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20 July 2017

Test: The best gaming chair to gamble!

If you watching more often professional gamblers when streaming or large events like Dreamhack or the Intel Extreme Masters pursued, you will certainly need one or the other crazy gaming chair have discovered in the background. Here, you guys have asked you that:

"What a gaming chair to use for as the pro gamers. "

Klaro: These smart solve Gamer Chairs (rightly!) A large "Who-will-factor "From you! The specially designed for professional gamers computer chairs provide great comfort for gaming and a stunning design. Meanwhile, there are many manufacturers of gaming chairs (such as DXRACER or AKRacing), as well as huge price ranges. To help you in your buying decision I make in the following best gaming chairs on the market before and recommend you the best choice for every budget!

Why do you need one at all gaming chair?

Through my own gaming career (hey, after all, times European champion in Unreal Tournament Domination) I have learned one thing: We spend so much time on the computer - Matches, training, scrims, Stream view - that we, with all peripherals and hardware No compromise should be received. This means, for example, a really good mechanical keyboard like the Razer BlackWidow costs only 100 €; that we hew to a thousand times a day, buying a really good keyboard should be mandatory. It is the same with the mouse. the headset. the computer, the mouse pad - and the Gaming Chair !

Even though I thus sound like an old man, but: The health of your spine is important. If you eight hours a day (OMG !! NERDS 1) sits on the PC, an incorrect attitude in a cheap computer chair can permanently have dire consequences. Therefore, a request: Invests 50 to 100 € more for a clever gaming chair before you damage it bears. Look at it positively - in a hot gaming chair you sit a lot more comfortable, and your friends will make envious eyes ��

What makes a good gaming chair?

The general rule: Those who buy cheap, buy twice. There are so many rickety gaming chairs out there that you have to be really careful. we therefore when purchasing the best gaming chair must pay attention to the following things:

The best gaming chair must, of course, extremely stable (even with "fuller" gamblers). An Insecure chair evidence of poor workmanship and annoying in continuous use. Poorly processed seams or inadequate materials are unfortunately widespread.

Some gamers are thin shirts, some have rather "thick bones" (D) of too much fast food. A good gaming chair must be able to have a perfect ergonomics for long Bonanza sessions, suitable for the particular body shape. Especially important is a good comfort in the lumbar spine and head.

Setting the chair as frags in the game: The more, the better! The right gaming chair need adjustment for any height. Really good gamer seats allow a completely flat adjustable backrest, for example, if you look after half a lap CS: GO would stretch short.

The Best Gaming Chair: My recommendations

Now you go down to business. The following gaming chairs all I can highly recommend. What gaming chair purchased by the following ye will depend on your personal preferences and your budget. Anyway you do with any of these computer seats a miss - and bad Gaming Chairs unfortunately there en masse on the market.

Recommended gaming chairs come mainly from two manufacturers: DXRACER & AKRacing. Not without reason one finds chairs of these two manufacturers in 95% of all gaming houses and big events. Therefore, I will show you in the following section in my opinion, each two best models of these manufacturers, I can recommend from personal experience without restriction:

1. DX Racer F-Series

computer chair

The best for me Gaming Chair is the F-Series DX Racer. Many of you, this PC-based will be familiar because it is used for example in the NA LCS in League of Legends from the pros. As many pro-gamers have this chair, and for good reason! The stepless adjustment are terrific and you're sitting even during long sessions Bonanza very good. Pillows and a tilt function are also to be mentioned positively. Further evidence of the quality: this DX-Racer Gaming Chair is TÜV approved. So who wants to have exactly the same chair as the gaming professionals should definitely watch this gamer chair!

The price: The F-Series currently costs € 245 cheap on Amazon and is used among others in the NA LCS.

2. AKRacing Premium Series

computer chair

The AKRacing Premium Series is the hottest for me gaming chair in the current AKRacing lineup. Although AKRacing is fairly new on the European market, their chairs are yet to settle in a similar league as DXRACER. Here, too, get their computer seats with excellent components that are ideally suited for gaming continuous use. The Premium series is designed by the metal base and the central pressure column extremely stable and up to 150kg - which is confirmed by the TÜV Süd. Even the official gaming chair of Ninjas in Pajamas is part of AKRacing Premium Series, which also the thickest Friberg (no offense: D) can still sit comfortably. The chic color combination of AKRacing is currently available for a very good price, which is significantly below the price - strike!

The price: The AKRacing Premium currently costs € 280 on Amazon and is used among other things as the official gaming chair of Ninjas in Pajamas.

3. DX Racer D-Series

computer chair

For all gamers among us who like it a bit more comfortable: The D-Series DX Racer is the gaming chair of DXRACER, which places a strong focus on comfort. Designed as a modern "executive chairs", he has a longer seat of 50cm, and an additional padding at the side and back. The target group is therefore gamers who like to spend time over eight hours a day in front of the computer (comes even provided it: D). The D-Series is the official gaming chair of the European LCS - and the reasons! Again, the TÜV was able to stick to it his seal. For those who like it more comfortable, but still want to benefit from the same quality as the professionals, this gaming chair, with its faux leather surface is the right choice. Even if it is slightly more expensive - the D-Series is excellent workmanship and the money worth!

The price: The D-Series currently costs € 250 on Amazon and is used among others in the EU LCS.

4. AKRacing Prime Series

computer chair

The AKRacing Prime series is based heavily on DXRACER F model, so that a very similar feeling when sitting has set the test seats. Here, too, it benefits from an extremely stable structure in which a metal frame for a perfect fit makes. Many adjustment (for example, back flat place for dozing) assist in the selection of the optimal seating position, and the textile surface feels even after hours of gaming still pleasant to. Nice detail: all seams are processed very clean and upon closer inspection, the reference does not even propose the smallest waves. The Prime series is suitable up to 150kg, after which the TÜV has glued his seal. Small advantage to the above Premium Series: The two openings in the back you can the supplied pillows as needed to your head height adjust perfect!

The price: The Prime AKRacing currently costs € 250 on Amazon.

5. TopStar Syncro

computer chair

"But guys, I'm just not 250 € for a computer chair left "- For all gamers among us who can not afford despite my spirited recommendation the money for the gaming chairs DXRACER or AKRacing, there is still a rescue for the back: The TopStar Syncro is a computer seat for cheap money a good solution provides for a healthy back. Not for nothing, this chair can be found in many IT professionals in everyday use. The build quality is solid, and the netting in the back (and the additional back support) ensures a very back-friendly games. If the coal really is not there for the fancy models above, you do with the TopStar Syncro your discs still a favor.

The price: The TopStar Syncro currently costs € 140 on Amazon.

Conclusion: The best gaming chair

There is a good reason why stand on all eSports events gaming chairs DXRACER or AKRacing: They are easy excellent crafted tip Chairs. which are designed for long and intensive Zocksessions while demonized look good! The four presented above Gamer chairs are pro-tested, TÜV "sealed" and a piece of jewelry for each PC room. Therefore, I can recommend to you from personal experience highly enough to take the perhaps expensive at first glance Price in Purchase: You will have fun with your gaming chair for years!

Tell us what you think about it!

I have a question # 8230;
I'm just 14
(I will give honest :)) and I am at just 1.60 still quite small.
Basically, I'm sitting much on Pc or homework and thus spend a relatively long time at a desk. Can you generally recommend me a chair or is there just for my size no # 8222; Gaming Chair # 8220?;

greetings from Hamburg

Hello Mark! Generally, I would have no hesitation to take a three-gamer chairs from the item depending on the budget for the age. The few centimeters you should always still improve and thus in perfectly grow in the chair �� But even if you are still smaller than the Optimalmaß, the chair is better than just any chair for homework-making in the near future ��

150 € available.

Vorneweg Thank you for your contribution, even if the now older ��

I am currently in the decision for a gaming chair.
When searching I found on the chairs which you mentioned, these make a very good impression, also I have in my body masses either way no problems in the chairs (170 and 65kg) XD

So my question is:
Do you by chance the chairs of
And if so could you be so a chair even try?

no fear # 8211; the contribution is constantly updated by me because in the gaming chair market is always a lot going ��

Therefore, we will soon take the Maxnomics of Need for Seat under the microscope; my first guess would be that they are manufactured in the same factory as the DXRACER because the similarities are quite striking. More soon!

Hello, very informative article! I looking around yet seen these chairs here I am sure that you are known and wanted to ask what you think of them and whether you as well as give recommendations may or may verwesien to other test.
Best regards

fuckmylife # 8230; I just saw that someone has already asked. sorrrrryy �� am looking forward to your opinion!



office chairs



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    You can not decide and need help with product selection?

    Office chairs for comfortable work on

    Anyone who regularly works at a desk knows what positive impact has the correct seating on productivity, motivation and well-being: How to sit, so you work. also submitted office chairs not insignificant given the appearance of your workplace.

    Office chairs - eye-catcher for Hinsetzer

    Whether you are looking for office chairs for yourself or your employees or seating for visitors and meeting rooms or waiting rooms: the range of OTTO maintains a wide range office chairs for you. The executive chair on swivel chairs and visitor chairs to rotation & Stool you will find the right seating for your workplace. Discover Chairs and Stools from many different manufacturers in different versions: Padded armrests, increased backs or special suspension systems are also popular features in selecting as reference material and form factor.

    Discover our entire range of furniture:

    Buying guides office chairs

    excellent line

    How much time per day to spend the Germans on average probably a day sitting? There are 179 minutes - mostly at work. but many office jobs, there are considerably more. And at home, it then goes on: banking, online shopping or PC games can finally be comfortable sitting in front of computer do. Long used in many households a room area or even an entire room as a home office. It is therefore important that you can easily and comfortably sit in your private office also without the back makes painfully evident is. modern office chairs therefore thought ergonomically to the last detail, the seating areas are soft enough to cushion movements and hard enough to support the body.

    Would you like to buy a new office chair? This Buyer's guide provides an overview of the most common models, their characteristics and the materials used. You can also get information in the following guide about the latest trends and seek clever tips for great seating comfort. So you will definitely find the right one for you office chair.

    Table of Contents

    gt; Back pain ade
    gt; The main thing compatible - the most important purchasing criteria
    gt; Swivel chair - the classic multifunctional
    gt; Executive chair - Luxury for body and soul
    gt; Orthopedic chairs - Help for the back
    gt; Cantilever - perfect second chair for your home office
    gt; Trend Meets Technology: So back-friendly design can be
    gt; Correct sitting to be learned
    gt; Conclusion

    Back pain ade

    Whether classic swivel chair, leather chair and high-tech model - high-quality chairs are always dynamic, resilient and easy to care for and adapt to different body proportions. Why is that so important? Because shoulders, spine and pelvis are sensitive to inappropriate office furniture. Who sits permanently wrong, risking long-term damage. Not for nothing, there are in this country for companies legal provisions that regulate the ergonomic nature of desktop workstations accurate. But even in your own home, a good office chair is useful if you work a lot while sitting. Those who want to get a new office chair, should pay attention to the ergonomics. To sit as home workers guaranteed as relaxed and comfortable as their colleagues in the office.

    The main thing compatible - the most important purchasing criteria

    When buying a new office chair many factors play a role. After all, you spend daily lot of time together - and a decade in the ideal case, because the average life of a good desk chair is between eight and twelve years.

    Of course, the office chair should look good. But even more important than a fancy design is theergonomic compatibility. Make yourself before buying clear which sitting habits you have. Ideal are office chairs with lockable tilt mechanism which can be adjusted in addition to the individual body weight.

    No matter which model you choose, pay attention to a weight-adjusted seat suspension and optimal cushioning. If the seat is too hard and inflexible, which can result in frequent and prolonged sitting in pain. therefore softer varieties better suited just for home workers. A current trend that comes from the medical gymnastics: so-called lumbar supports in ergonomic shapes that adapt to the natural curvature of the spine, forcing her back almost unnoticed to a healthy sitting posture.

    Also, not to be underestimated: the nature of the surface material. to go alone to personal taste is indeed seductive, but not advisable, because every surface has advantages and disadvantages that must be weighed it. Fine leather is very soft, timeless beautiful and durable, but sensitive and not very cheap. No wonder therefore, almost as elegant, but much easier to care for artificial leather variant is available in many modern offices. Which is easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth. Leatherette substances are also in various fashionable shades. The only drawback: On the little breathable material time seater quickly times a sweat. The problem you have not with fabric covers made of synthetic fibers; some can even be cleaned to 60 degrees in the washing machine. For households with children, this is often a real relief. The fabric covers are non-slip beyond. In return, these models sometimes look not quite as elegant.

    Swivel chair - the classic multifunctional

    The two-piece swivel chair on practical roles you know guarantees since childhood. The modern version scores with a comfortable molded seat, safety double rollers, sturdy hard plastic and upbeat look. of fresh bright colors of current trend shades like aquamarine to cheerful patterns and Disney motifs for the kids. In addition to a flexible back support many models are equipped with armrests that can also be adjusted in width, height and tilt. Make sure that the frame can be adjusted individually, best continuously by gas spring.

    Practical Tools: Tilt mechanism or a backrest which can be folded for a small break in between to the rear. The backrest should it extend to at least below the shoulder blades. Five rolls with brakes are now the minimum. Why choose a classic swivel base model made of durable plastic and without technical bells and whistles? It saves money and can be adjusted by its separate seat and back cushions pinpoint as many award same "one piece" in which both elements are fixed together.

    Some basic versions offer a simple breathable mesh covering for the backrest. The grids are often tight and inflexible, but can still adapt to the physical conditions of the user pleasant. These models are a bit cheaper, as a rule, some experts have suggested anyway for those perfectly adequate sitting only occasionally at their desks. Even with mesh cover "that grows" children and youth swivel chairs, which are adapted to the size of the offspring, score well in tests.

    Executive chair - Luxury for body and soul

    No question, cozy as it gets! The popular executive chair models have a wide seat with rich, thick upholstery, super flexible head, arms and back, and they can be by gas lift quickly adjusted continuously and precisely.

    A must for creative short break: an infinitely variable tilt mechanism! Look for breathable and ergonomics stressed material properties, a stable foot cross and safety double castors for carpets or hard floor castors for parquet.

    The remaining equipment of an executive chair depends on your individual preferences: If you want extra soft padding where you can sink into that wonderful? Comfortable armrests with soft pads for runs? XXL size? The demanding wishes fulfill many models without problems.

    tip. Who needs more space when working, most orders a model with retractable armrests. And those who value high-quality optics and durability, selects backs and feet made of aluminum or stainless steel.

    Executive chair owners like it often timeless classic. So, most types of chairs present in a seemingly noble art or genuine leather and elegant black or natural tones. Advantage: These materials and colors fit in pretty much every workspace. For Modebewusstere there are variants in trendy bright colors or 3-D designs. Highly mobile, this cozy piece of furniture is not, however, despite roles. Some models weigh over 20 kg.

    Orthopedic chairs - Help for the back

    Ergonomic swivel chairs same optically executive chairs, but are additionally equipped with a so-called point synchronous mechanism, optimally adjusts the seat, armrests and the backrest inclination and provides for dynamic sitting. They also have a special section that supports the pool particularly good. Extremely comfortable, the high backrest and extra neck support. Recommended for multi-seater with chronic pain.

    Cantilever - perfect second chair for your home office

    One-piece rocking chairs have an understated beauty and feathery-light comfort. Especially popular is the combination of timeless noble artificial leather in natural colors and cool chrome. Ideal forcozy corners Conference or occasional desk "assessors", especially if you choose a chair with cozy soft padding. However, the seat height of the most models is unadjustable and is between 45 and 48 cm.

    Trend Meets Technology: So back-friendly design can be

    A trend that will prevail in more and more offices and work rooms, turning or stool are. They look like jaunty little stool, but have it in them: seat dwarfs with fitness bonus. Those who sit without arm and back on a high-tech air cushion with shock absorbing system, automatically sets up on his torso and trained by the way back. In this type of dynamic sitting, you breathe deeper, stay alert and focused. The (regulated) oscillating effect of the height-adjustable chair dwarf keeps the entire body flexible. And because the fitness stool also occurs in fresh trend colors and trendy chrome look, he is currently a favorite of furniture designer scene. An ideal alternative for desk workers, who are not afraid to change their sitting habits. Be careful in choosing that you can adjust the height of your model so that you can take the right one for you sitting position.

    Correct sitting to be learned

    Innovations such as the fitness stool capture the spirit of the time, because according to insurance statistics suffer more than two thirds of all office and computer workers from chronic back pain. This is not surprising, because for sitting for hours we are not created. A long day at the desk is therefore a real ordeal for intervertebral discs and spine. Who observed some ergonomic rules. However, can prevent.

    • Tune the heights of desk and office chair properly with one another: Sit upright with at least a right angle at the knee and the elbow area. This prevents tension.
    • Provide even sitting down for a change. Experts recommend to change three or four times per hour the position. Long hours motionless on-the-computer-squatting, possibly with constant circular or übergeradem back, you pays your body home painful.
    • Stay active! Expert rule for a healthy day at the desk: 60% dynamic sitting, 30% standing and 10% movement.

    You'll also be choosing your office chair time, watch everyday your attitude and possibly recurring movements. How often and how long you work at a desk? Feel then often tense?

    Find out then calmly. After all, you want a rugged, comfortable and longtime ideally companion, perfect your musculoskeletal system adapts, even on a long day's work in the home office. Make sure the product description on details such as " ergonomics stressed "," anti-static "or" breathable ". The latter saves sweaty moments in the summer, especially on synthetic leather armchairs.

    These questions include on your checklist:

    • What do I need to be able to sit comfortably? Pull the purchase not only possible complaints, but also your height and weight into account. Standard chairs have a seating depth of 38 to 44 cm, up to 48 cm wide and carry up to 150 kg in weight.
    • What experts say? Take a look at seal of approval, TUV and GS mark and on (environmental) certificates. If you suffer from chronic pain, you prefer the new purchase additionally consult your specialist.
    • How robust is my desk chair be? The noble office a designer executive chair made of genuine leather fits perfectly. indestructible plastic chrome models are recommended to leave their surfaces be cleaned easily for children's bedroom.
    • How will I allow myself a lot of luxury? Ergonomically sound, manually adjustable desk chairs are to have for little money. Who wants high-tech, designer models, high-quality covers and elaborate upholstery must dig deeper into their pockets. However, for that you get a durable, solid processed product in a corresponding top quality.


    Gaming Chair comparison 2017

    If you spend much time at the computer, also requires the proper seating to avoid back pain and tension. At a Gaming chair is it first of all a particular office chair or armchair Gaming. But the gamble itself is long for "National sport" become so already held tournaments and often tens of thousands of dollars in prize money be distributed. Gaming has become part professional gaming. which is now also known as eSports referred to as. In this way, days and nights to spend on the PC and on top of that money will be recovered. Here you can completely forget the time! �� Also, since the television already turned on with reports in this environment, it comes to further Professionalization and quality the equipment. Our Gaming Chair comparison shows you the characteristics of the best gaming chair and helps you to find the best for you suitable chair.

    The most popular models compared

    computer chair

    Gaming Chair Counselor- Everything You Need to Know

    computer chair

    A lot of money flowing into the best PC, keyboard and other computer accessories, the seat is however sometimes neglected. And just the right computer chair important for health. especially the back. A Incorrect sitting posture or a cheaper chair can over a long period bad consequences to have. The consequences poor posture are back pain, tension, and at worst herniated discs. In addition, a lack of stress on the muscles at the back leads to a Loss of elasticity of the muscles. which can lead to chronic diseases.

    Other possible consequences may be circulatory disorders, digestive problems, headaches, neck and shoulder pain as well as discomfort in the hands and arms. At various gaming stool tests shows that it is important to right chair to use for a long sitting in front of the PC in order to prevent such damage as possible. Of the gamer chair. you seek or should buy, so must be stable. one good comfort , Have in the lumbar and head area perfect ergonomics and having different adjustable be.

    If you are also looking for a good gamer monitor, then look at our Gaming Monitor Comparison past. ����

    The 10 most important buying criteria in gaming chairs:

    We have in our gaming chair counselor to you shall look for when buying the main criteria based on various gaming stool tests, analyzes and user-friendly combined so that you personally find for you the best computer chair with ease. ��

    1. Adjustable seat height

    Among the most important ergonomic factors when sitting heard the adjustable seat height. Therefore, in any gamer chair should be without this important functionality. The optimal seat height is depending on body size and the desk level. after which the monitor is. For the following heights following recommendations apply:

    • 150 cm Body height 40 cm Seat heightcomputer chair
    • 155 cm Body height 42 cm seat height
    • 160 cm Body height 43 cm seat height
    • 165 cm Body height 44 cm seat height
    • 170 cm Body height 46 cm seat height
    • 175 cm Body height 47 cm Seat height
    • 180 cm Body height 48 cm Seat height
    • 185 cm Body height 50 cm seat height
    • 190 cm Body height 51 cm seat height
    • 195 cm Body height 52 cm Seat height

    The optimal seat height depends on the height and important for a healthy good posture.

    2. Lockable backrest angle

    computer chair

    For the optimal gaming experience it is important that the chair can be adapted to many possible settings. Therefore, the backrest should tilt or be adjusted so that it is possible for the player to get the best support for the ultimate performance. The lock can be in some cases up to 180 degrees adjust so that after strenuous gaming round a sleep pause can be inserted. These horizontal position of the backrest. also reclining function called, stands at our gaming chair check on some models.

    The lockable backrest angle allows the player to set the optimal sitting posture for the best possible game success.

    3. Adjustable armrests

    computer chairArmrests are important to place the arms during and after the tiring game. They also provide relaxation in the breaks. Sometimes these armrests are also adjustable and can therefore be optimally adapted the player's physical and playful conditions. While playing, these armrests are but rarely used, so do not offer all models adjustable armrests. For success in the game they are not responsible anyway. ��

    Based on various gaming chair reviews that adjustable armrests are very comfortable and can promote relaxation between games shows.

    4. tilt mechanism

    computer chairThe Wipptechnik could be compared with the ball seat, where the paddles takes place downwards, which is a Wirbelsäulengymnastik simultaneously. The individually adjustable swing movement and the permanent characterized Change of posture can the abdominal and back muscles relax and stimulate blood flow. As gymnastics and relief the spine in the breaks, this mechanism certainly well suited. Thus, the active front seating position is transferred to a swinging back posture and is used to Prevention of back pain or muscle relaxation in the breaks. Advantage over the exercise ball is the presence of the backrest, so that one does not slide at the tip backwards and thus the paddles protected takes place.

    A good tilt mechanism can relieve your back and protect the muscles.

    5. Roll function

    computer chairEach office chair today has roles to be seated move fast times from one place to another. The free rapid mobility. without having to get up first is, especially when playing important. The rollers are largely made of plastic and are to 360 degrees. On smooth undersurface they do not get caught and roll sideways, forwards, so in all directions and circular movements.

    For quick mobility without having to get up, roles are now standard for computer chairs.

    6. Additional pads (neck & Lumbar pillow)

    computer chairAnd the tilt function is to generate additional cushion in the form of neck & Lumbar cushion the relieve spine. They are called lumbar support and lumbar supports. A head or neck support relieves the player during the breaks the spine by relaxed reclining. Based on several reviews, we found that certain brands have the backrest additionally with further Elements for a better lateral support and a healthier posture is thus provided. These supporting elements relieve the spine and counteract slouch.

    Pads for neck and loin are particularly important to relieve the spine during long gaming sessions to avoid consequential damage.

    7. material

    computer chairFor most gamers chairs only three different materials come as a chair cover in question. This is the first time real leather. A real leather chair is more expensive than the two other variants, but this robust and durable. In addition, the player has a better feeling of comfort than in a chair with fabric cover in a real leather chair. leatherette While creating the impression of a real leather chair, but has not the qualities. And a chair with fabric Although cheaper, but it will more quickly to the pressure points from.

    If you more about the different chair covers want to know chairs or materials of gaming, then check out our detailed article about: Gamer chair: artificial leather, leather or fabric covers?

    In Racer-chairs are three varieties on offer: genuine leather chairs, faux leather chairs or a gaming chair with fabric upholstery.

    computer chairYou can select multiple designs. Here, mostly serving stylish sports car seats and your shell shape as a basis for the optics of a gamer chair. You can design with lettering, choose certain seams, different colors and shapes to your liking. Our Gaming Chair comparison lists the various models and variants. Here, of course, is the selection in the eye of the beholder, what he likes and what not. Because that depending on the personal taste is no recommendation can be made by us. But eye, almost all models. ��

    Selection of the design of forms or colors depends on the tastes of gamers. Spoiled for choice here is great.

    It is not crucial necessarily whether emerged in the various gaming stool tests on the net a brand as the best. It is crucial for the selection you for you to find matching gamer chair. Therefore, only recommendations are made here, after which the player has to judge for themselves what is best for himself. The brands we can still recommend with a clear conscience, they all have one or two hot chair in the segment:

    It is not important whether a mark in the numerous gaming stool tests is declared on the net as the best. Rather, the player's personal preferences should serve as the main criterion.

    The Quality and comfort justify the price. which can be possibly up to 1000 euros. If you prefer a cheaper chair, must be located less quality or comfort satisfied. That too material plays an important role in the cost level. The best chairs and also the most expensive are the real leather chairs, according to various gaming chair reviews. In a chair with fabric upholstery material may rub off on the mostly strained that at least leaves a negative visual impact. Leather or artificial leather chairs in addition are easy to care for, so that dust can be easily removed and the chair always looks like new.

    Of course, the selection for the right gamer chair also depends on the budget of the individual player.

    Interactive Gaming Chair comparison

    computer chair With our interactive chair comparison, you have also the option the different gamer chairs to compare. Very easily: Choose your desired models and click on the red button with the inscription # 8222;to compare # 8222 ;. Finished! ����

    Gaming chairFAQ

    There appear again and again the same questions about the Gaming chair on. So you do not research these troublesome to Google ��, we have for you the Frequently asked questions to the Topic gamer chair and picked out a clear FAQ answered. If you but in the end still have unanswered questions, but then leave us a comment and we'll try on occasion these questions here in our Gaming Chair FAQ to complete. Let # 8217; s Go!

    What is the difference to an office chair or executive chair?

    The difference lies mainly in the design technical aspects. because as you probably already noticed, most gaming chairs resemble a Pushchair seat and possess the striking color accents. which for a better Gaming Feeling to care. office chairs or. executive chair however, have a minimalist and rather darker style. Two other typical features are the additional cushion as Head and lumbar pillow and the special shell shape. supporting the body a little better.

    What are the tangible benefits of a gamer chair?

    To put it briefly, we have summarized the main advantages and disadvantages in a table for you. ��

    We attach great importance to transparency and therefore do not want to hide the fact that we get in the event of a purchase, a small commission you. Please be aware that we are not an online store, but merely an information portal. For this reason, we finance our work through so-called affiliate links. For you, of course, no extra costs or reprisal.

    About prices

    The prices of featured products will be updated by us daily. but it can occur due to short-term price fluctuations that the rate is not always exactly match the price of our partner stores. To prevent this, we recommend you to check the price directly with the respective shop itself again.

    Brands # 038; product name

    All brands and product names herein are trademarks of their respective companies and are used solely for identification and description of the corresponding products.

    computer chair


    Why would you need a Gamer Chair: We'll show you the best in gaming stool test!

    computer chairWith our Gaming stool test We want you in the search for the right gaming / computer chair to be helpful. We have in our side next own practice tests also many more different gaming stool tests collected and you make it here in summary are available. We ourselves avid gamers and therefore know what is important. Look around on around and find the optimal matching for you Gaming chair. Whether you first-person shooters, strategy games, racing games or zockst.

    Gaming chairs belong to basic equipment for every one who is intensive With gamble. busy as a pro gamer or as a normal gamer. A gaming chair will give you the necessary Comfort and the right ergonomics to long sit comfortably. Many professional gamers show up with one or the other model in interesting advertising campaigns.

    Our gaming chair TOP 3

    computer chair

    computer chair

    computer chair

    # 8222; Very Good / Our favorite # 8220;

    Fabric (100% polyester)

    Fabric (100% polyester)

    Head and lumbar pillow

    Compare winner in the table are gamers chairs DXRACER brand & Our favorite AKRacing. These have quickly become a market leader in matters gamblers chairs developed. Due to many years of experience you can finally from a DX Racer Gaming Chair and a AKRacing very high quality expect. No matter which model, whether budget or premium version. You'll be disappointed with a Gaming chair DX Racer never. In addition to a wide range of colors and materials, the gamer chairs DXRACER offer all the features that a Gamer heart desires. Especially the continuous adjustment of the seat height, or continue to set the back angle to near vertikalen- / sleeping area.

    The construction time-lapse of our price-tips "DX Racer 1" - quick and easy

    We have noted the many award-winning gaming chair under the microscope: Here is # 8217; s for DXRACER 1 Test

    On the basis of a Gaming Chairs test You can find a matching easily and without much ado gamer chair Find. In this Gaming Chair Counselor You can find detailed information about the seat of the gamer world. Can you make such a precise impression and can thus discover the right gamer chair. Here the shopping on the net worth can really, as there is high discounts over again.

    Find here the XXL size consultant out what gamer chair adapts to your body stature:

    computer chair

    If you are looking for a gaming mouse to check out the gaming mouse to -Ratgeber. In it you'll find expertise and Compare winner. Furthermore you can find gaming headsets buy PC Gaming Headset -Ratgeber, gaming PCs in our gaming. Gaming monitors in gaming monitor -Ratgeber, Gaming keyboards Gaming keyboard -Ratgeber.

    So you in the jungle of Gaming chairs do not lose the overview, we have for you the Comparative results compiled. Therefore, you look absolutely to the DXRACER Review! Did you decide for a gamer chair, you will find directly below the currently best deal. At a Computer stool test from known test portals you can not go wrong. Here you can decide according to your taste and budget.

    What can I expect from a gaming chair?

    Not only for gamers but also for the Bürohengst!

    In direct comparison to a standard Computer chair or chair PC. it quickly becomes clear that these great benefits Gaming chairs bring. In a gaming chair test was shown what features you the hours of work and play sweeten on the console or PC. Make your gamer evening to a luxurious experience!

    On the one hand practically have all Gaming chairs the superclass over an up to 170 # 8211; 180 ° tiltable backrest. This feature convinced. Now you can long Game Sessions with a short sleep break dignified pause to to gather strength again. All setting angle therebetween are fixable and lockable as well with the help of a lever located on the underside.

    Ergonomic features include standard

    Furthermore, there are at almost every gamer chair the upper and middle class one intuitive and effective tilt mechanism. This directly follows the movements of pro gamers. The chairs are by modern and designed ergonomic criteria. Many gaming chair manufacturer, populate the chairs separate lumbar and neck or pillows. Also have just about all gamers chairs padded 4-D armrests. you can adjust in eight directions. So body and spine are possible against back, seat, and protected neck pain. Each gamer chair of the top brands such as Noble Chair . AKRacing . DXRACER or Vertagear obviously with attention to detail(Colored stitching) designed and similar seats from sports cars. The rugged construction this Pro Gamer chairs allow partial Maximum loads of up to 160 kg. Since every body size can find an adequate and perfect seat.

    It quickly becomes apparent that a gaming chair extreme benefits has over one everyday computer chair and a PC chair. will play and work clearly improved. yours health strained not and concentrationbraces itself. The result is clear: a irresistible comfort. of the Drive in any seating position and not to forget the sporty ambience .

    "Round lot of advantages, but beware. a look one or the other gaming stool test, because gaming seats from the airline sector partially fulfill not advise!

    What else do you find us:

    Which gaming chair manufacturers are there?

    When choosing the manufacturer for your Gaming chair it is advisable to look just as the testimony of such a Gaming stool test. Because there are some manufacturers of cheap gaming chairs, which are not only uncomfortable, eventually dangerous. Who does not want to compromise on quality, in addition to a DXRACER chair even the choice of the manufacturers:

    AKRACING has also been in the business longer and is characterized especially by a high diversity of models and colors. Besides, you'll find high-quality materials and first-class workmanship. So if you prefer a high Color and model variety preferred and its Pro Gamer Chair will adapt to your needs individually, is well served by AKRACING. Some gaming stool test the chairs cut off regularly with very good results, so we can recommend good.

    Vertagear however, is relatively new to the business and has in 2015 with the "S-LINE" its first self-developed gamer chair brought on the market. In addition to innovative designs Vertagear mainly offers first-rate, thoughtful features. Already many Progamer trust the newcomer that its products are constantly improved through user feedback and implement new concepts. If you are looking for a computer chair that something failed and no one else has, the grip is too Vertagear spot on.

    What makes the perfect gamer chair?

    The perfect gaming experience you not only need a good gaming PC. but you also shall sit comfortably in front of the computer or console. Only with the right computer chair you have full control of the game. But soon the question arises as to which Gaming chair suits you and your budget. Here you can help a gamer chair comparison. On this question, we have from concentrated. You can find just as depth comparison reports as well as a listing of the respective comparison winners in each category. Trust not only to advertising the manufacturer, but leave you to an independent Gaming stool test comparison .

    the perfect Gaming chair to find for themselves is difficult without the right help. The range of manufacturers and models and their properties and characteristics are huge. Each relies Gaming chairs his priorities differently. But one thing we say: Who a suitable Gaming chair finds itself, will never want to gamble without it again. distinguish roughly and assessed in the following categories:

    Features and adjustability

    computer chair

    Each manufacturer has unique characteristics and features in its chairs, some of which differ from model to model. Generally speaking, it was clear to you about what you want from your Gaming chair ask. Is there an optimal Progamer chair to your game experience and thus improve the performance, or is it a simultaneously Lifestyle Property. On what you put most value on? Processing, horny optics or perfect comfort. There are gaming chairs the upper class, which combine everything together. Its own budget, however, is usually limited. With us you get information, which model suits your needs.

    Generally, a good adjustability of the Gamer chairs extremely important so that you can use the seat to vote, the back and the arm rests perfectly on you. With such a gaming chairs Did you learn what to look for here. Therefore you can customize chair optimally to you and your needs the pro gamers. With us you will learn about all special functions. the gaming seat ever so entails. For example, to place on the way back to the short relaxation between the parts flat, or from any additional cushions.

    Processing and durability of the chair gamers

    computer chair

    Especially when processing you should not compromise. A good PC chair can be a long-term investment that will accompany you through your long gaming career. Assuming you invest in a quality brand Gaming chair. Especially the processing of the adjustment possibilities is often inferior in cheap products. Broken levers and switches are then inevitable. To avoid this you should to gamblers chairs trust from a gaming chair test. Poor workmanship that could result in a short shelf life, can be seen quickly. But do not worry, recommended compared winner are all well made and can be used for many years. Invest now rather in a high-quality brand-name product, as two or three times in a cheap computer chair from the furniture store or discount store.

    computer chair

    To a quality Gaming Chair belongs sensible material. In addition to the load-bearing capacity play things like breathability. or cleaning a role. Basically, between the seating surface, respectively of the Art Real leather upholstery. or a covering made of fabric distinguished. But the rack make sure that it is stable. At very cheap Gaming seats it happens often that supporting parts to break or wear out significantly over time. From such cheap goods we recommend strongly. we do not recommend such gaming seats on our part. With us you find stable gamer chairs made of metal, or Computer chairs for gamers in a high-quality plastic composite! The covers all have different advantages and disadvantages. Which must be said, often you'll find in many gaming stool tests high quality. This stuff available all the gamer chairs that are listed at

    Gaming chairs made of genuine leather

    The noblest variant. offers a gamer chair with genuine leather cover. In addition to the special optics a genuine leather cover offers a very own haptics by the unique structure. Noteworthy is the special seat climate of real leather. This natural and extremely durable material can simultaneously absorb moisture and these evaporate into the room. However, a disadvantage of a genuine leather cover is the high price. the exclusivity demanded. First-class luxury models with genuine leather cover you'll find at Noble Chairs # 8211; look at this, the Noble Chairs EPIC at!

    Gaming Chairs leatherette

    Gaming chairs with leatherette upholstery is available in all price categories. But beware: Just cheap imitation leather often looks greasy and inferior, also lacks breathability. The brands and models that you find in the gaming chair counselor, not a cheap material is used. Even our proposed gaming chairs in the lower price range offer a high-class material quality. A large advantage from leatherette is the easy cleaning. A damp cloth is sufficient and all dirt can be wiped off easily.

    Gamblers chairs fabric

    On high-quality fabric is no less noble as leather. According to our gaming stool test, the biggest advantage of a PC gamer chair with fabric upholstery, in any case, the great breathability, and the always pleasant climate. Unlike leather, cools on Fabric never goes out. or will never be uncomfortably warm. The major disadvantage is the difficulty in cleaning for stains. Without brush and foam cleaner stubborn stains are difficult to remove. Visually, high-quality gaming chairs lift with fabric by elaborate patterns and embroidery from, often to a Pushchair seat remember.

    Ergonomics and comfort

    computer chair

    To be as consistent a perfect gaming experience, it is not only important that your gaming PC and your Internet line to ensure performance. It is equally important that you do not get tired. A good Pro Gamer Chair must be a good ergonomics entail. You have to not only immediately "at home" feel once you place taking. Every gamer is built differently. We at give you according to your size and your weight is a good indicator for the gaming chair can suit you. For this, you have the possibility to our size Calculator Find exactly what models to your body stature. An ultimate evaluation can, however, better to give one's own "Popometer" here. If you take on your new gaming chair space and no longer want down, everything is correct. With us you get tips on what you in proper ergonomics have to pay and what nuances there are in terms of comfort to the individual chairs.

    Apart from the basic fit, after all, is a good Comfort the upholstery of the pillow important as the testimony of such a gaming chair test. Because only with a properly distributed body weight can be a complete discharge of the Lumbar and neck muscles reach, resulting in a comfortable sitting experience leads. With the right gaming chair for you you get tired much less what is for longer gaming sessions significantly by more attention paid makes. Especially people who suffer symptoms such as neck pain, or tension, a high-quality gaming chair can work wonders. An optimum seating position helps to prevent possible "office diseases".

    computer chair

    The look is certainly the most subjective criticism of a gaming chair. For many in addition to optimum ergonomics good look goes with it. After all, a high-quality gamer chair be seen as a lifestyle object that one's office or home decorating. However, the rating in this category can not be considered always objective. There are big differences in terms of look and styling of gaming chairs. A good look underscores a high-quality and well-crafted Pro Gamer chair and completes the ultimate gaming experience.

    For many, the most important point, finally, is the price. Gamblers chairs are, how they use the gamer does not always come cheap. We are committed also to compare the gaming chair comparison winners from other gaming stool test, for every budget. However Be aware: If you are willing to pay more, you get more. As much fun as the powerful new gaming machine. If you do after a few hours of back pain? Especially if you are sitting on computers a lot or have ambitions to pro gamer, you should not skimp on this point. A good gaming chair pays for itself after the first gambled night paid!

    Everyone wants comfortable and healthy sitting

    All those who spend a lot of time in front of the PC know that: not being able to get the full power of a strained back, aching limbs or just feel. With whom quickly eight hours a day on the PC together, or who gambles through the night happy times, back pain is probably already occurred. Remedy a professional Gaming chair. So you get along with your wallet, we have the right for everyone Compare winner compiled. So you can individually according to your needs to decide what kind of Gaming chair you need.

    What do you need a gaming chair?

    For the Gaming perfect evening must also agree the periphery. That you have an advantage with the right gaming mouse and a good gaming keyboard is well known. But the great advantage that you properly with a good office chair to gamble have, many neglect. Rather than indiscriminately to slip on the old office chair around during the action, you'll be on a professional gaming chair optimum stop. Your hands do not have to compensate for the movements or the unfavorable attitude of your existing seat, but focus fully on the input devices. Using some gaming stool tests you find the Gaming chair compared winner, where you always secure grip and the perfect attitude.

    With a gamer chair. Keep it much longer before the computer from you without cramp or being tired. While in others the concentration and capacity after a few hours going back, you can almost without interruption exploit your full potential. Now that your body has to fight against poor posture not, but is still supported by a high quality gaming chair. Secure you this advantage, which is in the pros already absolute "Must have" has developed.

    Gaming Chair Guide # 8211; Prices

    A gamer chair is no small purchase. Nevertheless, if we are honest as a gamer, we invest heavily in our gaming computers and peripherals such as gaming monitors. Or gaming headset to the optimal gaming experience to obtain. In order to have a small advantage over our competitors. When you consider what a great benefit especially for longer gaming sessions a high-quality Pro Gaming Chair brings with it - assuming you buy any scrap # 8211; so the money is well spent.

    Everybody who has ever right on one or the perfect gamer chair sat has, the question no longer is whether the actually worth. In which Gaming Chair comparison You can find savings on the recommendations. Instead several times to buy a cheap gamer chair from the store, trust in a proven gaming brand product. Or have you ever seen a pro gamer on a folding chair? If you do not have so much money available is not that bad, because even premium manufacturers offer high-quality Gaming chairs more favorable to prices. It pays to regularly check back!

    The cheaper computer chairs

    If you are thinking about you buy a cheaper computer chair, you've seen somewhere on an auction platform for half price, we strongly advise against. Computer Chairs of this style in the pictures from maybe great, in fact, eventually became clear what saved. From experience we can say that such chairs the title Gaming not deserve. made partly from low grade materials, these fakes have considerable shortcomings in quality and workmanship. In a seat that is ergonomically formed only at first glance and adjusting options that snap to just two or three steps, no great gaming experience can arise. The body tense because of unnatural positions and you get tired much faster. Your concentration and thus decrease the responsiveness. The show various Gaming chairs tests on low-cost carriers in the gamer chair area.

    At worst, these chairs discounters have safety deficiencies and break down after only a short period of use. You get as opposed to branded goods no guarantee for such damages. If you want to save some instead, watch the Top offers at. You get the quality of a DXRACER chair to a cheap price. Without frustration and with return, if you still do not like something!

    Conclusion: The best gamer chair to gamble

    Recommendation based on some Gaming stool tests is definitely the Formula Series respectively F-Series in DXRACER Review. Available in many colors and materials # 8211; here you get a real all-rounder with all the adjustment options and features that you as a Pro Gamer want to have. With a perfectly matched Gaming chair long standing gambled nights no more obstacles. No more fatigue due to incorrect posture, no loss of concentration by tight muscles - a real experience! Whether you prefer a fabric or a leather cover in Racing design prefer, on all models of DXRACER is something for everyone.

    If you the price of a real DXRACER shy away, try looking directly into the Amazon top 10 best-seller list. here you will find continuous current offers. Save yourself a bad buy and put on the market leader in Pro Gaming Chairs to the Pro Gamer trust. After all, not for nothing that the F-Series is constantly gaining of DXRACER the comparisons with other brands or models. by high quality and the good price / performance ratio is this Gaming chair for almost every gamer. Check out our best compared winner from our guide and convince yourself!

    The differences between the DXRACER models:


    office chairs

    swivel chairs – convenient and practical

    Optimal and sit comfortably in the workplace – a swivel chair, there is the right solution. It provides flexibility and convenience in equal measure. Ergonomically shaped, he also serves the upright posture and your health. In POCO online shop you will find a wide range of swivel chairs – for the occasionally used home office as well as for professional use. Did you know that a perfect office chair must always have 5 roles. He should ideally have armrests, to relieve your shoulder and neck area and should of course be height adjustable so you can customize it to your height and the height of the desk. In addition, the office chair should be covered with a breathable fabric so you do not sweat at high temperatures. In addition, your office chair should be spring-loaded, so that the impact load is kept as low as possible for your spine. With this information you are well prepared for your purchase.

    Many options – Swivel chairs at POCO

    Swivel chairs offer the spine thanks to a flexible back the necessary support without restricting mobility in the workplace. A quick handle to nearby shelf or a short swing to the screen – with the swivel chair that's no problem. Therefore, he has become the workplace for a long time. And now he also scores with a modern design and a fascinating variety of materials. Whether with textile cover in great colors or classic black leather – a swivel chair is not only practical but also looks chic. Who browsing in POCO online shop certainly is a model according to individual needs. And as always, POCO provides good quality and workmanship for a small price.


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