Robas lund 62501sr4 dx racer1

20 July 2017

Robas Lund 62501SR4 DX racer1 executive chair

a high high-qualityGaming chair is the "DX racer1 "Of" Roba Lund ", in addition to the requirements for the Sit at the writing desk by its construction, the flexible use and the upholstery is designed so that it is also an excellent chair for the gamble at the computer is that much freedom of movement needed at the same time due to an often very long use comfortable and healthy For move and spinal column should be.

Robas lund 62501sr4 dx racer1Robas lund 62501sr4 dx racer1 The model from "Roba Lund" could us closer check in ourtest delight. Therefore, the sporty seat lands on place4.

General information about the product

Delivery and packaging

The delivery occurred within a few days quickly and easily. The packaging was shock and rejected all security features for the transport on.

in the delivery contained twoadditionalCushions, during the chair in its individual ingredients was delivered.

Robas lund 62501sr4 dx racer1Robas lund 62501sr4 dx racer1

from EUR 219.00 EUR 219.00 4.2 out of 5 stars at 820 reviews

  • Size: 74 x 52 x 123 # 8211; 132 cm
  • Product Weight: 25 kg
  • Seat width: 52 cm
  • Seat depth: 45 cm
  • Seat height: 42 # 8211; 52 cm
  • Overall height: 124-134 cm
  • Load capacity max. 110 Kg
  • Material: cloth
  • Color: 2 colors
  • Seat height adjustment
  • Executive chair in sporting optics Racer
  • With armrests and leatherette cushion included
  • Adjustable backrest to nearly 180 ° and tilt function
  • Use in the home office area for 2 -3 hours a day
  • TÜV tested
  • Easily makes squeaky noises
  • Only for people with higher body weight
  • Roles do not have stop function

The manufacturer:

Robas lund 62501sr4 dx racer1Robas lund 62501sr4 dx racer1 Of the Gamingchair is the same as executive chair announced that it allows characteristics for a good office chair bring, at the same time in other areas can be used. Of the Manufacturer advertises a highSeating comfort, raises sporty look and the valuable materials out.

What a gaming and Racerchair matters is a sportyDesign, while the seat features to the personal needs should be adapted to the user. Ergonomically, the model designed outstanding, may in height and in the armrestsinfinitely adjustable become.

The backrest in turn, in a corner up to 135 degrees be adjusted and has to have a qualityTilt function.

Height and width:

The seat width is the "DX racer1 Robas Lund"52Centimeter. In the seat height can be the Gaming chair easily between 42 and 52centimeter move. The seat depth is 45Centimeter, while the chair in its total height in between 124 and 134centimeter identifies.

The mass is without packaging25Kilogram. This puts the model to the lightOffice chairs, which are flexible to move, but still enough Stop and stability guarantee.

The maximumload-bearing capacity the chair is 100kilogram. The model is therefore Not for strong overweightPeople thought. Nor should the frequent Movetaken into account be when the selection on the purchase of such chair falls.

Color and material:

This model in ourOffice chair test in black reddesign held and acts by the momentum of the production very athletic and modern. Of the reference is made of material and Polyester. The armrests offer soft leatherette for the Support anything else. The turnstile turn out black lacquerednylon manufactured.

Other features:

Of the "DX racer1" is TÜV tested, resilient and with additionalpillow delivered.

Best price: instead of EUR 219,00 now for only EUR 219,00 EUR on
Robas lund 62501sr4 dx racer1Robas lund 62501sr4 dx racer1 % save up Robas lund 62501sr4 dx racer1Robas lund 62501sr4 dx racer1 14 Days Return Policy Robas lund 62501sr4 dx racer1Robas lund 62501sr4 dx racer1 Secure payment Usually ships in 24 hours

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field test # 8211; according to these criteria, we tested the office chairs:

Commissioning and installation

A well-designed operation manual for the construction of office chair allowed a very fast and uncomplicatedAssembly. The Open and Remove of the packaging disclosed brand new components that are easy to rubber and plastic smelled. Of the chair therefore had the upholster be aired something first.

with both also with twopeople let the Gamingchair in his parts together and stand ready to screwed 15 minutes ready.

Robas lund 62501sr4 dx racer1Robas lund 62501sr4 dx racer1

Design and equipment

The backrest of Gaming chair reminiscent of the comfortable seat in a automobile and also offers the same sweeping Seating comfort. On the topside, the backrest narrower in the area of basin provide and neck twoadditionalpillow for even more suspension and Convenience, thus fulfill the modern claims at one good office chair.

The footbase has 5 rolls to which, however, Not over a stop function feature. At the Get up can he office chair therefore roll away before. since the roll in the holder be plugged in, are not screwed, they can be easily an additional roll change. in the overall the gaming chair can be very light move back and forth, is by the roll both hard and soft ground suited to parquet as well as on Carpet.

Robas lund 62501sr4 dx racer1Robas lund 62501sr4 dx racer1 The armrests are Not directly to the chair connected, but rather free-floating. This was evident in ourtest bit inconvenient because the support requires that the poor must be held slightly forward. Although the armrests in the heightself-adjustable are, they can not be move back and forth. This use is something limited, but is particularly evident when gamble as incidental Criteria.


So the sporty model looks so flexible it can also be adjusted. This is in the backrest possible to the rear, wherein a corner in between 135 and 180 degrees the chair almost pure lying area can make. The Tilt is particularly versatile and can be as to individual preferences be adjusted.

Likewise, let the armrests in the heightadjust and the seat height to own claims and the heightinfinitely variable vary.

Workmanship and materials

Of the material and reference consist of 100 percentpolyester and are therefore particularly robust and abrasion resistant. Even with many times of use remains the Material- and seat more and well padded. The processing is in the overall picture very high quality and was in ourtest some higherRequirement.

ergonomic is this model to his optics customized. The versatileTilt and adjustability of the chair, the material and the agility about the roll permit convenient, long Sit, without the spinal column is charged

This is also reflected in the load-bearing capacity of the chair which, in the maximum limit for the body weight all advantages for the seating comfort offers.


The two upholstery For move and neck ensure once again that no such tension may arise. even after extended use keep the pillow your stableShape, without being pushing. This in turn allows a significantly longerSit indicating than the manufacturer. are easily more than 10 hours feasible, the office chair can be even up to 180 degrees tend, that had become a Rest or even fall asleep is good.

Robas lund 62501sr4 dx racer1Robas lund 62501sr4 dx racer1 Conclusion:

Of the "DX racer1" could in ourtest clearly points and promises, despite the something higherprice all requirements with highseating comfort and Back protection, the reasonable model are provided. The lean is a slight resistance connected to the making chair light squeakySounds.adversely itself shows the model just For People With higher body weight.

Robust, very comfortable and easy to maintenance can this model long joy prepare. For our rating showed the Office chair flexible in the commitment and for the for hoursSit ideal.

A high-quality gaming chair is the "DX racer1" of "Roba Lund" which is designed not only the requirements for sitting at a desk by its construction, the flexible use and the padding so that it is also an excellent chair for the gaming computer is that needs freedom of movement, should be comfortable and healthy for the back and spine due to an often very long service time. The model of "Roba Lund" could inspire us on closer inspection in our test. Therefore, the sporty seating lands at No. 4. General information about the product delivery and packaging The delivery took place within a few days fast…

test result



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Details Roba Lund 62501SR4 DX racer1 executive chair with armrests, schw arz / red

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“ New in the open and damaged original packaging, plastic hub contains scratches. ”

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TEST: Robas Lund 62501SR4 DX racer1 executive chair with armrests, nylon, 78 x 124-134 x 52 cm, fabric black / red

Quality leaves much to be desired

I've been looking for a new chair and decided in the end due to the good reviews for the part of the DX racer1. The DX racer1 (F-series) is EUR 269, - not favorable. The chair I received through Amazon for EUR 223.12. later I found via Google some articles / postings that from time to time for approximately EUR 190, this - there. Anyone who plays an order, if necessary, wait and hope for specifically deals with the idea.

So back to the product. with the first delivery, the seam was damaged at the back and could in the long term probably gradually separated. Product returned to Amazon and ordered a replacement. In the second delivery, I unfortunately had to find that the seat cushion is pressed / deformed. I tried this little loosen by gently pressing, but nothing moves, foam halt. For this reason, I also now send the second chair.

- The upholstery and the fabric in itself makes a good impression otherwise
- The hub is also plastic
- As written above, is the F-Series
- The armrests are height adjustable
- The chair is gem. Manufacturer suitable for a height of 170-180 cm
- The backrest + seat surface can be tilted to 12 degrees
- The backrest alone is adjustable to 170 degrees
- The chair is designed for up to 120 KG

Which chair I now order myself, I do not date. Possibly. I wait also that the successor DX Seat Amazon must be ordered. Alternatively, perhaps a chair by NEEDforSEAT out of the question. Both are more expensive than the DX Racer. If I have decided to be a good alternative found, I will update this review.

Conclusion: For me, the chair was nothing, maybe I had with two deliveries also just bad luck.

>>> I would be very happy about a review of my review.
>>> you can find my review? Unhelpful ?, please leave a comment, I can still improve from your point of view.
>>> like to ask questions via comment!
>>> Thank you!

Yes - I agree with the review guidelines


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Robas Lund 62501SR4 DX racer1

Robas lund 62501sr4 dx racer1 Robas Lund 62501SR4 DX racer1

Robas Lund 62501sr4 DX racer1

Of the Robas Lund 62501sr4 DX racer1 is probably one of the best known and most popular gaming chairs on the market. The ratings of many hundreds of users speak for themselves and currently he is to acquire at an unbeatable price. If you've always wanted to have a gaming chair, which was now in the process Robas Lund 62501sr4 DX racer1 strike.

Robas lund 62501sr4 dx racer1Robas lund 62501sr4 dx racer1

Last updated on 07/20/2017

Robas Lund 62501sr4 DX racer1 Features

  • Executive chair in sports racer look with armrests and cushion included
  • TÜV tested
  • Load capacity max. 100 kg
  • Continuously adjustable in height, adjustable back to nearly 180° and tilt function
  • Use in the home office area for 2 -3 hours a day
  • Is delivered unassembled
  • Easy installation thanks to well thought-out installation instructions

Robas lund 62501sr4 dx racer1Robas lund 62501sr4 dx racer1 Robas Lund 62501SR4 DX racer1

Robas Lund 62501sr4 DX racer1 optics

Of the Gaming chair will send a Racing optics Therefore, thus strongly reminiscent of a racing car seat. Of the Robas Lund 62501sr4 DX racer1 Decorated in black fabric, which is enhanced by red applications.

Dimensions and delivery

delivered the Robas Lund 62501sr4 DX racer1 including the pictured pillows and of course in unaufgeräumtem state. but the structure should not be a big problem. Everything is super explained and then the DX racer1 should be in a good hour.

  • 74 x 52 x 123 – 132 cm (W x H x D)
  • Seat width: 53 cm
  • Seat depth: 54 cm
  • Seat height: 43 – 52 cm
  • Weight: 25 kg
  • Load capacity: max. 100 kg

Functions of the Roba Lund 62501sr4 DX racer1

There is hardly office chairs that can be adjusted as far as the Robas Lund 62501sr4 DX racer1. Of the Inclination angle of the backrest is nearly 180°. so you can take a nap even before. The arm rests can be adjusted in height and allow such an optimum adaptation to their own needs.

Conclusion for Roba Lund 62501sr4 DX racer1

of current to 199€ (As of 6/15/2017) you can at the Robas Lund 62501sr4 DX racer1 go wrong at all. An absolute top gaming chair for a long time leads the bestseller list of the desk chairs on Amazon. First-class design meets here a good workmanship. be fast, worth as prices can quickly go up again. depicts with pleasure times your experience with the Robas Lund 62501sr4 DX racer1 in comments

Robas lund 62501sr4 dx racer1Robas lund 62501sr4 dx racer1


Robas lund 62501sr4 dx racer1 Expert: Aki

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Robas Lund 62501SR8 / 62501SR4 DX racer1 executive chair with armrests for € 199.99


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