Muscle pain (myalgia): Studies at the doctor

21 October 2017

After the history of the muscle pain (myalgia) is completed, follow for further diagnosis various studies: Its purpose is to to assess pain. It should be noted that muscle pain in rare cases, an indication of Diseases of the muscles can be: For a muscle inflammation (myositis) of muscle pain is usually spread over a large area, affecting multiple muscle groups. Also purple reddish skin discoloration on the face suggest a muscle inflammation out where the skin is involved (so-called. Dermatomyositis). Snapping nocturnal muscle pain in the hip, neck and shoulder are found for example in polymyalgia rheumatica, an inflammatory rheumatic disease of the muscles).

Also accompanying complaints may be important for the diagnosis of muscle pain. Painful pressure points on tendons, fatigue and sleep disorders are for example the typical signs of a non-inflammatory disease of the muscles (fibromyalgia) with muscle pain.

In some cases, behind the muscle pain Diseases that affect the skeleton, nervous system or other organs: Nocturnal discomfort are for example osteoporosis (bone loss) and ankylosing spondylitis before (an inflammatory rheumatic disease that V. A. spine and joints concerned). Furthermore, Alcohol and drug abuse myalgia cause why the doctor pays attention to signs of this in the diagnosis.

To clarify the different causes of muscle pain in the diagnosis can following investigations are used:


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