Racing office chair

20 July 2017

What makes a good racing office chair?

Frequently emails from interested readers who ask me what makes a really good racing office chair to reach me. Some of it I have already written on the home page on gaming chair, some other points in my DXRACER test. one or the other is also in AKRacing test.

Here I would again briefly state what is important in a really good model and which is particularly well from the huge range of online stores, which fulfills all the important quality characteristics.

One of the main points is probably the most comfort. It is simply important that you sit comfortably, that our chair does not feel like a folding chair. And I know a lot of chairs, which I would prefer a folding chair despite padding.

A good office chair should be ergonomic Racing, is one with everything. Down to more. He must be comfortable. It should be of high quality, high quality and durable. Apart from that, to prolonged sitting is unhealthy. These effects of the chair should be able to at least reduce.

Racing office chair

The best racing office chair: AKRacing

End of 2014 to early 2015 a true gaming chair has emerged trend. And month after month shot new manufacturer of gaming chairs out of the earth, that promised the best chair for sale.

However, these were often especially plagiarism of AKRacing and DXRACER of Roba Lund. Robas Lund is but pretty much a first been with its racers of the market and in my opinion is these manufacturers together with even the best AKRacing. also supported by the fact that Robas Lund & AKRacing regularly sponsor at eSports events. Pro gamers love these chairs.

But basically, not only pro gamers. As an office chair can highly recommend the Racing models. While seeing for the office maybe a little crazy, but comfortable, ergonomic and quality they're nonetheless. That is why I also have a Racer in my office.

My model knows her, yes, but there are two more models who I really liked and already made thousands of customers happy. These are three here suitable for sizes of 160cm (particularly F series) to 200cm. Experience shows that these heights are very good for this chair. More information about the sizes you can find else here: Which chair fits my height?

Racing office chair

  • High-quality fabric
  • Seat 56cmx37cm
  • Seat height 42cm-50cm
  • Adjustable gas lift
  • TÜV SÜD seal
  • Load capacity up to 150kg
  • Lumbar & neck pillow
  • Solid metal frame
  • Scuff rollers

Racing office chair Directly to Amazon

Racing office chair Price at Caseking

Racing office chair

  • PU leather black / carbon
  • Seat 37,5cmx56cm
  • Seat height 40cm-59cm
  • Adjustable gas lift
  • TÜV SÜD seal
  • Load capacity up to 150kg
  • Lumbar & neck pillow
  • Solid steel frame
  • Scuff rollers

Racing office chair Directly to Amazon

Racing office chair Price at Caseking

Racing office chair

  • Green / black leatherette
  • Seat 56cmx37,5cm
  • Seat height 42cm-50cm
  • Adjustable gas lift
  • TÜV SÜD seal
  • Load capacity up to 150kg
  • Lumbar & neck pillow
  • Solid metal frame
  • Scuff rollers

Racing office chair Directly to Amazon

Racing office chair Price at Caseking

What makes the racing office chairs

I have already condemned trial sat many racing office chairs # 8211; AKRacing chairs were very close to the racers approach, but overall, the chair of Roba Lund stands still out. I just never sat on such a comfortable chair. Even after sessions of 8 hours I sit still well padded. In this regard, the racers are perfect.

In terms of ergonomics, you get a full equipment here. The vast majority of models are equipped with lumbar and neck cushions, can relieve back and neck muscles. There are hardly any tension, etc. The backrest itself is also ergonomically designed # 8211; along with the pillows so you will basically forced that one sits reasonable. And exactly this forced I wish # 8211; nothing shall also mean bad indeed. You sit namely at any time super cozy.

you can buy a Racing office chair from the DXRACER series, we may expect a high level of quality in the points processing, robustness and stability. Of course, prices from 200 to 300 € are not a little for a chair # 8211; but when you consider how many hours you spend each day on such a chair, one comes to the conclusion that this price its benefit is 100% value.

Do you know the that pain after sometimes even 1-2 hours sitting neck and / or back? The reason is that cheap, ergonomically unsound chairs do not support the back. This manifests itself mainly so that intervertebral discs and smaller muscle groups are one-sided and completely overloaded. (Yes, when sitting.) You start to tense up and care for pain.

The difference is the sensible Racing office chair. At that time I had a lot of back problems, was constantly at the doctor. Eventually I started with sports and bought me a really good chair # 8211; my Racer7. My back problems are now equal to zero # 8211; not been previously 3x / month to come right to the doctor, currently has seven months there.

Racing office chair

Gold Dear tip from experienced seater

Sitting is unhealthy. That is a fact, the studies may unfortunately prove nowadays. Normally provides for the nature of man that you sit down to rest from walking. But how did it develop? Exactly the opposite. Today, we force ourselves to sit a few hours to times to get up to walk a few meters. About the reasons for this is that sitting is bad for our health and what you can still do besides buying a premium racing office chair to mitigate these bad influences, I wrote an article: Sitting Too Long # 8211; unhealthy!

These tips are pretty simple and incredibly effective.

The best comes last:

Racing office chair

As mentioned often, I'm a big fan of DXRACER and AKRacing. And in my opinion there are no major differences between these two manufacturers. So if you stand currently before buying a racing office chair, then you can resort to both manufacturers their good conscience.

My current favorite is still the AKRacing Prime. The look is pretty simple, the black like it very much. Sitting on the chair is super comfortable and even over several hours, there are no complaints. For me an additional positive is the reference # 8211; it is made of fabric instead of leather. I like that a little better personally because I tend a little sweat on leatherette chairs.

This chair achieved everything for me, which should reach a good chair # 8211; and even a bit more.

Racing office chair Price at Amazon

Racing office chair Price at Caseking

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Get pole position straight home with this beautiful sport bucket seat office chair of TecTake. Whether at home, in the office, business or playing computer games, this chair brings racing feeling and brings you into the fast lane. The ergonomically shaped seat with its stabilizing side panels provides a high level of comfort. The backrest can be adjusted to horizontal position to the rear like a car seat. An additional neck cushion and separate lumbar support cushions provide even more individual comfort. Modern stitched seams give the already very well-made chair with an exclusive design. Height adjustable armrests help in optimum posture when sitting. The high-quality imitation leather feels comfortable and completes the sports seat as a whole in a perfect way.

  • Extra thick padding for soft seating comfort
  • Additional support by sports bucket seat with side bolsters
  • Quality version with an integrated steel frame
  • Seat height adjustment through top gas pressure spring
  • Back to horizontal position (180 °) adjustable
  • 360 °
  • Tilt mechanism can be individually adjusted to the body weight
  • Height-adjustable armrests for optimum posture
  • Extra neck pillow and lumbar support cushion included
  • Bicolor synthetic leather 100% polyurethane
  • Stable Metallfußkreuz with high-gloss finish and 5 double security roles
  • easy installation

Also available in: black, black / blue, black / brown, black / yellow, black / gray, black / green, black / purple, black / orange, black / red, black / burgundy, black / white.

  • Total Dimensions (WxDxH): 70 x 75 x 125.5 to 135.5 cm
  • Seat height: 49 - 59 cm
  • Seat surface (BxT): 40 x 50 cm
  • Backrest (WxH): 40 x 80 cm
  • Armrest (LxW): 28 x 8 cm
  • Armrests distance: 54 cm
  • Armrest height: 60 - 70 cm
  • Armrest adjustable in height: 8 cm (60 to 68 bis 70-78 cm)
  • Upholstery: seat about 8 cm, back about 5 cm
  • Maximum load: 120 kg
  • Weight: 19.8 kg
  • Material: steel frame, plastic parts, filling 100% polyester, synthetic leather 100% polyurethane
  • 1 Installation instructions
  • 1 Racing office chair including neck and lumbar cushion

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Eye-catching futuristic design

The RACER SPORT is an office chair sports seat design and is an absolute highlight in a private home office or at work. Sports seat office chairs look like car seats with wheels. They look sporty and futuristic and are also functional. RACER SPORT is a special designer piece with lush upholstery, convenient tilt mechanism in beautiful colors. Here you will feel physically and visually comfortable.

  • Seat height adjustment with Toplift
  • Stepless tilt mechanism to just lie back
  • Thick seat and backrest upholstery, elaborately quilted
  • Stable curved armrests with soft pads for support, can be folded away upwards
  • With very lush soft padding
  • Beautiful and stable designer plastic base
  • Equipped with braked safety double rollers in racing style for carpets. This makes the chair rolls as long as someone sits on it. one is on, the rolls to an unintentional rolling away brakes to prevent. Under load, the roles reopen and the chair is moved.

This item is delivered disassembled.
The construction is carried out in a few simple steps by the customer.
For gas springs, footrests, etc. of course, no assembly is required.

roles Note

The factory-supplied roles are only suitable for carpets. For hard floors such as parquet, laminate or tiled floors, you need special hard floor roles that are available from us as an accessory. We ask for your understanding that replacement of the rolls prior to shipment for logistical reasons is not possible (unless specified in the product description otherwise).


Racing Sport Seat Office Chair

The Racing sports seat is a prime office chair. the convincing with a high quality white. The chair is held in an attractive design can vote in the prospects between different colors. In addition, the comfortable seating and a fair price of around 55 euros are among the strengths of the model.

High quality

Racing office chairRacing office chair The Racing office chair is made of high quality materials and has good processing. This provides customers with a high stability. which is necessary for an office chair. Long can you sit on the chair and move back and forth without the materials of the surface wear too much every day.

When adjusting the chair all the components together hold safely and firmly. The gas spring is of a good quality and of course meets the necessary safety standards.

The chair is made of high quality PU. PVC and mesh that a pleasant body feeling care and are beautifully soft. At the same time the materials are resistant, so that the Racer chair has a long life and can be used as a reliable office chair for long.

If it should drop something on the upholstery or should be easily contaminate accidentally, you can use the chair with a Cleaning cloth or mop quite easy to clean.

the armrests

Racing office chairRacing office chair The arm rests are made stable and maintained in a curved shape that allows for easy storing the arms. In addition, the padded armrests. so you can rest your arms on them without pain occurs in the bone or elbow.

The possibility of the armrest allows different positions and attitudes that make work easier and more enjoyable. You can leave your arms loosely lie on the armrests to type on a keyboard.

Since the arms must not be tightened, you stress the muscles in the shoulders less, resulting in a more relaxed attitude and less tension during long work units leads.

Technical data of the Racing Sport Seat Office Chair

  • Seat height approx 41 # 8211; 53 cm
  • Leatherette upholstery
  • 110 kg load
  • Backrest upholstery
  • Seat height adjustment
  • Stable curved armrests

Safety castors

The safety castors can be rolled back and forth easily, so that the chair is smoothly even at a large desk. The roles distribute the weight evenly and the material at the rolling surface is suitable for hard floors, without the scratch too easily.

In general, however, it is recommended to use an additional office chair pad, you want to minimize the risk of scratches and damage to the floor. The rollers are also suitable for carpets, even if the movement of the office chair is more difficult when someone sits on it.

high comfort

Racing office chairRacing office chair The seat of the office chair is comfortable and generally, the model offers a high comfort. The pads are very soft, so you can sit comfortably. In the seat and back is the Extra thick padding. without affecting the stability or ergonomics.

Even after prolonged sitting in the chair posture is good, can be expected so that fewer health complaints. The suspension of the chair can be tailored to the customize their own body weight. so that even different weight people can use the Racing office chair.

The height of the seat is easily adjustable via the side lever. Thus, it can'm perfectly adapted to the desk so that the arms rest at the correct angle on the table edge. It is very important that correct height adjustment also for the legs, which should be kept at a right angle. The adjustment of the height and the soft padding provide good ergonomic adjustment. Who wants to sit long on the desk chair, should pay attention to these properties.

The model offers everything a quality office chair must have. The appealing design may not be for everyone, but if comfort is correct, the optics could neglect anything in doubt.

The processing provides good durability and comfort is very pleasant. Since according to the Racing Office Chair ergonomic requirements can sit, it is also suitable for a long time seat.

Read customer reviews on


Maxstore Race Master GS Series Test

Assessment of our authors

Race Master GS Series

Healthy sitting at the desk

Physicians have regularly pointed out: office workplaces should be ergonomically fitted to avoid health problems and improve performance. This not only means that the desk is the right height, but also the chair must be perfectly matched to the sitter and the table. In addition, he should easily allow changes in posture while working and be tilted and stable. therefore commercially designed office chairs are available specifically for work at the desk. Including the Maxstore Race Master Series GS, which is height-adjustable, and rotatably provided with armrests.

Modern design in many color combinations
Visually reminiscent of the office chair to the seat in a race car - so probably his name. The cushion and the neck support are made of elegant black synthetic leather with mesh on the seat and on the backrest. The color of the inserts can be chosen freely. available as black, red, orange, blue and yellow. The soft padded arms, the base and the hub are made of black plastic. The opinions of previous buyers over the seat comfort are ambivalent, with the positive reviews clearly outweigh. Another convenient feature is the built-in tilt function that can relieve your back when telephoning or relaxing. With a 38 to 48 centimeters adjustable seat height and 49 centimeters seat width, the racing office chair for youth and adults is perfect.

Before sitting assembling comes
The available for less than 60 EUR Amazon swivel chair has a total height 111 to 121 centimeters and a diameter of 70 centimeters, depending on the selected seat height. The chair is delivered disassembled and must be assembled before use. but that is common in the supply of office chairs usually not hard and because of the ease of transport thanks to the instructions in German. Those who do not get along with the included tools, you should use your own screwdriver or an electric screwdriver. Experience has shown that some force is required to tighten the screws so that in the end everything fits. The included casters are suitable for carpet and soft plastic flooring. Who needs wheels for hard floors, it can be ordered from Amazon.

to Maxstore Race Master GS Series

Racing office chair

Leather office chair, desk chair, Black

The right office chair Long and incorrect sitting is a health risk if the desk work.


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