Multiple sclerosis (MS) symptoms

21 October 2017

The three main symptoms of MS - numbness, blurred vision, muscle paralysis - do not necessarily determine the clinical picture: Multiple sclerosis can many other symptoms cause. Not for nothing it is considered Disease with a thousand faces.

Several cranial nerves involved in the disease, multiple sclerosis can also contain certain symptoms face cause: Then there is there paralysis (So-called. Facial paralysis) or pain (so-called. Trigeminal neuralgia). In addition, MS can cause taste disturbances and balance disorders.

If the cerebellum damaged by multiple sclerosis, occur as other symptoms speech disorder, uncertainty in walking and shaking hands. The speech disorders feel people with MS often be particularly incriminating. A typical in multiple sclerosis language disorder is the slow, slurred speech, in which the affected chopped off the individual syllables and emit explosive.

In about two-thirds of all cases multiple sclerosis causes Bladder dysfunction out. This daily lives and well-being of those affected are some seriously restricted. In the early stages a violent and hard to controlling urination with involuntary loss of urine (incontinence) prevails. Later, there is usually unwanted urinary retention. Other symptoms MS can (usually constipation) cause a disturbed defecation, impaired sexual function and impaired sweating.

In addition, multiple sclerosis psyche influence and thus signs of mental illness bring with them: MS more susceptible to mood swings and depressive symptoms such as sadness, insomnia and listlessness. Sometimes show people with multiple sclerosis also a very euphoric behavior that can not be brought in line with the actual disease state.


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