Cough: Causes & Treatment

21 October 2017

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Foreign objects of all kinds that enter the trachea, the airway can irritate and cause dry cough. incipient colds and flu irritate typically the upper respiratory tract, So the nose, sinuses and throat. Usually, however, the cough in these infections is relatively quickly in the productive cough with mucus.

Breathe it, however, Pollutants such as dust, gases or chemical vapors one, they irritate lower respiratory tract. This usually leads to painful cough, dry or watery eyes. At the same time it comes sometimes to other symptoms such as headaches. Sometimes the victims are also less resilient and more quickly exhausted.

Also certain diseases the lower respiratory tract may cause irritation. About:

In addition, cough can be used as side effect some medications may occur. These include ACE inhibitors and angiotensin II blockers for high blood pressure and heart failure, fentanyl, amiodarone and beta-blockers.

Cough that lasts longer than eight weeks, and that can not be traced back to a physical illness is, as chronic idiopathic cough, short CIH, designated. react Sufferers oversensitive to stimuli - why, can often not be determined with certainty. Sometimes there are viral infections that trigger the so-called hypersensitivity coughing fits.

If no physical causes find the discomfort and no hypersensitivity is present, can also mental issues behind it. This so-called psychogenic cough is often evident from the fact that the claim arises increase in emotional tension and during the sleeping expose. Many sufferers feel in addition to clear his throat to coercion,

A cough can indicate different underlying diseases. To make the diagnosis, the doctor will first detail those affected by the complaints consult (Anamnesis).

He also takes a physical examination before, when he patients listening and knocks. To rule out serious illnesses, followed possibly further investigation:


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