21 October 2017

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very suddenly scarlet fever usually begins with symptoms such as high fever, difficulty swallowing and sore throat. Later, red, about pinhead-sized spots are then formed all over. A typical symptom is also a reddened tongue, known as strawberry tongue.

What is scarlet fever?
Scarlet fever is triggered by bacteria infection that usually occurs in childhood - about scarlet fever is one of the childhood diseases. Scarlet fever is highly contagious, but runs - when treated with antibiotics - usually harmless and without sequelae. 

The incubation period, ie the time between infection and onset of symptoms, in scarlet fever is usually two to four days(Rarely up to eight days). A scarlet fever person can already infectious during the incubation period for others.

is scarlet worldwide spread:

Cause of scarlet bacteria, more specifically A streptococci (Streptococcus pyogenes). They are usually transmitted by droplet infection (sneezing, coughing), rarely by facilities, contaminated food and water or objects such as toys, cutlery or crockery (smear).

The typical symptoms of scarlet fever are caused by one or more toxins secreted by the bacteria.

The natural reservoir for the scarlet fever pathogen is man, that means many people carry these bacteria in it. Especially in the winter months can be at about one in five strep throat detected - which does not mean that the person suffering thereby.

There are several Subgroups of streptococci, can cause scarlet fever. That is the reason why some people developing a second time to scarlet, although they are immune to the streptococcal subset of their first scarlet disease.

Typical of scarlet fever are symptoms such as:

The enlarge almonds and redden and have small pus evidence on (tonsillitis). The lymph nodes in the neck swell.

Most typically, for scarlet fever: The tongue is initially occupied and takes about as of the second day of illness a characteristic redness at, also known as strawberry tongue referred to as.

Strawberry tongue in scarlet fever

Strawberry tongue in scarlet fever

Simultaneously with the raspberry tongue also forms the whole body a rough, thick and very feinfleckiger rash (Rash), reminiscent of sandpaper:

At the latest when Strawberry tongue and rash are visible, the diagnosis is obvious in scarlet fever. Another important note provides the typical scarlet fever, sudden onset of disease and lymph node enlargement occurs under the lower jaw. 

the external signs of disease for a reliable diagnosis possibly not sufficient, as not only streptococci but also various viruses like symptoms can cause. For this reason, the doctor can take a swab from the mouth of suspected scarlet fever. This smear is a Rapid test for group A streptococci be tested to confirm the diagnosis.

Are the signs of disease clearly the rapid test but negative, a laboratory must be cultured the pathogen using a bacterial culture and identify. A blood test can help diagnose.

Scarlet fever is over a period of ten days with the antibiotic Penicillin treated. The goal of therapy is to relieve symptoms and prevent complications. Is Penicillion due to an allergy or otherwise incompatible, erythromycin or cephalosporins may be used alternatively.

Even after recovering from infection, children and adults can infected again, as a life-long protection is only against the bacteria causing subgroup. Infection with other subgroups is still possible.


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