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20 July 2017

Buy a desk chair online at ROLLER

Anyone who has ever worked in a sitting position, can confirm it: With the right desk chair it gets better, and it sits just better. Desk chairs are particularly specialized and tailored to their field of chairs. In the study, where everything should aim at organizing and productivity so that the work can be as fast and efficiently as possible take place, of course, the desk chair be an adequate staff. Learn how to buy furniture online ROLLER who work smart and cheap.

desk chairs

desk chairs

desk chairs

desk chairs

And in our field of office furniture. Desks, desk chairs, executive chairs – Just everything you need in the study in order to work properly. Let's start the working day: Especially for people who work a lot in the office, whether as an employee or at home in the home office, desk chairs are among the most important components of the office and are a purchase that should be in the truest sense of the word, sit. For seating comfort is important not only in the living room or dining room, but also where you spend each day about eight hours in the workplace.

Back pain is one of Germany's most common diseases. In addition to the wrong beds, it is mainly the seating, which indeed make many mistakes, but just can also be avoided. For the study, for example desk chair. We offer in our furniture shop on the Internet, numerous desk chairs with numerous adjustment for armrests, backrests and seats so that the desk chair is ideally suited to your seat needs. So the ideal desk chair is height adjustable and at the same time a flexible swivel chair with practical roles under your feet. The backrest should be flexible and consist of air-permeable material.

By the end of the first day with the new office chair you will have found your ideal setting. Many work chairs offer many opportunities to adjust the swivel chair or executive chair perfectly to the workplace and thus to be an ideal partner in the study here. Well then go times to work and look for your new ROLLER desk chair.

desk chairs


office chairs


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    You can not decide and need help with product selection?

    Office chairs for comfortable work on

    Anyone who regularly works at a desk knows what positive impact has the correct seating on productivity, motivation and well-being: How to sit, so you work. also submitted office chairs not insignificant given the appearance of your workplace.

    Office chairs - eye-catcher for Hinsetzer

    Whether you are looking for office chairs for yourself or your employees or seating for visitors and meeting rooms or waiting rooms: the range of OTTO maintains a wide range office chairs for you. The executive chair on swivel chairs and visitor chairs to rotation & Stool you will find the right seating for your workplace. Discover Chairs and Stools from many different manufacturers in different versions: Padded armrests, increased backs or special suspension systems are also popular features in selecting as reference material and form factor.

    Discover our entire range of furniture:

    Buying guides office chairs

    excellent line

    How much time per day to spend the Germans on average probably a day sitting? There are 179 minutes - mostly at work. but many office jobs, there are considerably more. And at home, it then goes on: banking, online shopping or PC games can finally be comfortable sitting in front of computer do. Long used in many households a room area or even an entire room as a home office. It is therefore important that you can easily and comfortably sit in your private office also without the back makes painfully evident is. modern office chairs therefore thought ergonomically to the last detail, the seating areas are soft enough to cushion movements and hard enough to support the body.

    Would you like to buy a new office chair? This Buyer's guide provides an overview of the most common models, their characteristics and the materials used. You can also get information in the following guide about the latest trends and seek clever tips for great seating comfort. So you will definitely find the right one for you office chair.

    Table of Contents

    gt; Back pain ade
    gt; The main thing compatible - the most important purchasing criteria
    gt; Swivel chair - the classic multifunctional
    gt; Executive chair - Luxury for body and soul
    gt; Orthopedic chairs - Help for the back
    gt; Cantilever - perfect second chair for your home office
    gt; Trend Meets Technology: So back-friendly design can be
    gt; Correct sitting to be learned
    gt; Conclusion

    Back pain ade

    Whether classic swivel chair, leather chair and high-tech model - high-quality chairs are always dynamic, resilient and easy to care for and adapt to different body proportions. Why is that so important? Because shoulders, spine and pelvis are sensitive to inappropriate office furniture. Who sits permanently wrong, risking long-term damage. Not for nothing, there are in this country for companies legal provisions that regulate the ergonomic nature of desktop workstations accurate. But even in your own home, a good office chair is useful if you work a lot while sitting. Those who want to get a new office chair, should pay attention to the ergonomics. To sit as home workers guaranteed as relaxed and comfortable as their colleagues in the office.

    The main thing compatible - the most important purchasing criteria

    When buying a new office chair many factors play a role. After all, you spend daily lot of time together - and a decade in the ideal case, because the average life of a good desk chair is between eight and twelve years.

    Of course, the office chair should look good. But even more important than a fancy design is theergonomic compatibility. Make yourself before buying clear which sitting habits you have. Ideal are office chairs with lockable tilt mechanism which can be adjusted in addition to the individual body weight.

    No matter which model you choose, pay attention to a weight-adjusted seat suspension and optimal cushioning. If the seat is too hard and inflexible, which can result in frequent and prolonged sitting in pain. therefore softer varieties better suited just for home workers. A current trend that comes from the medical gymnastics: so-called lumbar supports in ergonomic shapes that adapt to the natural curvature of the spine, forcing her back almost unnoticed to a healthy sitting posture.

    Also, not to be underestimated: the nature of the surface material. to go alone to personal taste is indeed seductive, but not advisable, because every surface has advantages and disadvantages that must be weighed it. Fine leather is very soft, timeless beautiful and durable, but sensitive and not very cheap. No wonder therefore, almost as elegant, but much easier to care for artificial leather variant is available in many modern offices. Which is easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth. Leatherette substances are also in various fashionable shades. The only drawback: On the little breathable material time seater quickly times a sweat. The problem you have not with fabric covers made of synthetic fibers; some can even be cleaned to 60 degrees in the washing machine. For households with children, this is often a real relief. The fabric covers are non-slip beyond. In return, these models sometimes look not quite as elegant.

    Swivel chair - the classic multifunctional

    The two-piece swivel chair on practical roles you know guarantees since childhood. The modern version scores with a comfortable molded seat, safety double rollers, sturdy hard plastic and upbeat look. of fresh bright colors of current trend shades like aquamarine to cheerful patterns and Disney motifs for the kids. In addition to a flexible back support many models are equipped with armrests that can also be adjusted in width, height and tilt. Make sure that the frame can be adjusted individually, best continuously by gas spring.

    Practical Tools: Tilt mechanism or a backrest which can be folded for a small break in between to the rear. The backrest should it extend to at least below the shoulder blades. Five rolls with brakes are now the minimum. Why choose a classic swivel base model made of durable plastic and without technical bells and whistles? It saves money and can be adjusted by its separate seat and back cushions pinpoint as many award same "one piece" in which both elements are fixed together.

    Some basic versions offer a simple breathable mesh covering for the backrest. The grids are often tight and inflexible, but can still adapt to the physical conditions of the user pleasant. These models are a bit cheaper, as a rule, some experts have suggested anyway for those perfectly adequate sitting only occasionally at their desks. Even with mesh cover "that grows" children and youth swivel chairs, which are adapted to the size of the offspring, score well in tests.

    Executive chair - Luxury for body and soul

    No question, cozy as it gets! The popular executive chair models have a wide seat with rich, thick upholstery, super flexible head, arms and back, and they can be by gas lift quickly adjusted continuously and precisely.

    A must for creative short break: an infinitely variable tilt mechanism! Look for breathable and ergonomics stressed material properties, a stable foot cross and safety double castors for carpets or hard floor castors for parquet.

    The remaining equipment of an executive chair depends on your individual preferences: If you want extra soft padding where you can sink into that wonderful? Comfortable armrests with soft pads for runs? XXL size? The demanding wishes fulfill many models without problems.

    tip. Who needs more space when working, most orders a model with retractable armrests. And those who value high-quality optics and durability, selects backs and feet made of aluminum or stainless steel.

    Executive chair owners like it often timeless classic. So, most types of chairs present in a seemingly noble art or genuine leather and elegant black or natural tones. Advantage: These materials and colors fit in pretty much every workspace. For Modebewusstere there are variants in trendy bright colors or 3-D designs. Highly mobile, this cozy piece of furniture is not, however, despite roles. Some models weigh over 20 kg.

    Orthopedic chairs - Help for the back

    Ergonomic swivel chairs same optically executive chairs, but are additionally equipped with a so-called point synchronous mechanism, optimally adjusts the seat, armrests and the backrest inclination and provides for dynamic sitting. They also have a special section that supports the pool particularly good. Extremely comfortable, the high backrest and extra neck support. Recommended for multi-seater with chronic pain.

    Cantilever - perfect second chair for your home office

    One-piece rocking chairs have an understated beauty and feathery-light comfort. Especially popular is the combination of timeless noble artificial leather in natural colors and cool chrome. Ideal forcozy corners Conference or occasional desk "assessors", especially if you choose a chair with cozy soft padding. However, the seat height of the most models is unadjustable and is between 45 and 48 cm.

    Trend Meets Technology: So back-friendly design can be

    A trend that will prevail in more and more offices and work rooms, turning or stool are. They look like jaunty little stool, but have it in them: seat dwarfs with fitness bonus. Those who sit without arm and back on a high-tech air cushion with shock absorbing system, automatically sets up on his torso and trained by the way back. In this type of dynamic sitting, you breathe deeper, stay alert and focused. The (regulated) oscillating effect of the height-adjustable chair dwarf keeps the entire body flexible. And because the fitness stool also occurs in fresh trend colors and trendy chrome look, he is currently a favorite of furniture designer scene. An ideal alternative for desk workers, who are not afraid to change their sitting habits. Be careful in choosing that you can adjust the height of your model so that you can take the right one for you sitting position.

    Correct sitting to be learned

    Innovations such as the fitness stool capture the spirit of the time, because according to insurance statistics suffer more than two thirds of all office and computer workers from chronic back pain. This is not surprising, because for sitting for hours we are not created. A long day at the desk is therefore a real ordeal for intervertebral discs and spine. Who observed some ergonomic rules. However, can prevent.

    • Tune the heights of desk and office chair properly with one another: Sit upright with at least a right angle at the knee and the elbow area. This prevents tension.
    • Provide even sitting down for a change. Experts recommend to change three or four times per hour the position. Long hours motionless on-the-computer-squatting, possibly with constant circular or übergeradem back, you pays your body home painful.
    • Stay active! Expert rule for a healthy day at the desk: 60% dynamic sitting, 30% standing and 10% movement.

    You'll also be choosing your office chair time, watch everyday your attitude and possibly recurring movements. How often and how long you work at a desk? Feel then often tense?

    Find out then calmly. After all, you want a rugged, comfortable and longtime ideally companion, perfect your musculoskeletal system adapts, even on a long day's work in the home office. Make sure the product description on details such as " ergonomics stressed "," anti-static "or" breathable ". The latter saves sweaty moments in the summer, especially on synthetic leather armchairs.

    These questions include on your checklist:

    • What do I need to be able to sit comfortably? Pull the purchase not only possible complaints, but also your height and weight into account. Standard chairs have a seating depth of 38 to 44 cm, up to 48 cm wide and carry up to 150 kg in weight.
    • What experts say? Take a look at seal of approval, TUV and GS mark and on (environmental) certificates. If you suffer from chronic pain, you prefer the new purchase additionally consult your specialist.
    • How robust is my desk chair be? The noble office a designer executive chair made of genuine leather fits perfectly. indestructible plastic chrome models are recommended to leave their surfaces be cleaned easily for children's bedroom.
    • How will I allow myself a lot of luxury? Ergonomically sound, manually adjustable desk chairs are to have for little money. Who wants high-tech, designer models, high-quality covers and elaborate upholstery must dig deeper into their pockets. However, for that you get a durable, solid processed product in a corresponding top quality.


    office chairs & buy office chairs in top quality online

    Discover our wide selection of top current office chairs and desk chairs. Brand quality classic and modern design uncompromising favorable. In moebelshop24 you get everything from one source. From simple stacking chair, cheap ergonomic office chair up to the high-quality "sensorimotor-activated" seating solution for all work areas.

    desk chairs

    desk chairs

    desk chairs

    desk chairs

    desk chairs

    desk chairs

    desk chairs

    desk chairs

    desk chairs

    desk chairs

    Small selection of our office chair highlights 2017

    Here are some BESTSELLERS from our extensive range of office chairs:

    Ergonomic office chairs & Desk chairs for comfortable work

    The several hours daily sitting at work is a most unnatural position for which the human body is not made. Without an ergonomic desk chair this sitting position over time leads to tension, back pain and in the worst case have a herniated disc result.

    Back problems have long been a disease of civilization - an average of one-third of 35 is suffering - 50 years already from chronic back pain. Therefore an ergonomic chair in every workplace is a must. It provides comfort and promotes healthy sitting. But comfortable office chairs not only prevent health problems, they also encourage the concentration and to increase efficiency. Now Benefit from a desk chair that is back-friendly and visually convincing!

    The main office chair types

    An incorrect type of office chair that is not designed for the needs of the user, can hurt your back. Therefore it is extremely important to consider before buying that office chair really is and makes the personal demands in everyday work bill. Basically, people who carry a so-called seat job, the choice between these different types of ergonomic office chairs:

    • practical and stable swivel chairs
    • highly functional executive chair
    • powerful design conference chairs
    • ergonomic chairs
    • dynamic spa chairs
    • shapely Project chairs
    • back-friendly Orthopedic Chairs
    • heavy-duty XXL and 24-Chairs

    In addition, can be found in the category winner only office chairs of the highest quality and with the best comfort. A suitable supplement also represent our practical protective mats to protect carpets or hard floors from wear.

    recognize quality office chairs - the features in detail

    Whether classic swivel chair, high-tech office chair or leather chair - a high-quality office chair is dynamic, easy to clean and durable. It also adapts to different body proportions. An ergonomic office chair plays an important role in workplace ergonomics. But when buying many factors must be taken into account. After all, the desk chair is mostly used daily.

    Certainly, the visual appearance is important, but more important than a modern design is the ergonomic compatibility. And again hanging on the individual sitting habits. Especially recommended are office chairs that have a lockable tilt mechanism, these chairs are also adjustable to the body weight.

    The model itself is of secondary importance, but it should be urgently taken to a weight-adjusted seat spring and good cushioning. If the seat to be hard and inflexible, which inevitably results in prolonged sitting in pain. Softer versions are therefore better.

    From medical gymnastics originate office chairs that feature lumbar supports in ergonomic shapes. In a natural curvature of the spine they adapt to and force her back to a healthy sitting posture. The Sitzneigverstellung is part of many ergonomic desk chairs. It causes a subtle inclination of the seat. This pelvis is tilted forward and encouraged the spinal column.

    Another issue is the nature of the surface material. Certainly the personal taste plays a role. but in addition it should be noted that each material has its advantages and disadvantages. The computer chair with noble leather surface is timeless, elegant and beautiful - but also sensitive and not necessarily inexpensive. In contrast, the artificial leather variant is much stronger and much cheaper. This chair can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. However, a minor disadvantage is that the material is not very breathable. Here you can work up a sweat in the summer so well.

    This issue is unnecessary for fabric covers made of synthetic fibers. This also can be cleaned at up to 60 degrees in the washing machine and are characterized by non-slip characteristics. In the office chair respect therefore should be carefully weighed, which material is useful.

    Office chair - with or armrests?

    Armrests are purely a matter of habit. Surely there is an office chair without a back, but from a health perspective it should not be waived. They relieve upper arms and shoulders and are thus able to avoid tension in the range of neck and cervical vertebrae.

    Very important is, of course, that the armrests are both height and depth. Just as an individual and optimum seating comfort is possible. Furthermore, a lateral adjustment of the armrest is a plus point that offer many models. So that the tendons of the hand are effectively relieved - appreciate especially people with mouse arm, tennis elbow or golf elbow a circumstance.

    At least 20 cm long, the armrests should be - and 4 cm wide. They are then positioned correctly if they are on the seat between 20 to 25 cm.

    Those who absolutely can not make friends with the rest, has the ability to draw on an office chair without armrests. Although this is not recommended from an ergonomic standpoint.

    The backrest of office chairs - the perfect stabilization for the back

    Healthy office chairs are characterized by a good back support. Its task is to support the back as possible. Individual settings in this area of ​​great importance. Is the office chair on a bad back, the backrest has a back pressure. This is adjusted so that the backrest follows without the assistance of the seated movements and neither too strong nor too easy tips. Back support office chairs are always adapted to the natural shape of the spine. For added support make chairs that feature at the bottom of a vault - the so-called lumbar support. This stabilized primarily the lumbar spine and is known for its distinctive ergonomic form.

    The seat of desk chairs - anatomically and comfortable

    The seat is made anatomically and encourages the take advantage of the entire area. Only in this case, the important contact between back and backrest is in fact ensured. A convenient desk chair is equipped inter alia with a flat rounded front seat edge. This prevents causing circulatory problems in the legs.

    The general blood circulation is promoted by a slightly sloping to the front seat. It prevents the sitter makes a curved back and in turn supports the upright position of the pelvis.

    Decisive for the seat comfort is a seat-depth adjustment in order to minimize the pressure against the knee and so prevent circulatory disturbances. A good foam quality distinguishes the seat. This is important so that the restoring force scores with long-life properties and the chair is not worn-out after a short time. Finally, only the seat surface absorbs more than 70 percent of body weight.

    Not only in the armrests certain dimensions must be met, this also applies to the backrest. The seat height ideally ranges from 42 to 50 cm. The angle between the upper and lower legs is 90 degrees, then it is called an optimum seating position. The seat height is adjusted correctly if the pressure on the ischial tuberosity is only slight. Thus, an unhindered flow of blood is backed up from the legs.

    The headrest or headrest - comfortable relief for neck and back

    A wonderful relief option for cervical spine and back is the headrest. Is an office chair ergonomic, it is often equipped with this extra that definitely has its advantages. However, to benefit from the assisted must be precisely matched to the cervical spine. There are several variations in the height adjustment. Which is especially important here personal well-being. Either the support cushion is used as a headrest or headrest. The depth setting must be made so that the head does not "fall in the neck" and will not be pushed forward.

    find the right office chairs for each weight class - the resilience

    Dynamic sitting is ideal promoted by the synchronous mechanism. This mechanism helps to synchronous and body-contoured movements of the backrest and seat surface, whereby the back ever has direct contact with the backrest. In addition, the mechanism promotes dynamism when sitting. This in turn stimulates the metabolic process and the result, that the muscles are always supplied with a sufficient amount of oxygen.

    Furthermore, a universal setting the personal body weight is possible. Good office chairs are therefore able to provide the same effects in heavy and light users. This of course only to a certain degree: executive chair and desk chairs are mostly limited resilient. How much weight wearing office chairs, largely depends on the manufacturer.

    Heavier people should your own health's sake to XXL and draw 24-Chairs, which have been designed in terms of material and workmanship for above-average loads. In our assortment we offer XXL executive chair and XXL office chairs convince with their indestructible quality. This chair is ergonomic, modern, maintenance-free and robust. Up to 150 kg are no challenge for this desk chairs. Thus, these models go far beyond the usual requirements normally beyond.

    The right roles for the respective flooring

    Office chairs without castors are atypical, the classic desk chair is equipped with practical roles. But this can vary significantly depending on the chair. High-quality office chairs are either ordered with hard or soft rolls.

    • Hard wheels - these roles are ideally suited for use on carpets
    • Soft rolls - the soft rollers are externally rubber coated, and preferably intended for use on hard surfaces

    sit properly - how it works

    The daily sitting at a desk is a torture for the body - even if the workstation is ergonomically furnished. With a few simple ground rules, however, back pain can be optimally prevent. Desk and desk chair must be perfectly matched. They prevent tension when you sit upright with at least a right angle at the elbow and knee area.

    Stay awake! An expert rule for a healthy working states that you must pay attention to a good mix: 60% dynamic sitting, 30% standing and 10% movement.

    Variety is the alpha and omega experts advise to change the seat position per hour between three and four times. Who motionless sitting for hours in front of the computer, which risked back pain and tension. Since a healthy office chair does not use much. Ergonomic chairs, you should not share with colleagues, because that would adversely affect the ergonomic requirements.

    For more information on office chairs

    Work chairs, visitor chairs, conference chairs and stools - the perfect complement

    The work chair should be perfectly matched to the user. Is a desk chair ergonomic, then the work can be easily and gently do. However, not always is the classic office chair is the right choice. Therefore, there is next to the typical desk chair many other office chairs and office chairs that offer themselves as an alternative.

    An office stool is ergonomic - pending from its use. There are many jobs that offer less for computer chairs. Then the employees benefit greatly from the practical, comfortable office stool that there are also in different designs. Apart from the stool there for the office and visitor chairs or conference chairs, and stacking chairs that inspire comfort and always offer an ergonomic advantage.

    Modern desk chairs for the tasteful

    Quality and functionality - the need to provide office chairs mandatory. Would you buy the office chairs that are of high quality, you must not miss a tasteful design. For an ergonomic desk chair can also visually points. They want an office chair in red or an office chair in black? Then browse through our extensive range. Also an office chair in blue can be found in no time.

    A true classic is certainly the desk chair in black - modern or subtle, but you alone decide. For this, each desk chair is favorable. The reference for the office chair you can choose from a variety of materials that present themselves in modern colors. Order the elegant executive chair and set up your workspace very stylish one. Modern office chairs in other attractive colors are available as well. To order office chairs online is a breeze thanks to our wide selection.

    Whether Berlin, Hamburg or Munich - can buy now office chair online and deliver

    Our office chairs are characterized by high quality and a modern design. They invest in best quality brand and get an ergonomic, comfortable and multi-adjustable office chair that promises high seating comfort.

    Browse through our extensive range and discover ergonomic office chairs in various versions. Modern desk chairs or rather elegant executive chair - guaranteed place in our office chair offer the right solution. Whether you want to have office chairs to Berlin or Mannheim deliver, does not matter, because we offer excellent customer service and fast delivery.

    Your satisfaction is important to us, whether you want to buy a new desk chair or any other product from our range of quality office furniture. For this reason, we offer office chairs discounted that are characterized by first-class quality and ergonomics. Would you buy a good and durable office chair, you've come to the right place!

    It does not matter to is what kind of chair. Do you want to have delivered your office chairs to Hamburg or need the office chairs in Munich? We deliver throughout Germany and bring your new office chair to where you want it. Order cheap office chairs and set up your workspace ergonomically. Next to the office this desk chairs are an asset in the home office.


    Ergonomic office chairs

    Office life many people spend several hours a day sitting down - often we will spend more time sitting than lying in bed. All the more important for a healthy back, there is the conscious choice of the chair.

    Modern office chairs support a healthy, dynamic sitting with lumbar support, armrests, headrests and special mechanisms. It is important that the chair is adjusted individually to your height and your weight. Best not only in the seat height, but also in all the details such as the backrest height or the position of the armrests. People with large or heavy physique need a XXL chair. which enters exactly to the respective requirements.

    An ergonomic office chair can be inexpensive yet high quality - as Officechair24 shows for many years. Our experts are always there for you looking for modern affordable and attractive boss nettles and swivel chairs. Browse to find the right chair in our large assortment and.

    Comprehensive range of chairs and seats

    stool and Stools are generally more mobile and less bulky than office chairs and are suitable for example for work at the bench, in the lab or doctor's office. Look for easy-care materials and high stability at the desk chairs.

    Chairs without wheels are usually as visitors chairs used in the waiting area. They are available as classic models with legs or as cantilever.

    Especially in children, an ergonomic work place for homework and craft work is crucial. You will find many that grows children's chairs .

    Floor mats protect your flooring and ensure an optimal roll behavior. Hard floor casters are suitable for tiles, parquet and laminate. Footrests encourage dynamic sitting and provide relaxation even with longer working hours.


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    You get the complete article with test table (incl. PDF, 6 pages).

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    All tested writing # 173; table # 173; st # 252; hle have a so-called synchronous # 173; mechanics. Is she acti # 173; fourth, f # 246; it promotes a h # 228; ufigen change of seat # 173; position - physicians recommend this as dyna # 173; premix seats. the seat occupant leans to the backrest backwards, at the same time raises the seat # 173; leading edge in a given Ratio # 228; ltnis upward. In the rocker, the K # 246 stretches, body slightly, muscles and joints moving. The lower R # 252; CKEN remains abge # 173; st # 252; TZT. Many models offer a high seat # 173; comfort. But not all sit on all equally good. Particularly f # 252; r High # 173; grown is the Sitzh # 246; he many St # 252; hle tight. Especially very large # 223; s or small people should sit test before buying and pr # 252; fen whether the chair on her Ma # 223; adapt e l # 228; sst.

    Special rolls are to avoid scratches

    Good roles are less f # 252; r user as f # 252; r their Fu # 223; b # 246; the important. If the R # 228; girl not flat on, k # 246; they can floor coverings # 228; ge dam # 228; ended. The testers pr # 252; ften both the included hard rolls f # 252; r carpet and each with the same provider erh # 228; ltlichen soft rolls. Which should be f # 252; r own boards, parquet and laminate. However, some are so sharp that it grooves and scratches on Fu # 223; can b # 246; the left k # 246th

    Tip: Buying f # 252; r wood and laminate flooring suitable roles. They are usually gray jacketed. Even safer are special, mostly through # 173; cautious protection # 173; matt f # 252; r the ground.

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