Child Development – The 19 to 24 months of life: mental development, emotions and learning

21 October 2017

In the second year of life is the bond to the parents, especially the mother, still very pronounced. Especially at night loss fears occur frequently. So please especially in this time trying to convey a sense of security. You should not fear to spoil your child if you accompany it falling asleep or get into the family bed even. These phases occur and go over, without your child will call this durable.

Your child is now developing an increasing interest in other, other children and tried to imitate behaviors while playing. In addition, the first social games extremely popular. Your child may have great fun to roll back a ball to you. Towards the end of the second year of life items are sorted according to certain characteristics - a good exercise to train logical thinking. Blocks are first each other (about 18 months), then next to each other (toward the end of the second year of life) and later combined arranged.

With about one and half years, children begin to see themselves as an independent person. Previously, she had indeed been quite mind of their own, but that they are a separate being, they had not yet really clear.

Whether it's ready, you can find out before the mirror. Do you feel that your child recognizes in its mirror image itself? Or is it still believes that this is another child? Even babies like to look in the mirror and enjoy the reflection of mom or dad. However, it takes up to the "arrival of the self" as developmental psychologists call this moment during the second year of life until it can perceive from outside himself, so to speak.

"I" and "mine" will soon be the key words, and your child will be able to relate pride, anger, joy and sadness increasingly with itself. Recognizing to be distinctive and also responsible for his actions in some way (whether it receives praise or blame), is a difficult and in stages evolving process that will continue for the next few years.

Scientists have developed the so-called Rouge test, can be determined with the aid if a child already perceives as an independent person. The behavior of the child is first observed in the mirror. a small red spot of color is then the Game, unnoticed by the child, is applied to the forehead or cheek. the reaction is then again waited back in the mirror. Does not notice that the red color is the child on his face - and not just on the mirror surface - is the self-perception is not pronounced. However, if the child perceives himself already as an independent person, it will know that it is the person in the mirror to make it yourself - and do not want to wipe from the mirrors, but from the face of the red swab.


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