Tennis elbow, golf elbow

21 October 2017

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Tennis and golf elbow (tennis elbow or golfer's elbow or) caused by acute or chronic excessive stress on the muscle attachment at the elbow. Both pain syndromes can - despite its name - also meet people who neither play tennis nor golf.

However, tennis elbow or golf elbow are very typical of the two sports: About every second tennis player at least once developed tennis elbow. This is also the reason for the names of pain syndromes. In most cases, however, lead Stresses of work (Such as craft activities or use of the computer) to a tennis elbow or golfer's elbow. Behind the complaints put inflammatory or degenerative changes in the elbow area (so-called. epicondylitis) That make the affected arm only partially usable.

Depending on, at which point the elbow inflammatory or degenerative changes are, take the typical tennis elbow and golf elbow pain in different places and at different movements on. Based on these features can be both pain syndromes distinguished from each other:


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