All methods of contraception and sexual health products – security check

21 October 2017

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Condom, pill, spiral or coitus interruptus? The range of contraceptive methods is great - but which also offer enough security? While some contraceptives are not very secure, other methods protect when used correctly reliably against pregnancy.

How safe contraception is, reveals the Pearl index. On Pearl Index of 1 means for example that one of 100 women was an unwanted pregnancy with the selected method within a year. At a Pearl Index of 3 are against three out of 100 women unwanted pregnancies with the selected method within a year. Who wants to make sure should therefore choose a method of contraception with the lowest possible Pearl Index. The pill has, for example, with 0.1 to 0.9 a very low Pearl index and thus is considered to be very safe contraceptives.

The various contraceptive methods can be divided into Categories lane:

Hormonal birth control methods - such as the various types of birth control pills or Depo-Provera - avoid using a pregnancy hormones. Depending on the hormone preparation work this through different mechanisms.

Under barrier methods refers to methods of contraception including a mechanical barrier build between egg and sperm and prevent pregnancy. The classic of this form of contraception is the condom.

Who without hormones would prevent or chemistry and on condoms & will refrain Co., can draw on methods of natural family planning (NFP). Here, however, to note that some methods are in terms of prevention as unsafe. only the symptothermal method can be a very safe method of contraception when used correctly implemented.

Those who have completed their family planning or is sure to want to have any more children, for the coming surgical method of contraception such as sterilization questioned. During this procedure for women usually means a final decision, a male sterilization in some cases can also be reversed. Both forms are classified as very safe contraceptive methods.

As chemical contraceptives is known so-called spermicides. The woman performs certain active shortly before sexual intercourse in the vagina (e.g., in the form of ointments, gels, suppositories, or foam). The active ingredients are to kill the sperm, slow down or impede their way. However, the sole use of chemical contraceptives is not very secure, and therefore only in combination recommended with other contraceptive methods.


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