Burning tongue: Causes

21 October 2017

For burning tongue determine exact causes is often not easy. Many triggers are eligible for this. Among other things, this hearing loss occurs when the mouth and tongue mucosa inflamed or irritated is or allergic reacts to certain substances. Also under certain common underlying diseases can cause burning tongue: Causes are then as blood disorders.

Sometimes the tongue burning is also considered a distinct disease: The so-called burning mouth syndrome, the name already makes clear that this disease "Burning in the mouth" and thus leads to burning tongue.

The cause of burning tongue may general disorders lie. Various diseases or deficiency diseases can cause burning of the tongue or mucous membrane burning, for example:

Sjogren's syndrome can lead to too little saliva is available to moisten the buccal mucosa. In addition to the dry mouth and tongue burning may be the result of it.

Also as part of the treatment of different diseases can cause burning tongue, for example, as a side effect of medication or radiation therapy.

As often affects women after menopause, some physicians also believe that the hormonal changes is a cause of the uncomfortable, burning sensation in the mouth. The exact relationship between hormones and burning tongue but currently unproven.

Sharp tooth edges, caries, tartar, protruding filling edges, protruding crown edges, braces or metals from dental fillings can the tongue or oral mucosa irritate, offend or one allergy cause. Certain oral mucosal inflammation, called gingivitis can cause burning tongue.

Likewise, in some people the direct contact of the mouth may cause burning tongue with certain foods (e.g., cinnamon-containing food) or tobacco. Also, metal compounds which contain nickel or mercury, which can irritate the mucous membrane.

Plays an essential role in burning tongue also psychological component. Conditions such as depression can also cause physical symptoms in addition to psychological symptoms (for example, listlessness). Some sufferers report back next headaches or loss of appetite also have burning tongue. Fear, for example, against the threat of serious diseases like cancer (so-called. Kanzerophobie), can also cause a burning sensation in the mouth.

Even psychological stress may cause discomfort of the mouth and tongue burning beside tension and wrong movements of the masticatory system.


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