Desk chair test

20 July 2017

Write # 173; table # 173; st # 252; hle: F # 252; nf models # 252; about # 173; witness the test

© Stiftung Warentest

A good rotating # 173; chair is ergonomically # 173 fits; mixing of its user and f # 246; promoted by a rocker # 173; funk # 173; tion active sitting. In the test write of 13 # 173; table # 173; st # 252; choose f # 252; rs native B # 252; ro succeed several models. Several of the 150 to 300-euro St # 252; hle bl # 228; smile but in continuous # 173; test, open # 173; cash Sure # 173; and beauty # 173; m # 228; ngel or fall by the harmful # 173 ; material # 173; pr # 252; fung. Important f # 252; r owner sensitive Wood # 173; fu # 223; b # 246; den: the roles of some St # 252; hle are so sharp that they leave scarring k # 246; can. You should only get better with a floor # 173; use matte; protection # 173rd

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Test write # 173; table # 173; st # 252; hle test 02/2017

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People with B # 252; t sit rojob # 228; was like 11 hours

By # 173; section # 173; lich about seven hours a day spent here # 173; each zulande sitting, people with B # 252; rojob even sit long eleven hours. The show repr # 228; sentative surveys of Sport # 173; physicians. Healthy # 173; and beauty # 173; f # 246; rdernd is not. "Our K # 246; is body not f # 252; designed r a long static posture, whether sitting, standing or lying down," says Matthias Hartwig, ergonomics # 173; expert at the Federal # 173; institution f # 252; r work # 173; medicine, protection and labor # 173rd Sitting for long periods can not only cardio # 173; running problems f # 252; hear, but also to musculoskeletal disorders. "To prevent them, is a good B # 252; ro # 173; chair crucial that one individual adapts," says Hartwig.

F # 252; nf models # 252; about # 173; witness

If even sit, then right. This is especially true f # 252; r write # 173; table # 173; st # 252; hle, where students, Heim # 173; workers and some Internet users # 228; similar long sit as employees in B # 252; ros. Therefore, m # 252; SEN turn # 252; hle f # 252; r domestic use in the test # 228; Similar requirements erf # 252; cases such as the f # 252; r professionals. In the laboratory pr # 252; we ften how well they the R # 252 PUSH abst # 252; tzen whether the t # 228; withstand matched loads and whether their roles carpet and wood # 173; b # 246; conserve , Only f # 252; nf St # 252; hle are good overall. The other open # 173; cash diverse Sw # 228; chen: broken seat # 173; fl # 228; chen in continuous # 173; test, roles that scratch the ground or pinching or crushing # 173; provide that the fingers Found # 228; hr # 173; lich are k # 246; can. Several St # 252; hle are deficient - due to excessive harmful # 173; material # 173; levels or gef # 228; hr # 173; lich sharp edges at the gas spring - which is the S # 228; ule for adjusting the seat height # 246; he.

Gro # 223; s not sit on all St # 252; choose good

All tested writing # 173; table # 173; st # 252; hle have a so-called synchronous # 173; mechanics. Is she acti # 173; fourth, f # 246; it promotes a h # 228; ufigen change of seat # 173; position - physicians recommend this as dyna # 173; premix seats. the seat occupant leans to the backrest backwards, at the same time raises the seat # 173; leading edge in a given Ratio # 228; ltnis upward. In the rocker, the K # 246 stretches, body slightly, muscles and joints moving. The lower R # 252; CKEN remains abge # 173; st # 252; TZT. Many models offer a high seat # 173; comfort. But not all sit on all equally good. Particularly f # 252; r High # 173; grown is the Sitzh # 246; he many St # 252; hle tight. Especially very large # 223; s or small people should sit test before buying and pr # 252; fen whether the chair on her Ma # 223; adapt e l # 228; sst.

Special rolls are to avoid scratches

Good roles are less f # 252; r user as f # 252; r their Fu # 223; b # 246; the important. If the R # 228; girl not flat on, k # 246; they can floor coverings # 228; ge dam # 228; ended. The testers pr # 252; ften both the included hard rolls f # 252; r carpet and each with the same provider erh # 228; ltlichen soft rolls. Which should be f # 252; r own boards, parquet and laminate. However, some are so sharp that it grooves and scratches on Fu # 223; can b # 246; the left k # 246th

Tip: Buying f # 252; r wood and laminate flooring suitable roles. They are usually gray jacketed. Even safer are special, mostly through # 173; cautious protection # 173; matt f # 252; r the ground.

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"Stiftung Warentest" tested 13 office chairs | Ikea does back good!

According to estimates of the health insurance suffer seven out of ten Germans from back pain, even every eighth day! No wonder: German sit an average of seven hours a day, people with office job even eleven hours.

Stiftung Warentest, Edition February 2017 5.70 euros

Reason enough to deal for "Stiftung Warentest" with the theme of office chairs incoming - because a good chair is already half the battle on the way to a healthier back! 13 models took the tester under the microscope, examined how well they support the back, how long they can withstand loads and whether they easy to use, safe, and their roles are floor gently. Recently they tested also the pollutant content.

Conclusion: At Ikea - because there is the test winner. Small drawback: A bargain he is not at least 229 euros ...

The three winners and two losers test in detail

Tops and Flops

1st place: Volmar from Ikea

Test result: High seating comfort thanks to its solid cushion. Very durable. Gentle Universal roles for all floors. Only weakness: It rolls off easily when you get up.

Photo: Stiftung Warentest

Seat 2: Net Motion of Nowy Styl

Test result: Is very easy to assemble and adjust the rollers are durable and protect the soil. The back has an adjustable support for the lower back, seat cushion very soft.

Photo: Stiftung Warentest

3rd place: swivel chair by Hoffner

Test result: Most suitable for tall people, very durable, soft cushion with time. The support for the lower back is not adjustable, backrest height and seat depth. Note: you can pinch your fingers on the seat base.

Photo: Stiftung Warentest

Last place: Mayer Spirit

The last place with a score of 5.0, the Porto Max High of HJH Office share (280 euros) and the Spirit of Mayer (186 euros).

Of the Mayer Spirit fell through the emission test, too high with PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) was loaded into the armrests. In addition, he fell to negative due to sharp edges on the gas spring (column for adjusting the seat height).

Photo: Stiftung Warentest

Last place II: HJH Office Porto Max Hig

The last place with a score of 5.0, the Porto Max High of HJH Office share (280 euros) and the Spirit of Mayer (186 euros).

Of the HJH Office Porto Max High left very sharp-edged rollers, the grooves and scratches on the floor. In terms of comfort, durability and handling both chairs were mediocre, there is also the risk of catching your fingers. Since there is no mention of this danger, both chairs were rated 5.0 in the "labeling".

Photo: Stiftung Warentest

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office chairs

Guide to office chairs

Children's models - Health and safety

Desk chair test

Children and youth swivel chairs are not just a small version of office chairs for adults, they must meet additional requirements. While the ergonomics, also plays a crucial role because the child's body is still growing. Who his child, the (tapered) thesis of some developers, now offers no ergonomically refined seating, verschludert an important task with which he was to torpedo a hunched back and Fläzhaltung time. But beyond always count in the nursery also security and stability.

The same minimum requirements for ergonomics as with adults chairs
Since the bondage can not be voided on the desk chair even for children and young people, the ergonomics in terms of adaptation to the body is through various adjustments very important for back-friendly seats and a conscious approach to seating. In principle, the same minimum requirements for a child-Kreuzfußstuhl as for any other office chair: it m ust about dynamic properties Availability checked Desk chair test which does not restrict the varied and activity-dependent changes in posture, but they effectively support gen - such as the requirement of the Campaign for Healthier Backs (AGR). In addition, it must withstand the high loads of kids furniture and be made of sturdy materials. In addition, care should be taken to a basic stability, so that the chair does not tilt, including child forward or backward - a central task of Fußkreuzes. Whether this is expansive enough can be detected easily: Are at a top view of the roles are not covered by the seat part, the diameter of the Fußkreuzes is sufficiently large.

Desk chair test Unit of chair and table = Ergonomics
An ideal children's swivel chair grows with the child, backrest and seat surface (horizontal and vertical) can thereby be adjusted flexibly. To protect his child in front of a screwed-up for all times backbone does not need to be bought, equipped with a number of buttons and levers the most expensive model for 300 euros - although resourceful developers always think up new ideas from lucrative ergonomics. A trend are sitting balls similar chairs that dispense entirely with back and arm and activate the natural movement impulses of children. are popular further models with only half-height backrests for resting the forearms. In particular, VS United Spezialmöbelfabriken and the company include the Marlow furniture have in the new ergonomics in the lead, and no less innovative themselves want Aeris ( "Swopper") or Mayer ( "Torro Sit") present their clientele. Banal, but no less important is the interplay of chair and table, which should result in a harmonious whole. is Finally, pay particular attention to a wide range of adjustment of seat height and a large load, so that the chair can also be used for a long time. TÜV or GS seal guarantee quality.

Product knowledge and further tests to desk chairs

Not only to look FACTS 5/2015 - 1949 designed by the architect and designer Egon Eiermann for Wilde & Spieth a swivel chair that should adapt to the needs of the people in its form and function. He integrated a seat tilt, height adjustment and a tilting backrest, creating one of the models of today's modern office chairs. The S 197 is a welcome to today - and owned - classic in offices of architects, artists and designers. And he is more than a status symbol or a beautiful design object. In check is an office swivel chair that did not receive final score was. served as test criteria of functionality, design and price.

Movement with style FACTS 4/2015 - At the new swivel chair W1 C WAGNER Dondola connects the seat joint with a car synchronous mechanism and packaged in the technology an attractive design. The promise: moving integrate into everyday work and thus prevent back pain. The magazine FACTS took a desk chair in inspection and assessed this as "very good". The valuation was based on the criteria ergonomics, functionality, design and price.

Full equipment for bargain hunters FACTS 10/2014 - The, CoSe'-Chair is a proprietary development of spatial planning and development company Connect Sense and is sold exclusively through the furnishers 4d-room factory. Striking is already standard very extensive facilities - reason enough for Facts, the, COSE 'to check its functionality and comfort back. In check an office swivel chair that received the overall rating "very good" was. Among the test criteria included functionality, finish, seating comfort and ergonomics.

Everything must Go! Business IT 5/2012 - outsourcing in general and tasking in the form of co-location in particular are important value drivers in the coming years - if you choose the right service provider. In Special BusinessWeek & IT (issue 5/2012) it goes to 18 pages to outsourcing and Co. The topics are: outsourcing has become a trend, business process outsourcing, managed services, Big Data hosting and software quality testing.

A good friend The office 1/2014 - Caution! Quality office chair! ', Warned big letters on the box in which the Friend was delivered by Office Master. The accompanying letter promised, the chair support, the correct and healthy sitting '. The editors of The Office has tested it. Sebastian Klöß reported. In the field test was an office chair. An endnote he did not get.

A new top star FACTS 9/2016 - With the Net Pro 100 presents the seating expert Topstar another chair with a mesh backrest. What makes this chair and how it is reflected in the office everyday, shows the FACTS test. Put to the test an office chair was. He received a "very good". served as test criteria seating comfort, functionality, design and handling.

stay healthy in style FACTS Special 2013/2014 Law and Economics (4/2013) - back pain hurts not only the employee but also the employer, as this sick days of employees arise, result in substantial costs. Office chairs such as the Delta-RS 'delta V needed to tackle. In the check was an office chair, which was awarded a rating of "very good". served as test criteria of quality, functionality, ergonomics and price.

Separation system Business IT 5/2012 - implement a workforce reduction agreed is one of the most difficult tasks for managers. Even when legally performed correctly it has many pitfalls and psychosocial risks that linger long. This article provides recommendations for a professional, fair and economically successful separation management.

Financing models make # 039; s possible FACTS 7/2012 - investment even in times of tight budgets - which makes financing possible. It is not only vehicles can lease, but also finance all the office equipment in different ways. FACTS shows some calculation examples in a market overview. The 12-page informs FACTS (7/2012) on the lease of office furniture. the costs are calculated based on 5 examples.

Ready for the Olympics Business IT 3/2012 - When the athletes present at the Olympic Games 2012 in London millions of viewers in top form, they have an intense preparation phase behind. Like the athletes, the IT specialists will be well prepared in the background: Around 200,000 hours testing Atos IT infrastructure ahead of the Summer Games. Even in IT projects in enterprises is targeted load and performance tests pay off quickly.

Beurer MC 2000 HCT-Office: Massage office chair Technology to 3/2011 - Who sits at a desk, often suffers from tensions and seeking rest and relaxation. The new Massage office chair Beurer, it is enough to interrupt his work short and sit back, relax. The piece of furniture is desk chair and masseur in one.

Light and easily digestible FACTS 6/2016 - In addition, the fabric for a good seat climate. arrived safely also with the editors is the synchronous mechanism, the Inter chair # 034; Bodyfloat # 034; lists. The backrest is so tied to the chair, that the seat is lowered when leaning back and goes to the back. The # 034; floating feeling # 034 ;, which the user can feel it, is something special. In terms of operation there is nothing wrong with the AirPad.

Room to breathe FACTS 5/2016 - There is no heat accumulation, the office chair can back quasi breathing room. Secondly, the shape of the backrest turned out to be particularly ergonomic: According Topstar is namely - apart from the beautiful appearance - # 034; in perfectionist Form # 034; adapted to the back. The ergonomic contour and the object resulting from the special shape of the lumbar support to give the spine support. And exactly this feeling of support had all subjects, even after several hours of sitting.

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promote modern office chairs with synchronous mechanism and support the desire of the body after exercise, by causing a rocking chair effect. Entarretierbare backrest in Asynchronmechanik contrast swing permanently with the body. Ergonomically beneficial are also divided, separately movable backrest. Executive chairs are upholstered with fine leather. Chairs, which allow only a more or less comfortable, but static posture have had its day in the office long ago. Instead, support or encourage modern office chairs, the flexibility of the body and thus promote the so-called active-dynamic sitting by alternately loading and unloading. Is crucial, therefore, that an office chair can be adjusted to both the individual body stature (height, weight, width) as well as the conditions attached to various activities postures actively supported (bent forward in writing, middle seating position when telephoning, relaxed reserve when reading). this is implemented by a number of facilities for technological. In chairs with synchronous mechanism also at the same time, the inclination angle of the seat changes in the inclination of the backrest. This automatically moves the body ( "rocking chair" effect) and the blood flow is promoted. In contrast, let in the lower-priced Asynchronmechanik separately adjust the backrest and seat. Useful is the ability to fully unlocking the backrest so that they resonate permanently with the movements of the body. this also lacks the ability to adjust the seat, there is a permanent contact mechanism. For particularly large or small people but an adjustable forward or back seat depth is better for the knees are free. Also for the backrest is generally true that they should adapt to the back ergonomic. In the equipment you have the choice between padded backrest with adjustable lumbar supports exactly, but respond with their passivity very limited to movements of the body here. are better here vertically or horizontally divided backrest, which are separately movable. While the former are recommended, for example, for heavy people. Although net coverings on backrests are relatively comfortable in the summer, but can also be at a fixed covering especially in terms of point elasticity to be desired. Chefsessel Office chairs are known, which are covered with fine leather and thereby act representative than their counterparts in the antechambers.


Office chair test and review the best models in 2017

Desk chair testMany people spend, whether in the office or at home in front of computer several hours a day on an office chair. It is therefore important that the office chair fulfills all the important criteria for a healthy, dynamic and back-friendly sitting is. has made the office chair test and shows you where you can order the best office chairs cheap.

What type of office chair you looking for?

Popular office chair brands

Office Chair Test 2017

Price: Make: Type:

Results 1 - 48 out of 147

Desk chair testDesk chair test Topstar
9020A G20 trend SY 1 119.89 € 239.00 €

Desk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair test

  • Comfortable
  • can be rolled easily
  • Price-performance
  • back-friendly

Desk chair testDesk chair test Topstar
Titanium Junior 108.90 € 113.99 €

Desk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair test

Desk chair testDesk chair test HJH Office
621600 Palatine 119.90 € 139.90 €

Desk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair test

Desk chair testDesk chair test Topstar
SI69 G20 94.99 € 199.00 €

Desk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair test

Desk chair testDesk chair test Amstyle
Race 129.95 € 154.95 €

Desk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair test

Desk chair testDesk chair test Topstar
70570BB10 69.90 € 73,55 €

Desk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair test

Desk chair testDesk chair test Topstar
ST19UG20 Sitness 15 157.90 € 399.00 €

Desk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair testDesk chair test

  • ?Equipment
  • Comfortable
  • can be rolled easily
  • back-friendly

Ergonomics in the workplace with the right office chair

Desk chair testOffice chairs are far more than a simple seating. After all, who sits six hours a day and more on an office chair, runs the risk of tension, disc problems or back pain to be haunted, which not only alleviate the performance and commitment in the job, but also to a painful stress in everyday life become. Even more important is a high quality office chair that protects the joints, supports the spine while allowing a convenient and comfortable seats.

However, given the wide range and many manufacturers it is for customers very difficult to keep track and find the right model and buy. Therefore, it is important to be upfront with the help of a Office chair test or comparison to gain a basic understanding and to ensure that the product meets important criteria.

What are the criteria an office chair?

An important criterion is the possibility of dynamic sitting. By this is meant that the office chairs offer regardless of the seating position optimal support. For the so-called. Dynamic sitting has many health benefits. such as, a relief of the spine. Is also important when buying office chairs that

Ideally, all adjustable are.

recommended height of the armrest

It should also be pay attention to matching chair roles. For soft floors like carpet hard rolls suitable while soft wheels are a better choice on hard surfaces such as tiles, PVC or parquet.

Design plays an important role

Of course, the appearance of the office chair plays an important role. And thanks to the wide range should demanding customers not compromise the design, but can be for every claim find the perfect chair. Finally makes working in a stylish office or study more fun and promotes the working atmosphere and motivation. Therefore, you should make sure that the office chair fits perfectly into the ambience of the room.

Advantages and disadvantages of an office chair

  • many options to sit ergonomically
  • available in many colors
  • swiveling
  • Mobility thanks to rollers
  • inferior roles can scratch floors

High-quality office chairs at discount prices

In order to access you find and purchase an office chair with arms, we have numerous of office stool test current models extensive tests undergone. Take in finding enough time and always keep in mind that you should check what you sit.

Tip! It is known that quality has its price and on the subject of office chairs one should not think about money saving. Still, you get at thanks to our cooperation with the world's largest online retailer Amazon is always a very good price, which is cheaper compared to the recommended retail price of the manufacturer generally.


Stiftung Warentest: The best office chair, there are at Ikea

Whether student, office worker or simply surfing the Internet: Many people spend a large part of the day at a desk. Here, our body is made not for long sitting. No wonder that back problems are on the increase. A good office chair can even reduce a bit far the risk. But what should it be? Stiftung Warentest has taken 13 chairs under the microscope.

During the test, the chairs in the same six categories had to prove. Most value put Warentest on the seat comfort (35 percent overall), also durability were. Handling and safety of the chairs evaluated. Last but not least pollution and labeling were included. And rightly so: Just four office chairs were devalued because of safety or pollution shortcomings "poor".

Desk chair test

Foundation products test checks olive oil

Average commodity: Cheap olive oil you can forget!

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

Ikea is right up

With the Ikea Stuhl Volmar most customers can not go wrong. It is comfortable, very stable and confident in all other areas. Good: As one of two chairs he has no places where you could pinch your fingers. The only drawback is that it rolls away with worn wheels a bit too easily. There were the overall grade "good" (1.9). The price starts at 229 euros, depending on the selected color.

Almost as good second

Almost as good is the Nowy Styl Net Motion. He has by far the best handling in the test, also the rolls are extremely durable. But when seating comfort, the general stability and security he cuts minimal underperforming the Ikea chair. In the final grade but are both equal to: Even the Nowy Styl gets "good" (1.9), but is more expensive with a price of just 300 euros.

Desk chair test

Robotic vacuum in the test

Warentest - robotic vacuum are diligent, but with muscle power is clean

By Gernot Kramper

Best Buy for tall people

With an overall grade of "good" (2.2) of the swivel chair Hoffner Brigach lands while in third place, for people with a height from 1.90 meters, he is loud Warentest for better ergonomics while the chair of the election. Seating comfort, durability and handling come close to that of the test winner, only the security is rated poor because of a possible pinch of the fingers on the bottom. The price is around 220 euros.

This chair is downright dangerous

The last place in the test field, no one really needs to fix: The Mayer Spirit is both polluted and unsafe - and "poor" in two sub-sections. The greatest danger comes from the sharp-edged gas spring. Which can crack through permanent load and burst. Because of numerous injuries, the EU has now introduced a standard for rounded edges that does not meet the Mayer-chair.

Desk chair test

Stiftung Warentest

The best mattress is available for little money

Stiftung Warentest has tested spring mattresses - with surprising results. 15 of 24 mattresses, the testers were able to convince and that too at the lowest price.

Websites testers as # 034; side job # 034; - inform employers?

Hi, I am working in the public service and would like to take # 034; # 034; earn some money in my spare time. (More than 50 € will be but certainly not a month) Do I need to inform the tax office, and my employer that? is indeed more of a hobby?

Job offer / chance of promise despite cost-cutting measures / transfer agreements (TV) for some employees in large companies

Case: A person (. Not of austerity measures affected) is offered from another department from superiors X is a vacant through voluntary resignation of the former employee's place and desperately wants to occupy this position with Person A. X boss wanted person A have already 1.5 years previously necessarily on this point - commitment had been issued; A person at the time rejected after application throughput as active recently in the company. At the same time now the cost savings program incl. Transfer agreements for other affected employees running (impending dismissals). Person B, who wants the place also - a suitable candidate is applying to the now vacant position. Superior X now favored to Human Resources & Works as follows: 1. Favorite Person A (not affected by TV, he really wants). Favorite 2: Person B (. Affected by TV appropriate) here What are the chances for Person A. to get a commitment for the post despite transfer agreements? anyone here knows what to do? Has any similar experiences? About feedback I would be very happy. Ever Thanks in advance!

Claims settlement with or without VAT

The damage is reported, create offers, now either themselves make (DIY material) or can herichten again from a company. In a company the VAT is included in Entpreis so deductible VAT. When buying the materials in the construction market I have to pay in advance the VAT. Now I am privately insured and not deductible as input. I get refunded the full cost hardware store or the sum without the VAT. Yours sincerely H.Börhold

Mobile Phone Insurance for iPhone 6

Think about my iPhone to pick six, as my 5S is broken. Now I wanted to ask if anyone has had good experiences with mobile phone insurance, because I think about the good pieces directly to insurance times. Namely've ever an iPhone lost and the last stop wrecked by water damage.


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