Polyneuropathy: tingling, numbness & Co.

21 October 2017

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In a polyneuropathy a portion of the nervous system is impaired in its function. The symptoms usually affect the nerves of the peripheral nervous system, So all the nerves that are outside of the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord). The word "peripheral" it means something like "outside, lying on the edge", Typically, the symptoms such as pain or discomfort, especially in the feet, legs, hands or arms occur.

On a bought polyneuropathy following symptoms are typical, for example:

In a special form of polyneuropathy, the autonomic polyneuropathy, and the autonomic nervous system affected is drawn. Sufferers then show additional symptoms as:

In the innate polyneuropathy in principle take the same symptoms as the acquired forms. In addition, depending on the shape still other symptoms added.

Polyneuropathy can be used as Result of certain diseases or deficiencies occur - then one speaks of a acquired polyneuropathy. The causes of the acquired forms include, for example:

In the diabetic polyneuropathy are pathological changes of the smallest vessels moment (so-called. microangiopathy), which supply the peripheral nerves. As a result, these nerves are damaged. Diabetic neuropathy occurs mainly in the legs and feet. Diabetes mellitus is one of the most common causes of polyneuropathy.

A congenital polyneuropathy relatively rare. These include forms such as:

Polyneuropathy can arise for various reasons - the treatment should therefore be based primarily on the particular cause. If the neuropathy as a result of another disease emerged (for example, diabetes mellitus), it must be treated.

For the congenital forms polyneuropathy there is no causal treatment, here therefore to treat mainly the symptoms. At a certain hereditary disease, acute intermittent porphyria, can help special medications and drugs.

Some complaints can be relieved by medication at a polyneuropathy. To be effective in pain management have called tricyclic antidepressants proved, such as the drug amitriptyline.

In addition, drugs that are normally used to treat seizures can - so-called anticonvulsants - to help in pain. These include drugs such as gabapentin or carbamazepine. (Caution: Not to be taken in the so-called acute intermittent porphyria.).

On important ingredient in the treatment of neuropathy is the movement therapy. This aims

here may various methods are used, for example:

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