21 October 2017

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Lymphedema occurs when the fluid in the lymphatic vessels (the so-called. Lymph) accumulates. For such a lymphatic congestion can occur when the lymph transport is disturbed. The consequences are clearly visible: the affected area swells and is packed with liquid.

Usually occurs on lymphedema Leg or arm to, more rarely on the head, neck, trunk or genitals. Initially caused the swelling no Pain.

On primary lymphedema caused by a congenital Disease or malformation of the lymphatic system. Often spread primary lymphoedema both sides from the toes and the instep about the ankle region to the lower thigh, and finally out (i.e., ascend or ascend). When the lymphedema spreads to the legs, the entire leg can change its shape (so-called. elephantiasis). typical early signs for a primary lymphoedema are:

On secondary lymphoedema formed as a result of acquired Illness, injury or similar disorder. Frequently such acquired lymphedema is caused by a surgery (E.g., a breast cancer surgery). In addition, a secondary lymphedema may for example be caused by:

In contrast to primary lymphedema occur secondary lymphedema usually one-sided , where they usually spread from the shoulder towards the hand or the foot strip in the direction (i.e., they move downwards or deszendieren). Forefoot and toes are not affected.

Forum lipoedema & lymphoedema

Forum lipoedema & lymphedema

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The used against lymphedema treatment aims primarily to off for a decongestion to care. In this case, makes a primary lymphoedema a more comprehensive treatment necessary as a secondary. In secondary lymphedema, the chance of recovery is highly dependent on the underlying cause.


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