Foot pain if every step hurts

21 October 2017

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Foot pain can occur anywhere in principle in the foot, for example, on the inside, on the instep or the occurrence on the heel. Often caused by overloading foot pain - for example, because it has been running all day on narrow high heels and has thereby formed a bubble. Here it helps the feet at night as much as possible to relieve and to indulge every now and then with a massage or an ointment. Then the foot pain usually disappear after a short time by itself. 

And after exercise, for example after jogging, dancing or soccer games, complain some about inexplicable Pain in the foot. The reason is also usually a Over- or incorrect loading, caused by wrong (or worn) shoes or by a too intense workout. 

Especially for athletes who for pronation tilt (i.e., during rolling of the foot bends too much inward) overtraining may have an inflammation of the tendon to the sole consequence - fachsprachlich plantar fasciitis. First signs of this are foot pain in the heel or sole of the foot, which occur especially in the morning after getting up and under load. For small problems, it may be sufficient to interrupt the training temporarily to cool the affected sole and to stretch calf muscles. Disappearance of the foot pain after a few days does not by itself, should the affected individuals Orthopedists attention - he can determine whether there is already a heel spur is formed and possibly prescribe orthotics. 

In addition to improper loading of the wrong shoes or foot deformities foot pain can also as a result of injury occur - for example, if you fold over with his foot.

The foot consists of the tarsal, the metatarsus and the toes. Many small and medium joints - for example, the upper and lower ankle and toe joints between - keep it moving. At the foot There are also many muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and blood vessels. Diseases and injuries of these structures can lead to foot pain, for example, the occurrence.

For lighter foot pain often heard wrong and tight footwear on the causes. This missing and overloading as well as bruises and blisters may occur. Often this leads to a corn or even a pressure ulcer on the feet. Even an initially harmless ingrown toenail and skin infections, such as athlete's foot can be very uncomfortable and cause foot pain.

Foot pain can also following reasons to have:



Foot deformities:

When foot pain, however, other causes are suitable, for example, Nerves, skin and joints affect:

When foot pain, it is important to have a reliable diagnosis deliver. While foot pain disappear in some cases - especially if they occurred after a short unusual stress - after some time all by itself, but when the pain in the foot last longer, is a visit to the doctor is advisable. Just when the ankle is swollen and inflamed overheated after an accident in foot pain an accurate diagnosis is important.

When you move your foot pain due to medical treatment, provides the examining physician first one some questions, to first indications to get to the causes of foot pain and to quickly narrow down the diagnosis. You ask the doctor to describe the pain in the foot more closely, and he asks if you have other symptoms in addition to foot pain. Try to show exactly where the pain is, report any pre-existing conditions (known osteoarthritis) and enter information about how long and in what situations the pain as to whether you have your foot may be charged incorrectly or if you (an accident had for example twisting).

Then the doctor your foot and the joints examined thoroughly and performs various movement tests by. It examines, for example, if the joint is swollen and whether liquid has accumulated in its interior (joint effusion). , Is particularly important if the mobility of the foot is limited or if certain muscles are shortened, for example.

can, depending on the suspected cause foot pain further investigations be necessary to confirm the diagnosis:

What helps with foot pain, depends primarily on the underlying reason from. Acute foot pain after short-term miscarriage or overload often disappear all by themselves. Here, it is recommended that your feet - if possible - even to treat yourself during the day time and again a break. For example, when standing for long periods in high heels causes foot pain, you should from time to time to take off the uncomfortable high heels and massage his feet. 

Under certain circumstances, various tools are necessary to the to provide walk quietly and support, for example:

anti-inflammatory Painkiller (Such as aspirin, diclofenac) that exist mainly as tablets or ointments that can relieve foot pain. If there is pain in the ankle sometimes joint injections and joint rinses help with local anesthetics or cortisone.

Behind foot pain stuck sometimes but also causes for which conservative treatment is not effective - then a surgery necessary. For example, in a bottleneck syndrome, the surgeon tries to create more space in the tissue and relieve the compressed nerves, muscles and blood vessels surgically.

A heel spur (thorn-like ossified outgrowth at the heel) is also removed surgically often if it causes severe discomfort. Joint damage, the doctor operated on today, if possible gently under an arthroscopy (arthroscopy).

Supportive can with foot pain further measures be useful:

Sometimes it is better for foot pain, the affected foot temporarily to conserve or to relieve, for example, with a walker; in other cases, it is important that it remains flexible. even if Heating or cooling can alleviate the pain, varies depending on the cause. These measures should be discussed with your doctor.

Always be aware of exactly: In general suitable footwear, the your feet does not restrict too much and protects primarily for sport or walking in front of twisting. To avoid injuries, deformities and foot pain caused thereby.


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