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20 July 2017


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    Chairs - attractive, contemporary, practical

    chairs discover here at OTTO according to individual wishes and ideas for the best seating experience in the dining area, in the cozy conservatory, home office or wherever you like to take a seat comfortably. Choose from our offer of 4 feet chairs, office chairs, rattan chairs. Take advantage of the cantilever as a particularly dynamic version, or the stack chairs - should spontaneously announce more nice guests than expected - simple as additional seating is ready.

    Just as you wish - from classic to ultra-modern chairs

    The designers at Home affaire, Duocollection, Topstar and many others have made with great creative imagination and intuition thought for your comfort and your housing requirements. Here you can experience how comfort and design shake hands, and be inspired to great interior design ideas. Everything for exclusivity and consistent furnishing home can be found at OTTO.

    Mostly requested brands from the range chairs:

    Buying guides Chairs

    Versatile seating

    chairs complete a dining table, because they are the appropriate seat basis for comfortable dining or evenings with friends - whether in the living room or in the garden. But the Home Office appropriate seating facilitate the work, because to them, the body can assume an ergonomically correct posture. Clearly: Chairs are flexible seating and also design objects.

    For which chair you choose will depend mainly on the location and your own taste. Below you will find a few tips to help you find exactly the piece of furniture that allows you to feel satisfied. Below you will learn more about the different types of chairs and their benefits. Let yourself be inspired also by current trends. To find out in which furnishing style work best which chairs and, more importantly, what chairs are for you.

    Table of Contents

    gt; Sitting is sitting not equal
    gt; Where you want to place your chair?
    gt; Great materials for every home
    gt; Seat cushions: Yes or no?
    gt; Something different: armchair and footstool
    gt; Models, colors, patterns: These are the chair Trends 2017
    gt; Conclusion

    Sitting is sitting not equal

    There are many different models, but do not worry: This guide will help you find the right model for you. Before you commit to one, or even several chairs, you can best inspire some and take your time. A piece of furniture does not have to be purchased from a day to another. Gather ideas in magazines, on blogs or in the apartments and houses of friends and acquaintances. A first orientation deliver the various types of chairs. you can get to know briefly below.

    Four feet or cantilever?

    Chairs differ not only in nuances, but also in their basic structure. The 4-foot-chairs, for example, is a true classic. Also in your household is determined somewhere a copy. The name says what makes this piece of furniture, and his four-legged chair owes its extremely stable stand. For childproof households it is therefore a good choice.

    An alternative to the four-foot-chair of the cantilever. also called rocking chair. He needs no hind legs. His front legs are curved metal and backwards. thus they spring the weight of the person sitting down, make for a pleasant vibrating seat feeling and still are quite stable.

    Especially practical: stacking chairs

    If you want chairs that will put up a minimum of space and can be stowed in the basement, in the garage or in the attic, stacking chairs are the right choice. They work best when you have invited to a big group with many guests and quickly need plenty of seating. Another option for such cases, but also for small rooms or balconies simple folding chairs.

    With or without armrests?

    Decide in advance whether you prefer a chair with or without armrests. Most of the chairs are available in two variants. Although armrests take at a table one more space, but also provide greater comfort. Also check before buying whether the chairs fit under your dining table.

    The backrest

    The backrest is an important criterion. Especially large people often prefer a high back. It allows you to store the head or at least relax the shoulders for a moment. A semi-high back extends to the middle back. That is now very modern and quite cozy for shorter seats.

    Where you want to place your chair?

    Which chair set in which room, of course, is first a matter of taste. However, you should keep in mind that different chairs - also fulfill different purposes - depending on the shape and material.

    In the kitchen: practicality meets comfort

    In most kitchen. especially if they are small, the coffee in the morning, a quick breakfast or uncomplicated snack is served in the evening. A small but nice sitting area is ideal for short stay: table plus two chairs, ready! Who has a large kitchen, you can also set up a generous table with chairs. Kitchen chairs are manufactured in the classic version of wood. The emanating comfort. Those who prefer a more modern, relies on metal chairs in the industrial-chic. This can be wiped off easily when small mishaps happen with sleepy eyes. A decent cushion increases seating comfort.

    Please sit back again and feel good!

    Ask yourself in advance, with a clear separation of living and kitchen area, if they ever need chairs in the living room? Or are armchair and sofa may already sufficient? a dining area in the living room, the new furniture should adapt to the interior design. Which material always goes? Wood! However, be sure to combine too many different types of wood. Also leather chairs are a very classic choice. black leather seems to noble, brown and cream tones are modern and friendly. Even a typical living room furniture is of rattan. Remember that chair legs that are (eg parquet) on a non-abrasive solid ground, must always be provided with felt pads. The fact that the current trend is clearly open kitchens, the transition to the living room merges more and more. A kitchen chair is therefore no longer just a kitchen chair. He should fit well into the living area - and vice versa.

    Social gatherings in the dining room

    You are lucky and in your house or in your home is enough space for a dining room? Arrange your table and your chairs centrally in the room - for long dinners and social gatherings. Particularly popular at the moment is to combine a rustic wooden table with different chairs a style, such as plastic chairs in many different colors. That brings happiness directly to the dining tables. If you prefer a classic version, buy a matched set of table and chairs. Especially comfortable: Chairs with invite to spent several hours armrests and high backs.

    Desk chair Ergonomics

    You want to buy a new chair for your desk at home, you should keep in mind a lot. The nuts and bolts for a good office chairs is a high degree of comfort and mobility. Even on a day's work, he should ensure that the blood supply is not disturbed and muscles and intervertebral discs are sufficiently relaxed. This prevents physical ailments still active. The backrest should respond dynamically and support simultaneously. Particularly the lumbar spine should be kept optimal. An adjustable in height seat is recommended. Knees and legs should touch down at a 90-degree angle to the floor. Are you frequently at work on, armrests are not a must. They can even be disturbing. During prolonged sitting However, they are recommended - especially if their height can be adjusted. Then they relieve the arms, the neck and the shoulder area. Ideally, the elbows form a right angle when they loosely rest. Rolling on the foot enable rapid and flexible movement. But when choosing a desk chair, do not forget: First and foremost, you need to move itself in everyday office life by changing your position again and again. This is good for the body and promotes your health.

    Take it outside!

    For the terrace, balcony or garden, you should not rather opt for metal chairs because they can rust and heat up quickly in the sun. Garden chairs made of plastic or wood are much more appropriate. Be careful with the latter on a weatherproof glaze.

    Great materials for every home

    Chairs are made of different materials. Choose to taste the suitable for you style.

    Whether oak, pine or beech: wooden chairs instantly create a welcoming atmosphere and radiate warmth. They are particularly popular in the dining and kitchen area. They guarantee timeless design that still fits, even after many years. And if the taste does change, it can be changed by a paint coating.

    Chairs with fabricinvite you to linger. Even fans of unusual colors can make friends with upholstered chairs, because they are colorful patterned available in bright tones or. Some brands (eg Butler) provide in advance a fabric patterns to facilitate the decision for the right nuance.

    Plastic chairs are currently very popular. They look trendy and modern harmony but even with rustic wooden tables. They are especially convenient for families with young children, as they are clean again with just one wipe. Prolonged sitting is more comfortable with a pad or cushion. Even the garden or patio chairs are mostly made of plastic. With such a choice, you defy all weather conditions.

    Leather is a high quality choice for your chair, which usually guarantees longevity. Dark leather looks classy and classic, bright very modern in cognac or beige shades. Anyone with children or animals in the house, should choose a darker tone. Stains can be removed only with difficulty. A cheap and popular alternative is synthetic leather. It is well made, it is indistinguishable from genuine leather at first glance. Another plus: It is easy to clean with a damp cloth and a little detergent.

    Rattan is a natural material that is ideal for the country style. It creates a warm and intimate atmosphere. In most models of rattan seat cushions are already, as they increase comfort considerably. With rattan timeless comfort comes to live with you. Currently, the trend is coarse-mesh rattan.

    You have to live the good fortune in a loft apartment? Or you just want to get the modern industrial chic in your home? Then a metal chair fits perfectly purely up to you. The minimalist design, partly combined with a leather seat, is cool and pure.

    Seat cushions: Yes or no?

    If you have the need for more comfort, you can opt for a soft surface. In some chairs, this has even been integrated.

    Even if you sit too low, so if the arm can not rest on the table at the right angle, you should get a soft support. Incidentally, it may not always be special seat cushion. Small decorative throw pillow with pretty motifs or patterns may well be converted and thus give your interior a makeover upbeat.

    And why not even the wooden or plastic chairs decorate with sheepskin? That warms not only from below but is currently also completely modern.

    Something different: armchair and footstool

    like to spend long evenings with friends at the dinner table or drag also for reading newspapers or magazines on the sofa reluctant to? Then you might think about it, go up a chair. These models are well padded and have a comfortable height to be placed at a dining table. However, the usually very expansive pieces need more space: Plan it with one.

    A stool, however, takes up little space and is extremely practical. It is easy to store and retrieve it when you need a seat is needed. Bar stools are stylish home accessories, especially in open kitchens. You are standing at a counter. The lack of rest allows only a short sitting, but also a very transparent - for example for a quick breakfast or a cool drink in between.

    Models, colors, patterns: These are the chair Trends 2017

    The trends in the furniture industry promise for this year included a cheerful boho style. magnificent comfort and Scandinavian influences.

    • 2017 is comfortable, that's for sure! Round shapes instead of square edges. You know the Eames Chair? The design classic with the round piece plastic shell to merge with the seat and arm rests, is an inspiration for many imitators. His legs are on display - in retro style.
    • All love the Scandi-chic! Light wood, the typical backrest with spokes, Rustic combined with sheepskin and not forgetting the aforementioned Eames successor, especially in white and pastel. Many residential blogs have already picked up on this trend.
    • Housing experts predict more natural for this year. Light woods combined with beige and white. Combine it out chairs made of pine with a white lacquered table.
    • Leather is particularly in vogue when it comes cognac. It may look like it quiet used, so a bit worn.
    • Chairs made of Plexiglas are not only practical, but are just extremely high demand. For some retro flair in the kitchen or at the dining table.
    • The boho style is a big issue not only in the fashion world 2017th Furniture also decorate colorful patchwork fabrics or gaudy color combinations that are reminiscent of the casual hippie era.

    Do not be afraid to group different chairs at a table. but stay in the broadest sense at a style or a color family. How about, for example, with a bank on one side and chairs on the other side of the table? A beautiful, harmonious contrast.

    Take time for your purchase decision and advance collect ideas on blogs, in magazines or with friends. Consider also:

    • How long should be sitting on the chairs?
    • In which room the furniture finds its place? What is this? And with what style of chair is to harmonize?
    • Need chairs with a very stable stand? Or do you elegantly bobbing cantilever better?
    • Do you want more comfort with armrests, and have at the dinner table and the place for it?
    • often get visits or do you need only some occasions many seating?

    Basically, wooden chairs always fit. Metal and plastic chairs look very modern. A leather chair is a timeless classic and fabric and rattan provide immediate comfort. Be inspired by the latest trends in order to find the right chair for your home.

    An office chair should meet special requirements. So you do not suffer from back pain after a long day at work, he must be ergonomically designed and tailored to your body size.

    With these tips, you will surely find the right chair for yourself and your home.


    Seating for every occasion at Fashion For Home

    At work, at home while eating, reading, watching TV or relaxing under the stars: We have at all times not only convenient but also visually appealing seating available, there are chairs in many different designs and styles! Fashion For Home gives you suggestions for stylish seats: find with our help, the perfect seating for different living and everyday situations!

    Chairs are ranked on the list of essential furnishing elements very top: Whether at work at his desk, eating or relaxing: Often just the right chair makes life at home comfortable! Therefore, these pieces of furniture are standard features of an apartment. However, so that they not only have a practical use, but also do something for the atmosphere in your home, they should be chosen wisely. But not every chair is equally well suited for every application:

    Of dining chairs for example, we have completely different demands than on labor room chairs. Outdoor chairs that are used outdoors, must meet other criteria as kitchens or children's room chairs. In order to make the right choice for different areas in the purchase, it helps to work off a little checklist in advance that brings you one step closer to your desired furniture:

    • Use: How and where you will use a chair as a priority? Become a daily sit or rarely?
    • How much seating comfort make a wish? Does a nonholstered chair or should it be a comfortable padding? If the chair might even be ergonomically shaped, as they are to sit most of the day (executive chair for office)?
    • What role does the easy care. Dining room chairs and children are exposed to, for example, other requirements in this regard as office chairs.
    • If a chair also outside are used? If a weather resistance or appropriate treatment necessary?
    • Should special functions be present, such as removable covers, height adjustment or an adjustable tilt angle?

    Who advance makes some thoughts on place of use and intensity is much easier suitable seating! To prolong the enjoyment to be had in "perfect fitting" in the truest sense of the word new additions, it now goes to the fine-tuning in terms of stool Design: Should it fabric or wooden chairs. Metal or plastic furniture? What colors do you prefer and what fits into your existing furnishing concept?

    What good are the most extraordinary designer chairs. if you can not comfortably sit on them? The chair design should be based primarily on location and peak usage. To get an idea of ​​different variants, here is a small list of the most popular models.

    To a good dining chair we present some claims: He should be comfortable, very robust and easy to clean and also look good - after he completes visually the dining room arrangement of table and chairs. Upholstered chairs have the advantage that the seat and backrest is particularly convenient and thus perfectly suited for the worn-out dinner or long stay. Practically, washable covers or substances from easy-care materials, while sensitive references are rather unsuitable as dining and kitchen chairs are often used intensively. Wooden chairs or modern chairs are even more resistant and easier to maintain and therefore a good choice for households with children. In order to increase the seating comfort, they can be equipped as needed with soft pillows.

    Who likes to enjoy cozy dinners at family and friends, sitting in upholstered chairs with high backs best. Is not only the seat but also the back padded throughout, which not only provides comfort but also for a more elegant look. Those who buy a new dining table and chairs should definitely sit sample to determine whether table and chair fit for individual posture. Chair variants that combine subsequently to an existing table or furniture, you should try at home in the best case, to avoid any furniture differences. Exact Taking measurements is essential to ensure the future compatibility of various furniture.

    Even more than for dining room chairs applies to models that are used in the workplace: Comfort comes first! An office chair must ensure first and foremost that you should be comfortable with longer operation and risk a poor posture. Ergonomic chair design is therefore the first choice when it comes to office furniture. since tensions prevented the neck and head and back pain can be counteracted. When buying office chairs, make sure that your knees and elbows while sitting each form a 90 ° angle. An office chair, the armrest can be adjusted not only in height, but also in the back and, if necessary, supports your body while sitting optimal. When individual adjustment of the chair you is the staff in the retail happy to help. On the Internet, will also find many useful tips to help you find the ideal seating position for themselves. Even for the users of the best office chair but true: Regular exercise and a change in the seating position is essential for a healthy back.

    Depending on the application seating must be pretty tough! Whether they are exposed to changing weather conditions and ever new ideas: A solid build makes a chair into a true all-rounder, the so quickly brings nothing from the rest!

    What for office chairs and ergonomic styling, is for the garden chair weatherability: Stainless, easy to clean and resistant to cold rain and it should be! (Hard) wood chairs with corresponding impregnation are just as suitable as plastic chairs or easy to clean metal for outdoor use.

    In the nursery, the issue of security is essential: Seating should have as far as possible any sharp edges, a solid state to bring (less tipping!) And not be susceptible to dirt here. Easy to clean surfaces such as wood or plastic are ideal, because they absorb too zealous game phases in which like something is off target, be it juice, cocoa or wax or Water colors.

    Buy chairs is easy if you make in advance some thoughts on where your new furniture should be used, what criteria do you expect from them and what design you particularly responsive. Try that sometimes is in the eating, also applies to chairs. best course on site - It is beneficial to compare different models together is! Is there any chance to make a first impression of the final result by using virtual space designs may? Institution Expert advise you on the chair choice with expertise and a neutral eye. Also at Fashion For Home we offer you the opportunity to benefit from the expertise of our team and make your home exactly as you want it!

    Chairs are the icing on the cake, each dining table and can help shape the look of the overall cost significantly. When setting up you therefore have two options: you can bring to the chair design either a conscious break in style to the rest of the dining room furniture, or complete the existing look with the matching seating. No matter what you choose - at Fashion For Home, you can purchase cheap chairs in any style: Do you prefer the Scandinavian look. Then you have several chairs, made from natural materials and typical Nordic design language to choose from. Or rather retro. Many of our overstuffed chair variants are available in bright retro colors. Those who prefer other hand, simple and classic like discreet designer finds wooden chairs or with respect to any guarantees (dining) furnishings give the finishing touches to the online shop.


    buy chairs for each room cheap at ROLLER

    Special rooms for special occasions: Sure, that each of these rooms also needs special furniture. In the dining room, for example, comfort and convenience are at the forefront and thus dining chairs with the special characteristics of these requirements are here needed. Learn at ROLLER, such as chairs dining beautify and make can become a center for family time.

    As embellish dining chairs

    Dining Chairs contribute a great deal to coziness of a dining room, and not just in terms of seating comfort, but also in terms of ambience. Chairs in the dining room are usually upholstered chairs and / or armchairs and say those seats that radiate an immense calm and conviviality. Even at first glance, they agree the viewer in a warm atmosphere and invite you to actually sit and relax. Through their padded backrest and arms radiate class and style and help the dining room for a cozy flair.

    How to make chairs dining room comfortable

    This has been partially already mentioned: dining room chairs are upholstered chairs that are easy and comfortable with their soft seats for hours comfortably. But the appearance counts: The cushions can be, for example, covered with leather or with fine, robust materials and ensure a durable soft seating position. Furthermore, chairs are often equipped in the dining room also with armrests, for the same as for the backrests applies. Chairs for dining are just designed for long, cozy seats and therefore ideally equipped with backrests and cushions.

    When chairs leave room: Although designed as specialists, these chairs can but easily equipped dining room, the kitchen. When dining chairs with an emphasis on convenience, the chairs can leave the dining room and also be used for applications where guests could make it more comfortable, such as the living room or the kitchen. So you can divert to certain occasions the dining chairs as kitchen chairs and they just grouped place at the dining room table around the kitchen table. So these special chairs are located in the dining room and can be used almost anywhere in addition, where cozy up „reingesetzt“ shall be.


    dining chairs

    Take a seat - our beautiful dining room chairs

    Community food in the morning, at lunch or dinner is often the only time of the day when we all get together, we just push the stress of everyday life to the side and in which we take our time for each other. In addition to the pure pleasure of eating social gatherings, laughter and entertaining is the beautiful when eating. In many families, the dining area has therefore almost replaced the classic living room. You often lingers after eating for a long time at the table to resume talks to play or relax. Comfortable seating is indispensable. Classic wooden chairs can be just as convenient as plastic chairs or (artificial) leather, which are comfortably padded. in our assortment we have a wide selection of dining room chairs. Talk to us, we will help you!

    Dining room chairs - rounder in all living rooms

    The look of the chair should of course suit your taste. elected in a matching design, the individual dining chairs can be real eye-catchers in your dining area. Properly staged contribute dining room table chairs but everywhere in a homelike atmosphere and atmospheric setting in. It does not always have kitchen or dining room - even in other rooms dining room chairs can be used. Be at night deposit it in the bedroom, the clothes or in the den as additional seating for colleagues or guests. Equipped with a soft pillow, a sheepskin or blanket your chairs get a cozy touch, can be used variably and invite you to sit and relax.

    Dining chairs available in many colors

    We offer chairs for your dining room in the following colors:

    Our varieties of dining chairs

    Take a look at our different varieties and styles.

    • # 10004; with fabric
    • # 10004; leatherette
    • # 10004; rattan
    • # 10004; with or without armrests
    • # 10004; solid wood
    • # 10004; oak
    • # 10004; pine
    • # 10004; as a cantilever
    • # 10004; in antique style
    • # 10004; in vintage style
    • # 10004; and many more

    Cantilever, Armlehner or stacking chair - for every taste the right chair

    The choice of dining chairs is enormous. Whether cantilever with armrests or for stacking. Wooden, upholstered or plastic - in our range there is a wide range in which there is something for every taste. Chairs with armrests, for example, provide exceptional comfort. You can put your arms and make yourself really comfortable. At the same time the body is better supported and not tilt to one side while sitting away. Is the place to your dining table but tight, you should include this in your decision. Models with armrests need a little more space, because the width of the backrest is added to the seat surface. however, called a cantilever or rocking chair, take up only little space and can be ideally lined up at long tables next to each other. As the hind legs are missing, the chair still resonates with every body movement with a little. To sit at any time wonderfully relaxed. Depending on whether you opt for a chair set or for different single chairs, check whether the height and width to meet your requirements.

    The right chair height - so that you are sitting right!

    On what level you are at the loved one? The correct height determines an optimal sitting position. If you have a dining table, you should be guided by its height. Our interior design experts recommend a distance between seat height and table top of 30 cm. How far away, there is a tendency to a crooked back. A too large distance also provides a forced, unpleasant feeling of seating. Do you still do not have a dining table? Then choose the chairs free for your feelings. Only a few centimeters height difference often have a huge effect on our sitting experience.

    From exceptional to traditional - What is your favorite chair?

    Comfortable, practical and nice furnishings: dining room chairs must be many demands. Depending on what materials are the chairs, there are different looks. Dining chairs made of rattan, oak or birch wood reminiscent of nature and life in the country. The trendy country style can thus be easily spread and your premises exude a homey, attractive and above all cozy ambience. Pillows or animal skins complement this look perfect and make the dining area more cozy.

    The simple Skandi style is complemented with chairs made of oak in natural, white or pastel colors. With economical decoration, white walls and minimalist elements you conjure in your home your own little kingdom. Also, if you like the retro look, you are well advised with dining chairs, which are based on Skandi style.

    Timeless elegant appear room chairs with a material mixture of chrome-plated steel and synthetic leather. These chairs can be combined well to numerous dining tables and create a stylish, modern atmosphere everywhere.

    A real classic is the upholstered dining chair. With its integrated seat cushion he creates a perfect seating experience. Just take a look at our pre-made dining groups consisting of a dining table and matching chairs. Or would you prefer your dining table put together yourself? Then combine individual chairs of different materials and colors to suit your taste.

    Other furniture for dining room kitchen

    Back to overview Furniture Dining room; # 8249


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