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20 July 2017

Robas Lund Relaxsessel Calgary

robas lundThe visually appealing relaxing chair of the House Robas Lund is ideally suited to relax after a long day. Both in a elegant black and in a cozy brown and a friendly cream available on chair can for 486 euros be ordered; so you can save more than half compared to the recommended retail price!

Key features

Pure relaxation is offered in the relaxing chair of the House Robas Lund, because not only the comfort padding. also the adjustable backrest makes this chair so comfortable. Whether you're watching TV or want to read a good book # 8211; in this relaxing chair you sit always comfortable and can relax.

Up to a weight of 150 kg loadable Armchair consists of 100 percent cowhide; This feels wonderful soft and pleasant. This is also very easy to clean; leather wipes from the drugstore can best maintain this and has so many years of pleasure on his chair. The back of the chair is leatherette based, which makes no difference to the optical cowhide.

Again below summarizes all important product features:

  • genuine cowhide
  • frame walnut
  • Chair rotates 360 degrees
  • Ottoman offers ample storage space for newspapers and the like
  • adjustable backrest
  • Back leatherette
  • up to 150 kg load capacity

How customers evaluate the product?

With average 'product reviews 4.5 points This chair is one of the top products and is ideal for who want to relax after work watching television or reading a good book for everyone. Amazon customers praise not only the easy and fast assembly. also this is very convenient; even without stool you sit completely relaxed in the chair. The package includes even three Imbosschlüssel, so that one does not even need a toolbox for building.

So convenient you sit in this chair mainly because the rest tends slight pressure by itself backwards. The supplied ottoman offers ample way, storage space. to magazines or the like to store in this. Even the remote control is the place to go. Initially, the chair smells something strictly; However, the smell dissipates after a few days.

All in all, however, were the Expectations clearly exceeded. Who wants to move to another location the chair more often and parquet laid in the living room should be under the frame slightly fleece or the like to prevent scratches.

Anyone looking for a competitively priced relaxing chair, is well advised with this model by Roba Kund. To a Weight of 150 kg resilient, promises this relaxing hours watching television. Whether or lying in a sitting position # 8211; the relaxing chair of Roba Lund each posture perfect fits. The goods are delivered disassembled, however, is set up quickly with little effort and little skill. Also the wide range of colors leaves no wish unfulfilled # 8211; select the model that best suits your home decor!

For more models we recommend our current Relaxsessel comparison 2017


Robas Lund Calgary Relaxsessel

Of the robas Lund is a very # 8222; prominent # 8220; Representatives of the relaxing chair.

For these, there are many on Amazon very good reviews. what up a bit is, in a relaxing chair with a price of 450 €! What's in the Robas Lund Calgary relaxing chair, we show here! The color range is very wide, as the following pictures:

robas lund

robas lund

robas lund

robas lund

robas lund

Respect of Roba Lund Calgary Relaxsessel

The reference to all seats of the Roba Lund Calgary relaxing chair is made of very high quality leather. The backside is covered with a PVC imitation leather, but which is optically indistinguishable from the leather.

The quality of leather is especially evident in the long-term test of some Amazon customers: Again, after several years no wear determine.

The sitting experience is on the Rubas Lund Calgary very convenient. Color, there is the upholstery in brown, black and cream.

robas lund The Roba Lund Calgary

The frame is made of sturdy molded wood and is available in versions nature and walnut. The Roba Lund Calgary relaxing chair has a 360 ° rotation function. The backrest is individually adjustable and can also be completely set as recliner chairs.

Is constructed of Robas Lund for a load of up to a maximum of 150 kg.

Unlike many other recliners of Roba Lund is very easy build without frustration. The relax chair is delivered in the following parts:

  • Leg rest of the stool
  • Base of the stool
  • Backrest of the chair Relax
  • Seat and undercarriage
  • two armrests

To assemble three different hex wrench are needed, all of which are included. After 30 minutes is the Robas Lund Calgary relaxing chair.

Footrest / stool

robas lund Stool of Roba Lund Calgary

The Roba Lund Calgary has a stool. This is a very practical storage space (Folding) fitted so that the cell phone, remote control or magazines can easily accommodates and disappear from view.

Special features of the Roba Lund Calgary

robas lund The Roba Lund Calgary

The Roba Lund Calgary is our winner of the relaxing chair comparison!

This easy chair is very quality workmanship. the feeling of seating is very comfortable, a real relaxing chair!

the processed materials are from top quality. such as. The high-quality cowhide. Nothing rattles, even after several years not!

price comparison

since the Robas Lund Calgary to the Connoisseur Category is one with a price of 300 €, we looked at the prices at various online retailers. The result is very different here, here are the top six:


TV chair "Roba Lund Hamilton" - Our 3rd place!

Surface high-quality genuine leather, molded wood
very good workmanship and material quality
quality optics
TV chair itself is rotated 360 °
Backrest adjustable
Armrest adjustable in height
incl. stool, also upholstered in leather
very stable: up to 150kg load
Very easy installation
offers a Relaxation / sun function (s. photo below)
Available color combinations: Easy chair: Brown, cream and black - Base: honey and natural colored
Dimensions in B / H / D: about 83 cm x 85-110 cm x 105 cm
Seat width: 52 cm; Seat depth: 51 cm; Seat height: 46 cm
Weight: 29kg

robas lund

When TV chair "Roba Lund Hamilton" is clear at first sight already: There is a very high quality recliner. The Hamilton has a very noble and high-quality optics and the leather makes a great visual impression. The first-class impression continues with a closer look at the quality. Particularly positive is the same as the processing noticed the excellent material quality. The high-quality real leather has a very pleasant to the touch and perfectly adapts to the conditions: In winter warm and cuddly. in summer cool and breathable .

Apart from the excellent quality of the Hamilton also offers some useful extras. We found particularly positive that the back of the TV chair in an (almost) reclined bring left (s. images above), which also relaxed relax is possible. The backrest fully adjustable and the armrests are also height adjustable.
The foot of the television chair is equipped with a rotation, whereby it can be rotated 360 °. In addition, the base provides a very good stability, whereby the chair up to 150kg is resilient.
One also related with real leather stool is included.

Exceptions prove the rule, and as with any product, it can also at Hamilton in rare cases enter production errors. in a individual cases reported a customer after 1 1/2 years using a coating that is easily peeled off the recliner.

To prevent such, we recommend simple leather care . that costs about ten minutes per quarter. If the leather is a natural product that requires at least a little maintenance to keep it permanently supple. For then you will also long joy have on your TV chair! We have put together some tips for this that you here can find.

Apart from this particular case but the Hamilton not only convinces us complete satisfaction. but thrilled the most customers. We can therefore only summarized from our side that the Hamilton one top recliner is, in which for very little money much recliner gets!

The shipment of Hamilton is done - amazon typical - usually very quickly and easily. We encourage you to always buy products such as TV chair directly through Amazon because Amazon as the biggest online mail order company a very good customer service offers and products if not satisfied or problems getting can return within 30 days.

Remember, when ordering a to store phone number. so make an appointment for the delivery of your TV chair can be made.

Pros and cons at a glance

more quickly and Save Shipping on amazon
30 days return policy on amazon
easy and easy installation
high-quality materials
high seating comfort. even with prolonged sitting
very stable, resilient up to 150kg
backrest infinitely adjustable
With Relaxation / sun function (See pictures).
TV chair is rotated 360 °
incl. stool, also upholstered in leather
very valent and elegant appearance
very good price-performance ratio

in the individual cases it came to material fatigue
of replacing 1 1/2 years in the form itself
Coating, we recommend simple leather care
once a quarter to such from the outset
to avoid

Finally, we can only say that it is the Robas Lund Hamilton a excellent recliner is that packs a first-class quality and workmanship very chic under a coat made of genuine leather. The whole is through the high quality materials. the very pleasant and comfortable seating and the long life further added. To sum it up: the Hamilton offers - it must be said - excellent value for money. He could totally convincing and receives us so of course a strong buy recommendation !

robas lund

If you hesitate because of the price or because you have not spent the probe armchair, we can assure you: Should you not any reason to be satisfied with your order or you do not like the chair, you can quite Hamilton uncomplicated return within 30 days. if they order at amazon. We can put only to the heart you therefore!

For Saver at amazon


Robas Lund Relaxsessel

The Roba Lund Relaxsessel Calgary

robas lundThe relaxing chair Calgary is due to its high, padded armrests. and the pleasant seating height and width also ideal as breastfeeding chair. The chair is in different Colours available. Thus, the right color combination can be selected for virtually every taste.

The relaxing chair with übezeugt great comfort. The matching to Stools is practical and suitable for laying of the legs and complete relaxation. The relax chair is made of cowhide and the frame walnut manufactured.

The chair is comfortable and convenient, ideal for watching TV, reading or breastfeeding. The stool even has something storage space for the remote control, Still utensils or magazines on. The chair is made of quality materials, so very cozy and comfortable, an ideal retreat after a long day. The leather is cool and has a calming effect.

Really fancy in Calgary relaxing chair in cream. Cream is also sets a fashionable accent with the relaxing chair Calgary. But even in dark shades of Relaxsessel Calgary is available with stool. In darker shades it works very noble. The natural walnut wood is eye-catching and is ideal for the processed leather.

In terms of processing the relaxing chair every wish and impresses with longevity. Note, only that the leather occasionally groomed must become.

The relaxing chair with ottoman Calgary's various price ranges available, depending on the color. So, it pays to compare prices carefully and then to choose the right model.

The price / performance ratio is fair, from Amazon to profit from strong down price in the rule also. thanks to our Relaxsessel Calgary price comparison. You can always assume that you get the chair by the lowest bidder.

Using the relaxing chair Calgary comparison shopping, you will up to save several hundred euros become. As a rule, the relaxing chair Calgary is the online giant Amazon much cheaper. than the competition.

The relaxing chair with ottoman Calgary offers a lot of benefits. In the evening in the chair to sit creates inspiration and relaxation. The relax chair is certainly among guests good. The relaxing chair in cream Calgary boasts a beautiful appearance and good workmanship.

The high chair is to 360 °. the backrest can using the own body pressure be adjusted continuously. In addition, can be easily moved back and hergeschaukelt in the chair, the practical stool can be folded, providing space for some utensils.

All this is not to be underestimated advantages which of course are also popular among breastfeeding moms.

To build the chair three assembly steps are necessary. Allen keys, as well as detailed instructions are the model for naturally.

Thus, the relaxing chair, by a single person, be set up within 30 to 40 minutes effortlessly.

The pros and cons at a glance

The relaxing chair Calgary offers a range practical functions and is also made from only high quality materials and very well padded. This charming, classic design leaves a lasting impression and fits very well for the establishment of most living rooms.

The various options in terms of frame and upholstery color, make this a very relaxing chair popular all-rounder. The comfortable armchair is ideal as a chair for breastfeeding and combines high quality with great flexibility.

robas lund


Robas Lund DXRACER 1

We present to you today the gamer chair Robas Lund DXRACER 1 in front. This gaming chair is currently one of the most popular gamer chairs of its kind. We want to clarify with this article, which features make the DXRACER 1 him so popular. Is it the great inclination angle of the backrest, the smooth-running wheels, or at least the great seat?

We clear it up and will research for you, if he lives up to its reputation. We will also give you a help, is suitable for which body measurements of DXRACER.

For you always should remember: Even the best gaming chair is useless if it does not suit you!

The five reasons for this gamer chair

Good reviews on test pages
adjustable armrests
Height adjustment of the seat
For the price of high-quality workmanship
easy installation

processing & design

robas lundrobas lundThe seat and the backrest the Robas Lund DXRACER 1 are shown in Black / charcoal gray and red fabric / polyester held. The chair thus acts quite sporty and aggressive (like you as a player often recognizes himself ��).

Also the red adaptations on foot cross the chair please us. However, these are mounted not only a visual treat, but also have a functional role. There you can hang up your feet and through the Anti-slip structure Remember the shoes or feet where they should go.

The processing of the fabric cover is according to Amazon Reviews high quality and very positive. Here and there are a few voices that upset about the fact that under the chair the seams and joints do not look good # 8211; but that is not so much relevent our opinion.

When you look for ever under his chair the seams on? In addition, we must not forget, in what price segment it moves too. Doubling its budget, then one does not have such ugly things might # 8211; but that everyone must decide for themselves.

Something against very positively is, the Neck and lumbar support. which are supplied with. This support healthy posture on the PC chair and offer by supplied mounting Schaufen a good grip on the chair.

The manufacturers claim that the service life of the chair is a day for about 3 to 4 hours. In addition of course the professional gamers will laugh now # 8211; I'm aware. But of course there are ambitious semi-professional players for this period of time is fine.

height adjustment

robas lundrobas lund As expected for a good office chair, you can the seat height using a gas lift comfortably from 42cm to 52cm individually. This is important because you should make sure that the heights offered in harmony with your body size.

to your optimal seat height measure we have put together a little guide you: 3 steps for optimum seat height

Tip: What many do not know you can you install in your chair, if the manufacturer's specifications match your body size, a different gas spring.

Neck and lumbar support

We had it already in this article about the Neck and lumbar support the DXRACER 1. These small pillow make sure that your spine is optimally supported and there will be no poor posture. Of course, you have to especially the Adjusting lumbar support optimally. so that they can carry out their work.

For this you should be as close as possible to get at the back and make sure that the lumbar support is not positioned too far up, but at the top of your butt approach (to the lumbar vertebrae) with your butt.

Inclination of the backrest & tilt function

robas lundrobas lund A great feature of DXRACER 1 is the large inclination angle of the backrest. this is stately 135 degrees. This means you can with the backrest and seat a beautiful lying area form.

Here can be also fix the backrest. This means, you do not press all the time with your weight, the backrest down.

So the nap in the next tournament, nothing stands in the way! ��

However, you should make sure that it does not push with too much weight on the back, as this could result in the chair tipping over!

robas lundrobas lund The DXRACER 1 has in addition to the height adjustment and a tilt angle for the backrest also height adjustable armrests. This can disfigure their between 25 and 35 cm. Thus, should the chair no problems with any desktop fit.

What makes the armrests of DXRACER 1 is the lightweight, ergonomically-looking depression in the bearing surfaces. This should mean that it does not slip when placing the arms. Unfortunately, the armrests are padded.

roll & footbase

robas lundrobas lundThe roles are repeatedly praised in the ratings. Stands out above all the Quietness and the good qualities on parquet. If you have a parquet floor at home, you might also consider buying a paper mat or to mount special parquet castors to conserve the soil.

The Footbase of DXRACER 1 is known from Kuststoff and not made of metal. In addition, there are on the star base red anti-skid pads with which your feet or shoes do not slide away when you hang up them. Super, as we find it!

delivery & Assembly

In the reviews that we have found over the DXRACER 1, often is the simple design of the chair praised. So the time it takes to build up enough of 25 minutes 45 minutes. We think that here just the craftsmanship plays a role. And of course, want to do nothing wrong during assembly # 8211; Therefore, one can of course allow time .

It is also reported that the construction alone possible is. With two people but one does more easily. Especially when mounting the back were two additional hands helpful.

We have sometimes looked at the installation instructions for the DXRACER 1 and have found that really every small step was simply explained and illustrated. Therefore Top!

So you can imagine how the DXRACER 1 arrives with you at home, we have you picked out a video unboxing.

Conclusion for DXRACER 1

The DXRACER 1 acts on us like a rock-solid gaming chair up in terms of quality with some air. However, one should bear in mind that the price-performance ratio is very good. These amenities for this money is really an announcement.

On what should respect their urgency your height. Make sure of whether the chair fits you, not that you have are with you at home a top gaming chair that does not fit your body size.

Otherwise, we can DXRACER 1 of Roba Lund virtually every put your heart that fits into the scale of size! Have fun with your chair!

You know actually that it's one of the F-Series (the Formula series) is the Robas Lund DXRACER the DXRACER series?

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