflammation. In severe cases, the doctor, the agent against herpes inject directly into a vein (intravenous administration).

You can also herpes on the lip special plasters Insert: These so-called Cold Sore Patch are also intended to relieve the pain and make sure that you get rid of the cold sore quickly. The advantage of the herpes plaster consists in the fact that

When you next to a cold sore Secondary infection by bacteria develop bactericidal drugs (antibiotics) and locally disinfecting measures are necessary for the therapy might.

come for cold sores (herpes labialis) two different pathogens question as causes: type 1 and type 2 of Herpes simplex virus (HSV).

However, cold sores occurs only to a small extent by the herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2). Mostly behind a herpes (simplex) labialis type 1 (HSV-1). Besides Herpes on the lip HSV-1 can Also following herpes forms cause:

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The initial infection runs with the responsible for cold sores pathogens often unnoticed. If someone develops herpes labialis, the date of infection may therefore date back a long time. This is so:

The reactivation the herpes viruses - and thus the formation of cold sores - may, for example, following reasons to have:

Cold sores (herpes labialis) is contagious! On contagion may by droplet infection or contact infection come. Many people are stuck on as a child with the causal herpes simplex viruses - with parents, siblings or playmates.

If the cold sore has broken out, the virus can easily by the cold sore on the lips other body regions go there and more herpes disease cause - such as:

Here can after the outbreak of cold sores also other people infected with herpes simplex. Infection with herpes labialis can happen, for example, through sexual contact.

But beware: A risk of infection is not just for people with visible sores from! Basically, even in people without recognizable signs of herpes on the lip contagion possible with the herpes virus. The reason for this is that the reactivation of herpes labialis pathogens does not always eye-catching cold sores - but those affected excrete the virus via the mucosa.

When cold sores (herpes labialis), the incubation period - that is the time between infection with the herpes virus and onset of symptoms - two to twelve days.

Cold sore is one along with other infections caused by herpes simplex viruses on the common infectious diseases of the skin: Herpes simplex viruses worldwide spread - about 85 percent of the world population is infected alone with the herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1). 3 out of 10 people with herpes labialis infection breaks regularly every now and again - at about 1 in 100 affected even about once a month.

Often occur in cold sores (herpes labialis), the first symptoms already open, before anything can be seen. The infection manifests itself to the affected skin by:

Subsequently arise the typical cold sore symptoms: clearly visible Cold Sore on the mucous membranes in the lip area. These bubbles on the lip

the cold sore runs mild, the symptoms usually disappear by itself.

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the attack by cold sores remains localized, it sounds most easily by itself again.

When cold sores (herpes labialis), the diagnosis mainly based on the typical skin lesions and Complaints:

Which herpes simplex virus has caused the sores (usually type 1, type 2 rare), the doctor can not find out on the basis of external symptoms. To diagnose a herpes on the lip sure the doctor may be in a blood sample demonstrate the responsible herpes virus indirectly: When herpes labialis, the body forms corresponding antibodies against the Herpes viruses. These antibodies can be detected in the blood.

However, such evidence of the herpes simplex virus means Not necessarily mean that requiring treatment infection. Also, a visible cold sores often heal without problems of its own.

For cold sores (herpes labialis) is a recurring course typical. The first infection with the causative herpesvirus runs often so mild that clear signs of herpes on the lip fail. However, the viruses remain in the long run in the body.

In a reactivation of the herpes virus is it then to second infection, the visible cold sores. In the course of life which labialis typical cold sore for herpes can again and again occur (where the distances between the bursts may vary in length). However, reactivation of herpes viruses can also run quietly. With a slight herpes on the lip it comes to spontaneous healing - that is, the symptoms disappear on their own.

Just Rare it comes when cold sores (herpes labialis) to complications. If the causative herpes viruses from the lip area other parts of the body But get this infection can serious be. Such a variant of herpes simplex infection is, for example, Participation of the eye - especially the cornea (keratoconjunctivitis herpetic): corneal scars and corneal opacity may result and lead to impaired vision and even blindness.

The responsible mainly for herpes labialis herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) may also include a encephalitis trigger (encephalitis). In adults and older children an acute inflammation of the brain is almost always caused by the cold sore pathogen HSV-1. In typically biphasic course of this complication a flu-like stage with headache and fever occurs first; then are speech disturbances, paralysis, seizures possible to coma. With appropriate treatment, survive four of five patients this complication. Without treatment, die about seven out of ten people with herpes simplex virus encephalitis.

If those responsible for cold sores herpes simplex viruses infant infect this infection usually runs serious. The transmission of the causative agent of herpes labialis can happen during or after birth - and have different consequences:

In about one fourth simplex infected with herpes newborn baby that is mainly responsible for herpes labialis herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) detected. at Cold sores the children are stuck mainly after birth. Here, the baby can infect both the mother and the father or caregiver. In contrast, a means genital herpes (Genital herpes) in a pregnant woman, especially while the birth itself a high risk of infection for the baby.

A cold sores (herpes labialis), you can Not prevent. However, if you are infected with the causative herpes simplex virus, you can get some precautionary measures take to prevent a further outbreak of herpes on the lip broadly:

However, it can also happen for no apparent trigger that the cold sore breaks out. Then it means: Complications prevention! In an existing herpes labialis, it is advisable not to touch the inflamed areas or to wash their hands after contact: You can prevent transmission of the virus to other parts of the body (for example, to protect the eyes from the herpes infection).

Because herpes simplex infections, especially in young children can run hard, it is especially important to the causative agent of cold sores not be applied to children. Especially in infancy and pregnancy is high in herpes labialis the risk of infection.

The following Tips help to avoid infecting the child with cold sores:


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