Low blood pressure (hypotension): About Symptoms, Causes and Home Remedies

21 October 2017

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Sometimes, however, that too low blood pressure at various ailments leads. Typical symptoms are 

This is because that passes through the low blood pressure less blood to the brain, so it receives less oxygen. Even that is not dangerous in itself: Only when you momentarily lose by a sudden drop in blood pressure awareness and falls, there is a risk of getting hurt. 

To bring the blood pressure back on track, there are some home remedies - for example, contrast showers, brush massages and regular exercise.

Facts about low blood pressure

Too low blood pressure in itself not dangerous! On the contrary: A permanently lower blood pressure for no apparent reason may indicate a healthier and longer life point out.

On low blood pressure (Hypotension) is when the blood pressure drops below a certain measured value. at women it is called a low blood pressure when the blood pressure values ​​below 100 to 60 mmHg lie. at men the blood pressure is considered to be low when the first value in the measurement of blood pressure less than 110 mmHg and the second is smaller than 60 mmHg is.

Usually the discovery of hypotension happens by chance in a blood pressure reading. Therefore, it is impossible to estimate how many people the blood pressure is too low.

What is certain is that too low blood pressure does not affect all groups equally. The incidence of hypotension is particularly large

Each time the heart contracts, while blood from the left ventricle pressed into the body, created in the blood vessels pressure. The case reached maximum pressure is systolic blood pressure. The circulation the various organs, especially the blood supply to the brain, depends on the systolic blood pressure. Systolic blood pressure is indicated by the first value in the blood pressure measurement. If the doctor says, for example: "Your blood pressure is 125 85", 125 represents the systolic value.

Once the heart has pressed the blood in the body, it relaxes to fill up for the next surge again with blood. In this phase, the pressure in the blood vessels decreases slowly. The niedrigte pressure which is achieved in this context is called diastolic blood pressure - it is reflected in the second value of the blood pressure measurement resist (e.g., 125 to 85). a low diastolic Blood pressure plays for the blood flow to organs only one subordinate role.

Low blood pressure and high pulse? To attach the values ​​together!

Blood pressure and heart rate are two different parameters that are independent of each other up or down regulated. Low blood pressure is therefore not automatically with a low pulse associated or vice versa. 

The body adjusts blood pressure and heart rate always the need for that all cells always enough blood become. An example. at physical exercise the muscles need more oxygen, which must be pumped correspondingly more blood into the muscle cells. To achieve this, the heart beats faster - the pulse rises. 

has a low blood pressure in combination with a high pulse Not necessarily indicate a disease - especially in the first weeks of pregnancy this comes as a result of hormonal changes frequently. 

At the common result is a low blood pressure unknown causes: this so-called primary hypotension (also essential hypotension called) is characterized in that the blood pressure permanently too low is. that mostly young, slim people, and especially women is striking, have low blood pressure. Therefore one used in the context the term Constitutional hypotension (I.e., physical condition and physique of contiguous low blood pressure). probably play hereditary factors, but also environmental influences and infections in the formation of a primary hypotension a role. If the blood pressure drops very quickly, it comes to the so-called collapse.

If a low blood pressure due to certain causes is, there is a secondary hypotension in front. A secondary caused low blood pressure can be a symptom of an existing underlying disease be: For example, a cardiovascular disease (eg heart failure) or an endocrine disorder (eg hypothyroidism) can cause secondary hypotension. Low blood pressure can be causes as well certain medications or severe bleeding and ullages to have.

Low blood pressure can also in a special form called orthostatic hypotension occur. The reason for the hypotension is a Disturbance of blood pressure regulation so-called on prolonged standing or at a sudden transition from lying (for standing. orthostatic dysregulation): This special form often occurs, for example, in stressful situations or in highly heated rooms. The blood rushes to the lower body sections, so that the brain receives less oxygen. Due to this sudden drop in blood pressure can occur in those affected to vision problems (black before the eyes), ringing in the ears or fainting. but lying down they recover most of their own accord - and the blood pressure levels return to normal. 

If your blood pressure is too low, the doctor may consist of Blood pressure measurement determine. For accurate diagnosis of hypotension information may additionally also be important - for example,

The temporal relationship between a sudden change in body position and discomfort occurring is typical of people whose blood pressure readings are too low.

To find out which one to lower blood pressure is due, provides for the diagnosis of so-called Schellong test to: Here, several measurements of blood pressure and heart rate in the supine and standing take place. The ratio of pulse and blood pressure values ​​to each other makes it possible to assess the regulatory capacity of the cardiovascular system better.

During the test, the first victims are ten minutes rest before they get up and stand still for another ten minutes. If the blood pressure in a standing position by more than 20 millimeters of mercury (mmHg) systolic and 10 mm Hg diastolic, and occur disturbances in consciousness or lightheadedness, these signs of orthostatic hypotension speak (or orthostatic hypotension): Here is a low blood pressure, the result of a sudden change to the upright body position, by the sags the blood in the legs and so temporarily not available for cerebral blood flow available.

Basically, A (too) low blood pressure should only be treated if it causes discomfort. Anyone who has low blood pressure since birth and never had any problems must do nothing. Because hypotension without apparent cause is not dangerous! 

However, those who frequently suffers from low blood pressure under circulation problems such as dizziness or fatigue, should try to use his blood pressure of various home remedies to get it moving again. Although there are medications to increase blood pressure, but these are rarely necessary.

If a low blood pressure causes discomfort to you, for the therapy is much helpful, what herself can do. These general measures are aimed at stabilizing the regulatory capacity of the blood vessels and prevent sink a greater amount of blood in the lower body. The general measures against hypotension therefore not only serve the sole purpose of existing to treat low blood pressure, but are also a sudden drop in blood pressure prevent. What makes sense to do something about low blood pressure, for example:

If a permanently low blood pressure (or a primary Hypotension) is present, are for the therapy Medications usually less useful than their own measures. If you follow these general steps consistently, you can expect even without drug treatment with an improvement in your symptoms.

Only if your low blood pressure and related disorders Nevertheless persist, are for the therapy medicines necessary. In drug hypotension therapy most often mineralocorticoids (fludrocortisone) or sympathomimetic come (Etilefrin) are used. What medication you are prescribed will depend on, among other things, making your low blood pressure has emerged.

Moreover, it is a preventive measure recommended that you:

If a low blood pressure persists, you can also possible prevent consequential damage from falls, by appropriate behavior note:


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