Distorsion (sprain): Therapy

21 October 2017

The treatment of a sprain (sprain) depends on several factors, for example,

but usually it is possible a sprain without surgery successfully treat - as long as the bony parts of the joint of the sprained joint are not violated.

At a pure distortion rich for therapy conservative (Ie non-operating) measures. The treatment is

At a simple expansion the capsule ligament apparatus with minor complaints ranges Bandage with elastic bandages or a Taping out. Does the distortion with a strain associated, for the therapy is an immobilization with a rail advisable that joint movements not totally prevented, but the joint only stabilized.

Once the sprained joint is subsided, it is possible to replace the rail by a taping. Through a decongestant and cooling ointment (Sports ointment) you can speed up the healing of the sprain.

It is not unusual for a sprain but a comprehensive therapy necessary because: As typical sports injury sprain occurs often in a combination of injury on, are injured at the same time more structures (such as muscles, tendons, joints, bones).

So if your injury goes beyond a simple sprain and the joint unstable is conservative measures range for treatment might Not out. Then a surgery necessary to restore the capsular ligament apparatus. Especially in younger and active athletes surgery often comes into question. In any case, it is recommended that the joint for instability four to six weeks to provide long quiet.

In a distortion after the phase following the therapy Rehabilitation: After closed season List your sprained wrist strain gradually. It is important that the keep stress low at first and then depending on possible pain carefully increase. Also, it is advisable for a sprain, a suitable for a period of four to six months, particularly in sport joint protection to wear - such as a taping. If the sprain has healed, you should absolutely muscles in front the first physical activity back so far that a build provides sufficient stability of the joint is.

In a sprain is a fast treatment important. to first aid You can search for the so-called PECH Rule steps:


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