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20 July 2017

Gaming Chair comparison 2017

If you spend much time at the computer, also requires the proper seating to avoid back pain and tension. At a Gaming chair is it first of all a particular office chair or armchair Gaming. But the gamble itself is long for "National sport" become so already held tournaments and often tens of thousands of dollars in prize money be distributed. Gaming has become part professional gaming. which is now also known as eSports referred to as. In this way, days and nights to spend on the PC and on top of that money will be recovered. Here you can completely forget the time! �� Also, since the television already turned on with reports in this environment, it comes to further Professionalization and quality the equipment. Our Gaming Chair comparison shows you the characteristics of the best gaming chair and helps you to find the best for you suitable chair.

The most popular models compared

Racing chair

Gaming Chair Counselor- Everything You Need to Know

Racing chair

A lot of money flowing into the best PC, keyboard and other computer accessories, the seat is however sometimes neglected. And just the right computer chair important for health. especially the back. A Incorrect sitting posture or a cheaper chair can over a long period bad consequences to have. The consequences poor posture are back pain, tension, and at worst herniated discs. In addition, a lack of stress on the muscles at the back leads to a Loss of elasticity of the muscles. which can lead to chronic diseases.

Other possible consequences may be circulatory disorders, digestive problems, headaches, neck and shoulder pain as well as discomfort in the hands and arms. At various gaming stool tests shows that it is important to right chair to use for a long sitting in front of the PC in order to prevent such damage as possible. Of the gamer chair. you seek or should buy, so must be stable. one good comfort , Have in the lumbar and head area perfect ergonomics and having different adjustable be.

If you are also looking for a good gamer monitor, then look at our Gaming Monitor Comparison past. ����

The 10 most important buying criteria in gaming chairs:

We have in our gaming chair counselor to you shall look for when buying the main criteria based on various gaming stool tests, analyzes and user-friendly combined so that you personally find for you the best computer chair with ease. ��

1. Adjustable seat height

Among the most important ergonomic factors when sitting heard the adjustable seat height. Therefore, in any gamer chair should be without this important functionality. The optimal seat height is depending on body size and the desk level. after which the monitor is. For the following heights following recommendations apply:

  • 150 cm Body height 40 cm Seat heightRacing chair
  • 155 cm Body height 42 cm seat height
  • 160 cm Body height 43 cm seat height
  • 165 cm Body height 44 cm seat height
  • 170 cm Body height 46 cm seat height
  • 175 cm Body height 47 cm Seat height
  • 180 cm Body height 48 cm Seat height
  • 185 cm Body height 50 cm seat height
  • 190 cm Body height 51 cm seat height
  • 195 cm Body height 52 cm Seat height

The optimal seat height depends on the height and important for a healthy good posture.

2. Lockable backrest angle

Racing chair

For the optimal gaming experience it is important that the chair can be adapted to many possible settings. Therefore, the backrest should tilt or be adjusted so that it is possible for the player to get the best support for the ultimate performance. The lock can be in some cases up to 180 degrees adjust so that after strenuous gaming round a sleep pause can be inserted. These horizontal position of the backrest. also reclining function called, stands at our gaming chair check on some models.

The lockable backrest angle allows the player to set the optimal sitting posture for the best possible game success.

3. Adjustable armrests

Racing chairArmrests are important to place the arms during and after the tiring game. They also provide relaxation in the breaks. Sometimes these armrests are also adjustable and can therefore be optimally adapted the player's physical and playful conditions. While playing, these armrests are but rarely used, so do not offer all models adjustable armrests. For success in the game they are not responsible anyway. ��

Based on various gaming chair reviews that adjustable armrests are very comfortable and can promote relaxation between games shows.

4. tilt mechanism

Racing chairThe Wipptechnik could be compared with the ball seat, where the paddles takes place downwards, which is a Wirbelsäulengymnastik simultaneously. The individually adjustable swing movement and the permanent characterized Change of posture can the abdominal and back muscles relax and stimulate blood flow. As gymnastics and relief the spine in the breaks, this mechanism certainly well suited. Thus, the active front seating position is transferred to a swinging back posture and is used to Prevention of back pain or muscle relaxation in the breaks. Advantage over the exercise ball is the presence of the backrest, so that one does not slide at the tip backwards and thus the paddles protected takes place.

A good tilt mechanism can relieve your back and protect the muscles.

5. Roll function

Racing chairEach office chair today has roles to be seated move fast times from one place to another. The free rapid mobility. without having to get up first is, especially when playing important. The rollers are largely made of plastic and are to 360 degrees. On smooth undersurface they do not get caught and roll sideways, forwards, so in all directions and circular movements.

For quick mobility without having to get up, roles are now standard for computer chairs.

6. Additional pads (neck & Lumbar pillow)

Racing chairAnd the tilt function is to generate additional cushion in the form of neck & Lumbar cushion the relieve spine. They are called lumbar support and lumbar supports. A head or neck support relieves the player during the breaks the spine by relaxed reclining. Based on several reviews, we found that certain brands have the backrest additionally with further Elements for a better lateral support and a healthier posture is thus provided. These supporting elements relieve the spine and counteract slouch.

Pads for neck and loin are particularly important to relieve the spine during long gaming sessions to avoid consequential damage.

7. material

Racing chairFor most gamers chairs only three different materials come as a chair cover in question. This is the first time real leather. A real leather chair is more expensive than the two other variants, but this robust and durable. In addition, the player has a better feeling of comfort than in a chair with fabric cover in a real leather chair. leatherette While creating the impression of a real leather chair, but has not the qualities. And a chair with fabric Although cheaper, but it will more quickly to the pressure points from.

If you more about the different chair covers want to know chairs or materials of gaming, then check out our detailed article about: Gamer chair: artificial leather, leather or fabric covers?

In Racer-chairs are three varieties on offer: genuine leather chairs, faux leather chairs or a gaming chair with fabric upholstery.

Racing chairYou can select multiple designs. Here, mostly serving stylish sports car seats and your shell shape as a basis for the optics of a gamer chair. You can design with lettering, choose certain seams, different colors and shapes to your liking. Our Gaming Chair comparison lists the various models and variants. Here, of course, is the selection in the eye of the beholder, what he likes and what not. Because that depending on the personal taste is no recommendation can be made by us. But eye, almost all models. ��

Selection of the design of forms or colors depends on the tastes of gamers. Spoiled for choice here is great.

It is not crucial necessarily whether emerged in the various gaming stool tests on the net a brand as the best. It is crucial for the selection you for you to find matching gamer chair. Therefore, only recommendations are made here, after which the player has to judge for themselves what is best for himself. The brands we can still recommend with a clear conscience, they all have one or two hot chair in the segment:

It is not important whether a mark in the numerous gaming stool tests is declared on the net as the best. Rather, the player's personal preferences should serve as the main criterion.

The Quality and comfort justify the price. which can be possibly up to 1000 euros. If you prefer a cheaper chair, must be located less quality or comfort satisfied. That too material plays an important role in the cost level. The best chairs and also the most expensive are the real leather chairs, according to various gaming chair reviews. In a chair with fabric upholstery material may rub off on the mostly strained that at least leaves a negative visual impact. Leather or artificial leather chairs in addition are easy to care for, so that dust can be easily removed and the chair always looks like new.

Of course, the selection for the right gamer chair also depends on the budget of the individual player.

Interactive Gaming Chair comparison

Racing chair With our interactive chair comparison, you have also the option the different gamer chairs to compare. Very easily: Choose your desired models and click on the red button with the inscription # 8222;to compare # 8222 ;. Finished! ����

Gaming chairFAQ

There appear again and again the same questions about the Gaming chair on. So you do not research these troublesome to Google ��, we have for you the Frequently asked questions to the Topic gamer chair and picked out a clear FAQ answered. If you but in the end still have unanswered questions, but then leave us a comment and we'll try on occasion these questions here in our Gaming Chair FAQ to complete. Let # 8217; s Go!

What is the difference to an office chair or executive chair?

The difference lies mainly in the design technical aspects. because as you probably already noticed, most gaming chairs resemble a Pushchair seat and possess the striking color accents. which for a better Gaming Feeling to care. office chairs or. executive chair however, have a minimalist and rather darker style. Two other typical features are the additional cushion as Head and lumbar pillow and the special shell shape. supporting the body a little better.

What are the tangible benefits of a gamer chair?

To put it briefly, we have summarized the main advantages and disadvantages in a table for you. ��

We attach great importance to transparency and therefore do not want to hide the fact that we get in the event of a purchase, a small commission you. Please be aware that we are not an online store, but merely an information portal. For this reason, we finance our work through so-called affiliate links. For you, of course, no extra costs or reprisal.

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Brands # 038; product name

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Racing chair


VERTAGEAR Racing Series, PL6000 Gaming Chair - black / carbon

"VERTAGEAR Racing Series, PL6000 Gaming Chair - black / carbon"

Vertagear is a newcomer in the field of gaming seats, which finally makes his high-profile racing Chairs of fresh air in the market. The young company brings it a number of unused ideas and has set itself the goal to break new ground in its products and always being open to new concepts. Devotion to the manufacturers to create innovative designs and high-performance features that gamers dedicated to deliver the best gaming experience at any time. Here Vertagear also uses valuable user experience and makes the products thereof feedback for product improvements incorporated directly into its new developments.

And these improvements is Vertagear with the gaming Chairs of the P-Line. These high-quality computer chair combine heavenly comfort with an inspired by racing cars aesthetics to provide maximum ergonomics and optimum adjustability to thus offer both gamers and professional e-sports enthusiasts an ideal seat base that is simply essential for its intended gaming achievements. Because whether you play at home on a LAN party or a eSports gaming event, an ergonomic seating that optimally supports the body while playing and at the same time the shape adapts in different seating positions, similar to the case of extended stays on the PC important, as in a sports car.

In a Race-Car Health aspects play a very special role, especially when driving over longer distances. therefore the relationship even with the appearance of the P-Line can be seen to classic racing seats immediately, so the 360-degree swivel chairs are not only very convenient, but also look fantastic. However, the chairs of Vertagear remember not only outwardly to the interior of a sports car, but are primarily oriented at its office ergonomics, because the long-term health consequences that may result for ambitious players from a sub-optimal sitting posture, also at 0 km / h not be underestimated.

The here offered premium gaming chair from the stylish PL6000 series, in color Carbon Black, focuses on the same aspects and on top of that provides an unparalleled level of convenience and customization. Responsible is here (high density foam) next to the backrest in extra high performance, especially after many hours of play yet comfortable and stable cushioning made of HDF foam. This is covered with breathable and easy-care PVC imitation leather, which gives the PL6000 its luxurious look and it brings with it the advantage that the heat given off by the body not dams in the stool, but releases it through the perforated structure. Better airflow and cooler components are finally not only for hardware beneficial! The pleasant design of the PL6000 saves of the spine also effectively wrists, neck and neck, shoulders and arms.

For additional support in the neck and buttocks area two color-coordinated pillows are included. The swivel chair itself is based on a strong steel base with aluminum base and five resistant rollers and is optimally suited for larger users with a maximum weight of up to 200 kg. Thanks to the fact that the rotating chair itself pretty easily fails (only about 25.5 kg), it can be moved on various smooth surfaces gently back and forth effortlessly. In addition, the PL6000 with a 360-degree rotation, flexibility in adjusting the seat height (8 directions) adjustable (by means of a comfortable air lift), in 4 dimensions armrests, variably adjustable angle of the backrest scores (150 # 176) as well as a completely new and easily accessible integrated tilt function, including "lock" mechanism.

Note: Due to customer feedback to Vertagear has decided to slightly modify the suspension of the gas spring so that it sits slightly lower and thus the minimum seat height somewhat reduced. This measure also buyers should experience lower height optimal comfort.

Technical details:

  • Overall height (with base): approximately 128.5 to 138.5 cm
    Width backrest (shoulder height): 54 cm
    Width backrest (Beck height): 31 cm
    Wide seat inside: about 38 cm
    Wide seat outer (widest point): about 51 cm
    Depth seat area: approximately 51 cm
    Seat height: approximately 45.5 to 55.5 cm
    Armrest height: about 66.5 to 85 cm (measured from the bottom)
  • Weight: 25.5 kg
  • Material: steel (frame), aluminum (base), cold foam (padding), PVC synthetic leather (Reference)
  • Black / Carbon
  • Maximum load: 200 kg
  • features:
    Solid steel frame for long-lasting comfort
    Strong 5-point basis of aluminum
    Easily accessible tilt mechanism with locking function
    Extra high backrest
    Resistant HDF foam padding
    Flexible seat height
    breathable care PVC artificial leather cover
    Adjustable angle of the backrest (150 # 176)
    Larger wheels for quieter movements
    Armrests in 4 dimensions (8 directions) adjustable
    Incl. each with a cushion for lower back and neck
    Gas springs for durability (class 4)

Links to "VERTAGEAR Racing Series, PL6000 Gaming Chair - black / carbon"

Series Racing Main color Carbon Black Accent Color Black Material seat cover artificial leather Adjustable backrest yes Adjustable armrests yes Height adjustment yes Maximum load 156 to 199 kg 24 - 26 kg Seatbeltguide no Deepest seat position (adjustable) 50 to 59 cm Highest seat position (adjustable) 60 to 69 cm tilt (seat) yes width seating surface inside 35 to 39 cm wide seat outer (widest point) from 50 to 54 cm length of seat 55 to 59 cm height backrest 80 to 89 cm width backrest inside 45 to 49 cm width backrest outside (widest point) from 50 to 54 cm total height (base) 120 to 129.9 cm, 130 to 139.9 cm pillows included yes yes lumbar cushion material including basic aluminum, steel

Customer reviews for "VERTAGEAR Racing Series, PL6000 Gaming Chair - black / carbon"

Average customer rating: (3 customer reviews / 1 replies)

Chair iss Top price well even if Caseking still has the best price

The chair is super, the assembly was not quite so just very hard to make FEY assistance. The back cushion is in my opinion unnecessary but probably a matter of taste. The chair itself is meticulously crafted and use very firmly padded after 2 weeks. The rollers are extremely light and it squeaks nothing. I'm excited 🙂 buy recommendation. Only the price which the manufacturer should be possible to again go through your head.

Top Gaming Chair

Hi, I had to test several chairs for including the SL4000 from Vertagear because to me there but share the many plastic is cheap seemed not pledged I decided for this one.

Processing is wonderful, the armrests with 4D functions wiggle a little thing but easy on the technique is one they must indeed be able to adjust.
(All the same chairs armrests are installed regardless of whether or Vertagear Akracing or Dx Racer always the same)

In my chair, the wheels began after 4 weeks to squeak and I crash then the support call and 2 days later 3 sets new roles so get really hammer service Caseking also excellent advice on the phone, kudos to Caseking.

Otherwise the chair is mega comfortable and adapt to the needs Super.
The new rocker function lever with Stable is excellent.

I think I have now first a few years of peace it gets my butt thank me.

Comfortable chair. but with flaws

After 3 days the backrest squeaks when lean and paddles. That's Annoying.
Already have an oiled and tightened screws all moving parts. Unfortunately, no success.

Admin Hello Tony,

if your Vertagear gaming chair squeaks or has other defects, you have of course not to put up with it and write a critical review as we would like to offer you uncomplicated spare parts or replacement. We will contact you by proactively with you on your e-mail address.

Best regards,
Caseking community service

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Get pole position straight home with this beautiful sport bucket seat office chair of TecTake. Whether at home, in the office, business or playing computer games, this chair brings racing feeling and brings you into the fast lane. The ergonomically shaped seat with its stabilizing side panels provides a high level of comfort. The backrest can be adjusted to horizontal position to the rear like a car seat. An additional neck cushion and separate lumbar support cushions provide even more individual comfort. Modern stitched seams give the already very well-made chair with an exclusive design. Height adjustable armrests help in optimum posture when sitting. The high-quality imitation leather feels comfortable and completes the sports seat as a whole in a perfect way.

  • Extra thick padding for soft seating comfort
  • Additional support by sports bucket seat with side bolsters
  • Quality version with an integrated steel frame
  • Seat height adjustment through top gas pressure spring
  • Back to horizontal position (180 °) adjustable
  • 360 °
  • Tilt mechanism can be individually adjusted to the body weight
  • Height-adjustable armrests for optimum posture
  • Extra neck pillow and lumbar support cushion included
  • Bicolor synthetic leather 100% polyurethane
  • Stable Metallfußkreuz with high-gloss finish and 5 double security roles
  • easy installation

Also available in: black, black / blue, black / brown, black / yellow, black / gray, black / green, black / purple, black / orange, black / red, black / burgundy, black / white.

  • Total Dimensions (WxDxH): 70 x 75 x 125.5 to 135.5 cm
  • Seat height: 49 - 59 cm
  • Seat surface (BxT): 40 x 50 cm
  • Backrest (WxH): 40 x 80 cm
  • Armrest (LxW): 28 x 8 cm
  • Armrests distance: 54 cm
  • Armrest height: 60 - 70 cm
  • Armrest adjustable in height: 8 cm (60 to 68 bis 70-78 cm)
  • Upholstery: seat about 8 cm, back about 5 cm
  • Maximum load: 120 kg
  • Weight: 19.8 kg
  • Material: steel frame, plastic parts, filling 100% polyester, synthetic leather 100% polyurethane
  • 1 Installation instructions
  • 1 Racing office chair including neck and lumbar cushion

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Why YOU need a gaming chair, which is the best: My gamer stool test for Gamblers!

Racing chairHi, as you might have read right: My name Tjorven and I played until 2008 even professional CS 1.6. Pro gamer circles there is no one who has no good gaming chair risen today.

If you want to have success with gambling and you're serious, then a gaming chair is a must, as guaranteed stops a 5 hours on a folding chair fuck no body without getting tired out.

# 8222; it sits on a cozychair,do you feel good and who feels good playing simply better 8220.

# 8211; Tjorven Lundgren, just now

Wise words. I estimate that at least 98% of the Pros' sit on a reasonable gamer chair when they play. It really is a worthwhile investment when you consider how many hours you (or night) on the day sitting at the computer. Are probably quite a few of you who, like me playing earlier loosely times 8 hours a day or even spend whole weekends in boot camps.

I have certainly previously tried a few office chairs and even if I do not play professionally today # 8211; a gaming chair and a gaming glasses I still have, because I'm still working all day on the PC, but it will sit comfortably and stay fit. So I can also tell you pretty much know what is the best and why we so much benefit from a gamer chair.

And honestly? Cheap PC-chairs for 50 € are junk. Even if your mom bought you so one, your little brother gives him. Or rejects you a little bit more back then he goes anyway broken. And then you should buy you a reasonable: a gaming chair.

Racing chair

Racing chair

Info & Advice on DXRACER Gaming Chair

DXRACER also manufactures some of the best gamers chairs as one of the largest and oldest brands # 8211; along with the three other top brands. Here you get from low-cost manufacturers unmatched quality, diverse settings, cool designs and matching chairs for every size and every weight. In size consultants find all models in comparison!

I was allowed to test some models and have among other things a DXRACER from the K-Series makes a report with video. Here you get to the gamblers stool test: ▷ DXRACER test

To DXRACER advice

Racing chair

Racing chair

Best Gaming Chair of AKRacing for your height and build

Not missing among the gaming chair giants may AKRacing. Little time has passed after the launch of DX-Chairs, as AKRacing has refilled # 8211; namely with damn good desk chairs. Here, too, everything is just right: the chairs look great, they are ergonomic, stable and above all very comfortable.

The wide range offers certainly also for you a suitable fabric or PU leather Gamer chair. Here you can find the review of the player-chair: ▷ AKRacing test

To AKRacing advice

Racing chair

Racing chair

Purchase- & Size guide Noble Chairs

With the model EPIC premium producer brings classy chairs the world's first leather-gamer chair on the market. The high-quality and unique finely crafted materials catapult the new brand in terms of seating comfort, aesthetics & Quality to the forefront of gamers office chair charts. This is achieved through use of advanced production techniques known from the automotive industry.

Only the narrow range is lagging the other top brands past, the EPIC gaming chair is the most good. Here goes # 8217; s for ▷ classy chairs EPIC Test !

For classy chairs advice

Racing chair

Racing chair

The matching Vertagear gamer chair for you!

Also on the level of the top brands do I Vertagear # 8211; quite fresh this brand comes with new, stylish chairs and a promise: To be responsive to customer needs and to incorporate them into the next models. Is # 8217; s so soon the perfect gaming chair? Let's wait # 8211; I'm curious. With S- and P-Line is suitable gaming chairs for everyone find.

The Vertagear SL4000 I have already been extensively tested and I'm looking forward to more racing chairs this brand! Here goes # 8217; s to the test report, including Hands-On Video: ▷ Vertagear test

To Vertagear advice

Yes, expensive gaming chairs, there are also # 8230;

I hope I could convince you that it is only detrimental to save on PC Gaming Chair: You are doing your back a favor, your attitude will suffer and the bad seat climate torpedoed wellbeing. abgesehnen get away with back pain your fun while gambling does not benefit!

But in case that there is no other way, I have you here a couple of PC Gamer chair brands compared, which are at least better than the 0815 desk chair from discount stores around the corner.

Racing chair

Not bad is Arozzi # 8211; and I must say that I do not think the Monza, Enzo and the Mugello series of Arozzi too nice # 8211; but there are now the Torrettas who ever look a lot better and what we usually # 8222; Racer Gaming Chair # 8220; call, come closer than its predecessors. Click here for the Arozzi gaming Chair s

Racing chair

HJH builds solid gaming chairs that are both visually and qualitatively convincing yet. Sure, one of the top brands it is still a decent difference, but with a HJH gaming chair for PC you're most amateur players already well ahead! And he has better ergonomics than an IKEA swivel chair certainly. n to HJH Racer

Racing chair

If it has to be very low, the model of Terena, should be running straight, even if I would never buy it. But with about 70 € of the cheapest gaming chair # 8211; it is purchased probably quite often, I must admit. At least the number of Amazon reviews speaks for # 8211; if he's any good? In is disputed & the reviews are mixed. For Terena sports seat

My current gaming chair:

There are now many good gaming chairs on the market, my favorite is the time, in spite of PU leather, the K series. I advise you always to choose a model that fits well with your body size and stature. Ergonomics is ultimately decisive. After that, it is important to decide whether you want to sit on PU, leather or fabric prefer and which style and what color you appeals most # 8211; if there is then a classy chairs, DX, or AK- Vertagear gaming chair is based on the quality, almost beside the point.

The King suits me. That's how I did it and the King chairs gamer like me just really good. Some might be black too simple, but this is what I like them because of bright colors can be seen quickly enough. Returns default, this gaming chair is also fair and has a very good price-performance ratio.

Here are the detailed test for K-series including video: ▷ DXRACER test

Racing chair

So you can judge which is the best gamer chair for you:

Everything else is void if you allowed your gamer chair no ergonomic seating position. A good office chair hugs your stature and brings your spine in a healthy and particularly comfortable position. I put you here my size advice to heart.

Racing chair Gamer stool test: PU, leather or fabric?

I want to devote myself to a question frequently asked me, ask gamers often looking for the best gamers Chair: Which is better? Synthetic leather, leather or fabric? The fact is that the gamer chair manufacturers tend to become rather artificial leather upholstery # 8211; Material variants are rare, but they are still there! Brand new is the real leather Gamer office chair in the posh chairs EPIC series. Let's look at the pros and cons compared the variants:

Characteristics of imitation leathers

Artificial leather, often called PU leather because of its polyurethane coating, looks classy and makes a high quality impression. A problem that has cheap leatherette often is the lack of breathability # 8211; that is, if you sit in the summer on your inferior gamer chair, it may be ever that your back is increasingly moist. I can reassure you, however: In the top brands we are dealing with very high quality synthetic leathers that smell not unpleasant, squeak, and long shelf life are # 8211; for excessive sweating never occurred to me in the gaming chair compared with previously.

advantage is for the PC gamer chair, imitation leather, that it is easy to clean. When eating at a desk but something goes wrong, then lets it wash it off by a PU computer chair. disadvantage So is merely the limited breathability that just barely covered with good armchairs significant.

Racing chair

Properties of fabric covers

see fabric covers not much less wertig as if upholsteries # 8211; as long as they have not been spotted. What I otherwise looks like here is that substance is never cold. Leather always cools down # 8211; you sit on his chair gamers, it's cold the first few minutes. Not so bad, we are no girls. Fabric is in any case always # 8222; warm # 8220 ;.

advantage is for the fabric-covered Racing office chair that he can shine of breathability with the highest level. On fabric you sweat definitely the least # 8211; though the difference for high-quality PU is very small. disadvantage is that contaminants are not too easy to clean. It takes an upholstery cleaner, if you want to get out tough stains. It is possible, but definitely and so often we gamers stain us, indeed (#NoFap).

Properties of real leather upholstery

With the luxurious leather upholstery entrant moves to classy chairs a particularly high quality caliber in the material comparison. Particularly in this natural material to a haptic properties and the special seat climate. In addition, these gamers office chairs have the typical structure of leather and look very classy from # 8211; just like a supercar.

From advantage first is the unbeatable breathability that enables the reference to absorb moisture, it does not get wet. The moisture is slowly released back into the room air. Real leather is also more durable, less subject to wear and is compared to PU in the long run no cracks. adversely Only the higher price of this premium material but more than earned.

Conclusion: Gamer chair fabric, PU or genuine leather?

Ultimately, it comes down to taste and budget to: Fabric and PU leather when compared both advantages and disadvantages # 8211; as long as the materials used are of high quality, here only the personal preference plays a role. The ultimate in gaming Chair Test is natural leather with its unbeatable seating climate. Who has the wherewithal # 8211; and not just vegans # 8211; the gamer buys a PC chair with genuine leather covering.

Racing chair

moreTests, news and discussions on the issue gamblers chair:

  • My review of the gaming chair from the King Series: DXRACER test
  • The Nitro Gaming chair of AKRacing under the microscope: AKRacing test
  • who is better AKRacing or DXRACER . My comparison!
  • New to the gaming chair market: Vertagear test
  • Why do you need a gaming glasses: Gaming glasses Test
  • Here I explain you why unhealthy long sitting is.


Hi Tjorven,
So thanks for the tip, I was right.

Quick question yet, in various other stores, the DX Racer models are made with Nummenr, DXRACER 1, 3, 5 or 12 enclosure.
Are these # 8222; the same # 8220; Models and are F, D, K series etc. or is it to others?

Racing chair

Hi Nico,
respect. naming I once inquired of DXRACER. This is probably something modified forms of the usual series. To correspond Racer 1 and 5 of the F-series, the Racer 3 of the D-series and the Racer 12 of the M-series # 8211; as far as my experience. To original products are in any case and on my side I run this # 8211; where available # 8211; on too. Spontaneously, I would say, however, that none of these models is the best for your body type.

The ProX test goes online today. As I see this even more closely with the King.

Racing chair

First time I want to tell you that I find great that you have dedicated yourself to chairs. Precisely for this reason as it may cause years of poor posture immense back problems, so I think it's more important that you should do in this area seriously thinking what they acquire for how much money.

After much research I found the models of Vertagear a few weeks ago, and zwangsläuftig also to your video on the SL4000.
Originally I wanted to get this model, however, # 8211; how should it be otherwise # 8211; was the # 8222; Black / Carbon # 8220; look not available. Nowhere. No matter what the online shop. Then I fortunately found a Bargain (319 €) to the SL5000. Since this is just in the black appearance, was the money come from in the budget and the # 8222; successor # 8220; should be of the SL4000, I thought: # 8222; since machste nothing wrong # 8220 ;.

The chair arrived and actually I was quite pleased. In the cushion of the side wall I have an impression of a component within the package and on the bottom I paint pops, in a way as if there would have been built ever screw. But that does not matter. Why do I actually write:

On the side of the Vertagear SL5000 even with the dimensions is 470mm # 8211; represented 559mm, so I was incredibly confused at the beginning why I with a maximum of 470mm so # 8222; deep # 8220; was until I came across your post. Vertagear has readjusted in size due to customer feedback. Okay # 8230 ;. I found a few cm higher was not wrong, but I sit with my little 1.81 pretty much at a 90 ° angle. I think that's not far wrong.

But what I wonder # 8230 ;. Where is the actual difference to the predecessor SL4000. KLar # 8230; optics and a few other dimensions. That is clear, but why did Vertagear the SL5000 e.g the seat not as the padded like the SL4000, why is the thigh running down the center dropped off, and why there is quite simply so little official tests of the SL5000? If I have a video of CASE KING look at me # 8230; (There you can see very well that these chairs still had larger gas lifts) there is the SL5000 indeed to see, but nothing is said about him or reported. Sure, there are on Youtube one or the other review, but nothing really official. I wonder all the time if I have bought a Rohrkreppierer. What also surprised me: Why is the SL5000 only available in black? Wanted Vertagear with the SL5000 created a new business area for larger people, what ultimately did not work out, and has therefore brought the PL6000 on the market?

I'm actually quite happy with as I said, but I question whether I have bought something really wrong with the SL5000. I do not know if you have to test the SL5000 and to give a conclusion to this model also the possibility, but I would be me offers if you do it could probably. each model to test and then again to address the differences between the models in a separate video could.

Sorry for the long text ^^

Racing chair

as we find something. Let's look at each of the specifications of Maxnomic Office Comfort and chairs, which I can recommend:

Maxnomic Office Comfort
Depth of the seat: 60cm, 53cm effective

DXRACER Iron Series:
Depth of the seat: 57cm, effective: 51,5cm
Overview: DXRACER Iron Series

DXRACER King Series:
Depth of the seat 56cm, effective: 49cm
The chair fits me with my 189cm pretty good, should definitely go well with you, then, I think. I also tested, including video.: DXRACER test

AKRacing ProX:
Depth of the seat: 60cm, effective: 54cm
To overview: AKRacing ProX Series

In summary: The DXRACER # 038; AKRacing chairs you are at least as wise as a chair Office Comfort series. The King may I strongly recommend that you where I'm sitting. But also the ProX I find pretty cool! The even more effective nor 1cm in the seat.

If you have further questions, please sign 🙂

Racing chair

Thank you for your quick response!

This has a lot helped me advance.
Still, one more question: you have only the King and the Iron Series DX in mind. What would you say to the racing series say?

Who had spoken to me until now the most and I'm not just get extra wide)

Racing chair

With pleasure.
I deliberately presented the two chairs, because you talked about that you have long legs and most of the usual chairs have too short a seat. I have therefore taken as an indication the Maxnomic and picked out chairs that have a similar seat depth.

In the R-series (overview: DXRACER R Series ) If the seat 55cm deep, 47cm effective. The seat is here somewhat shorter than in the aforementioned models. From your body stature, the R-series, of course, is better suited to you because Iron # 038; King are already rather broader gamers thought. In my estimation, it would also attached to the seat surface # 8211; but that you need to best assess myself, I do not know exactly how long are your legs or how your body looks 🙂

Racing chair

I understand that extent.
I have again looked at your test for R-series and found that there are certain differences between the measurements.

Stands with you that the seat of the king series is longer than the R Series. K: 49cm; R: 47cm

On the website of DX is 2cm from the R-series, however, longer than specified in the King. This confuses me at the moment something.
See here:

Otherwise I have already found general differences between the general table of DX and the particulars before.

Racing chair

Okay, since I would have to investigate times. I got my graphics with dimensions directly from DXRACER-Europe. Have with DX-Europe partly email contact because you have provided me the measurements. DXRACER-Germany the way, is not an official DXRACER manufacturer side, but only the reseller DekoPro behind it, which has previously sold the chairs through Amazon.

For variations, the manufacturer makes partially self. So, lately also the Capacity Res from the King was reduced from 180kg to 150kg, also has decided to reduce the weight classes for R, D and F series of 130kg to 100kg # 8211; Whyever. In any case, I test times to see who is right now # 8211; DX Germany or DX-Europe 🙂

Thank you for your hint!

Racing chair

Hi Tjorven,
First I must say that you have a really great site here.
Seeking currently also a new chair had already DXRACER the f series of home but I did not like was the most the armrests have me disturbed.
Now I had the Iron series at home and the chair had bruises on the back and on both arms.

Now I wonder if I should order me a akracing or Maxnomic.
Were you a Maxnomic probably know this test?

Racing chair

Hi Sebastian,
Thanks for the motivating words.

Too bad that you had to make so far as negative experiences with gaming chairs. Maxnomic Although I have been sitting back and test again, but can not test extensively. Previously (before soon 1.5 years), my impression was there not all that great, and this may now have changed. AKRacing is generally always a good idea # 8211; I personally was quality and appearance have never been disappointed there. How else to Vertagear? The S or P-Line might also like.

Greetings, Tjorven.

Racing chair

Yes think it will now first a akracing prox even if the vertagear not bad to come over.
The DXRACER iron was apart from the defects from the comfort but very good he could have been a little bigger can be quiet.
But what bothers me at DXRACER are the expensive parts that does not seem to be with akracing way.
Therefore I order tomorrow the prox unfortunately this only from 8.4 available but as long as I can wait.
Greeting Sebastian

Racing chair

Very good choice. I am very curious to see how the will like. Otherwise, a few models are still available here: AKRacing ProX # 8211; Although not in all colors, but the black / white / gray I find actually quite cool. have not seen s :); just as an indication, if you 8217

Racing chair

Hi. Yes've seen that knows black is still available but I like the blue optically better. Do I just be patient a little, I hope the package arrives this time without prejudice to me. Greeting Sebastian

Racing chair

Thank you for the compliment # 8211; nice to hear that you like my page. 😉

No problem, I know my yes: There are chairs, which I would recommend and those that I do not like to recommend this because the quality is not quite true. With 200 € you are at the moment still in an area where I like to recommend you anything. For € 49.95, however, more well: The Prime AKRacing or AK7012 (both the same), there are currently for 249 € at Caseking. The chair allows you to display here: Until 190cm height of the chair is compatible -noch- # 8211; if you do not continue to grow, then this chair fits you.

Relief for the lower back and the neck area, this chair is mainly supplied by its neck and lumbar pillow which provide together with the lateral support, which we know from sports car for an ergonomic and healthy sitting habits. very well suited for slim and 1.90.

Otherwise there's the Arozzi Torretta: Can you See you here: Arozzi Torretta # 8211; or on the Arozzi-superego page: which costs about 220 € and comes with back and neck pillow over to your house. The Torretta, I recommend a little less like because I've done so far little experience with the chairs of this manufacturer. but should apply this basically also to you and the quality is also fine if I would tend also more likely to Prime.

I hope it helps you. I am happy when you have your chair over a buy from the links on this site # 8211; for you to help me to finance the site 🙂

Racing chair

I have a question about the HJH Racer Pro III.

In the descriptions, is indeed that it is made of fabric, now my question:

the backrest is soft and gives a little, or if the coated quasi hard and only with fabric?
And the back straight or slightly curved bottom to accommodate the spine?

Racing chair

you suspect there all right, R and K series are something powerful in your stature really and then at the expense of ergonomics.

If there is to be PU leather, then I think that the following models good for you:
My model,
Racer 3 and Racer 4 on Amazon.

The two are currently still extremely cheap to have. If material is still ok, then I suggest you read one of these models:
Racer 1 and Racer 5 on Amazon.

Racing chair

Once I wanted to say that this is a great report here thank you for it. I'm about 1.88m tall would not only playing on my Suhl but also work and do homework. My father is afraid that one only game designing in the gaming chairs'. Is that true, or what about a DXRACER chair M-series of which are yet to be extra for working?
Greeting Moritz

Racing chair

Thank you very much! First part with the # 8222; drinhängen # 8220 ;: This is not precisely the case with gaming chairs. This extra ergonomically designed and come with lumbar and neck support pillow for just these unhealthy postures are avoided. It very pays attention to a healthy back and improve circulation # 8211; because that need pro gamers. This gaming chairs are indeed inspired even more sport seats of cars, which are shaped ergonomically normally.

The M-Series is already a very good model for you. Look at this here at times: DXRACER M-series black # 8211; this is the cheapest of the M series on Amazon. Although we see no pillows, but they are there. 180-190cm be specified, that goes well with your height. The M-Series I also Gamescom trial sat this year # 8211; comfort. With this chair you will be very satisfied # 8211; both with their homework, and while gambling. 😉

Racing chair

Hello everybody
I'm about 1:45, looking for a chair # 8230; But it looks like I am too small for all or it does not matter.
Can you give me perhaps recommend something else?
Gruss Pascal

Hello Tjorven!
Thank you for your quick response. Those are ever good news. Is there the same or a similar model with fabric since the still is to me a little uncomfortable in the summer.

Racing chair

Hi Moritz,
Unfortunately provides DXRACER no maximum produce models with fabric. But I have pretty much been sitting on the GC this year only to synthetic leather models and found that actually really good. If my Racer gives up (God have his soul), I'm going to get again a faux leather chair. Substance is in fact anyway becoming increasingly rare.
Greeting, Tjorven!

Racing chair

DX Racer Iron or NeedforSeat (Gaming chair)
Which of the two would you recommend? I'll find that the NeedforSeat does not look as comfortable as the DX Racer from the Iron series. Only many somehow have NeedforSeat.

Racing chair


SUZUKA - A must for any racing fan!

The SUZUKA provides you with DTM racing Feeling right at your desk, whether in the office or at home, now you are always in pole position. The usual bucket seats side bolsters on the seat and backrest provide excellent support and bring, along with the state-stitched seams, both look like sitting experience with realistic to the race track ran. In addition, the synthetic leather used has, because of its soft surface, a very pleasant feel and offers maximum breathability. The backrest can be, car seats typically by a side-mounted lever, continuously fold to the reclining back - thus a short nap is not handicapped. The sporty racing seat thus stands out not only by using its exclusive design, but also by the extremely high quality workmanship.

  • High-quality manufactured Office chair with an integrated, rigid steel frame
  • Density foam padding for comfortable sitting
  • As with the right car seat give rubber bands under the seat extra grip
  • Modern quilted fabric applications to protect the side edges
  • Seat height adjustment with Toplift
  • Cover made of synthetic leather, partly in carbon look
  • Backrest with integrated headrest
  • Back up to 180 ° angle setting, locked in any position
  • Tilt mechanism individually adjustable to the body weight
  • With accessories: headrest pad Lumbar cushion for comfort
  • Height-adjustable armrests with Softpadauflage, 8-fold adjustable
  • Solid metal base in Black
  • Equipped with multi-functional roles

This item is delivered disassembled.
The construction is carried out in a few simple steps by the customer.
For gas springs, footrests, etc. of course, no assembly is required.

roles Note

The included in this chair multifunction wheels are suitable for carpets and hard floors. We ask for your understanding that an exchange of roles before shipment for logistical reasons is not possible (unless specified in the product description otherwise). For hard floors, we also recommend using a floor mat.


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